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Chapter Forty-Five


“Mummy?” Malik called out to her absentmindedly as they lay snuggled up on the sofa, watching Olaf singing on the TV.

“Yes, baby?” She cooed at him, leaning down to press a kiss to the crown of his head and smoothing back that one stubborn strand of hair.

“Where did daddy go?”

While she still wasn’t used to having Malik refer to Orpheus as daddy – even if that was the relationship that tied them together – it had gotten slightly easier now however, she didn’t want to think about what would happen or how her son would react once they had managed to escape this place. She wasn’t sure how she would answer those questions or even what she would tell him, but it appeared that she didn’t have a choice but to cross that bridge when they got there.

“He’s just gone out for a run but he should be back soon.” She explained softly.

“Can I run with him next time?”

“Maybe.” She hummed back in response before leaning down to press another kiss to his forehead, not the least bit thrilled with his request.

To her, her little boy was exactly that – a little boy – and even though some of the other werewolf pups around his age went out for runs with their parents, she wasn’t sure Malik was quite ready for that as he hadn’t been involved in the werewolf world or part of a pack since the moment that he was born like them.

That, and she was scared to let Malik go like that with Orpheus. She may trust the man around her child around the house and the packhouse, but out there in the big forest where she couldn’t possibly join them or keep up? It sent fearful shivers run down her spine just thinking about it.

Perhaps she would warm up to the idea soon or hopefully, they would be long gone from here before that could happen.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.” Thea murmured quietly after a few moments, unable to get this thought out of her mind, especially after having spent the last couple of days constantly thinking about this.

“Am I in trouble?” The little boy whined, not happy with his mum trying to sneak this up on him during their movie time. “Is this because of all the chocolate?”

Thea threw her head back and laughed, unable to handle his deadpan face.

“You’re so funny, baby.” She chuckled and pulled her son into her lap for a cuddle. “Never let that change, okay?”

“Okay, mummy.” Malik chimed, not really understanding what his mother was trying to get at.

“I want you to know that whatever happens, I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you until the end of time.” Thea whispered into his ear as she held him tight to her chest. “No matter what happens, where we are or what’s going on, I love you so much. You’re the most important person to me and all I want is for you to be happy.”

“I love you too, mummy.” Malik chimed back and tilted his head up to place a kiss to her chin, giggling slightly when she proceeded to hold him in place and litter his face with kisses.

“Thanks, baby.” She sighed and smoothed her hand through his hair as he continued watching the movie.

As sweet as her little boy was right now and as much as she adored him, Thea couldn’t help but worry about the fact that his father was Orpheus. It was different back then when she only knew him as the man that had raped her now so she could only imagine what he was like and what qualities he had shared with Malik. Now that she did know, she was certain of all the bad qualities that Orpheus did have and all she could worry about was which of those qualities her son would adopt.

One thing she knew for certain was that if they remained here, if they stayed in the Apo to Chaos pack, Malik would turn out just like his father; that being nothing short of inevitable.

Her son was very impressionable like all children his age and Orpheus, regardless of how he had been on his best behaviour these past couple of weeks – was notorious for taking advantage of everyone around him until there was nothing left for him to be interested in.

They weren’t able to make it all the way through the movie without Malik had fallen asleep and when his soft snores met her ears, she chuckled and picked him up and took him to his room so he could sleep better in his bed.

“What are you doing?” Thea asked suspiciously as she made her way down the stairs and spied Orpheus to be standing in front of the stove in the kitchen.

“I’m hungry.” Orpheus stated with a simple shrug of his shoulders as he glanced over at her. “I’m making myself a cheese toastie. Do you want one?”

“Yes, please.” She smiled at him before taking a seat at the kitchen island, watching his back as she worked.

“Is Malik already asleep?”

“Yes. I just put him down.”

“That’s too bad.” He sighed while plating up the first toastie and turning around to place it in front of her.

“This looks good.” She murmured without saying thanks as he placed her late-night snack in front of her even though she had eaten dinner a few hours ago.

“Thanks.” He murmured quietly. “There’s extra cheese on it. Just the way you like it.”

This time, so as to avoid being repetitive, she hummed in response before digging it, hungrier than she had realised.

“I was hoping I could read him a bedtime story.”

“Maybe tomorrow.” Thea suggested as she watched him carefully, not really sure what he was trying to get at.

“I don’t think we have tomorrow.” Orpheus shook his head as he turned back to the stove, leaving her to wonder what he meant by that.

“What do you mean by that?” Thea asked curiously. “When are we going to head out?”

“Did you speak to Anastasia?” He countered.

“It was a false alarm today but the doctor is certain that the pup should be here any day now.” She nodded and lied expertly.

They had gotten ready to leave that morning but she made a last-minute call to Anastasia in front of all the wolves under the pretence of casually finding out about the heavily pregnant Juliette when in reality, she was trying to find out if they were prepared – or would at least be prepared by the time that they managed to arrive there – and what a good idea that was.

They spoke in code so as to not raise any suspicions only to learn that they needed some more time or rather, Juliette – the Juliette that didn’t exist as well as the pup that she was said to give birth to – wasn’t quite due to give birth just yet.

“We’ll set out first thing in the morning just to be sure. If need be, we’ll just have to rough it in the forest for a while.” Orpheus stated as he plated his own toastie and joined her at the kitchen counter even though she was nearly finished hers already. “I was doing something earlier today.”

“Really?” Thea hummed in response. “What were you thinking about?”

“I don’t think you joining us tomorrow is a good idea.” Orpheus stated as he glanced up at her, a stern look in his eyes which told her that he had been mulling over this thought for a while now.

“What? Why?” She couldn’t help but question as he had caught her off guard with the sudden confession. “I thought the whole point of this was so I could be more involved and be part of your world more.”

“Yes, but it could be very dangerous.” He sighed, having eaten half of his toastie already. “I don’t want for anything to happen to you.”

Thea couldn’t help but scowl as she glared back at him, not at all fond of the ay that he was suddenly dropping this on her and expecting her to heed by his words.

“As much as I appreciate your concern, but I can worry about myself.” She pursed her lips while staring back at him.

When he opened his mouth to argue, she shook her head and was quick to cut him before he could even start.

“You wouldn’t have even been able to come up with this plan without me. Not to mention the fact that I know the Lupus Griseo pack better than all of you put together so whether you like it or not, I’m coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Instead of arguing back or blowing up at her like she had expected, Orpheus merely threw his head back and laughed, highly amused with the way she had just put him in her place.

“Whatever you want, my little light.” He offered her a small smile before moving to finish off the rest of his snack. “Who am I to deny you of your wishes?”

As she didn’t quite appreciate his comment, she pursed her lips, sighed and nodded.

Leaving him to do the dishes, Thea wished him good night and headed up to bed. Despite having been set up in the guest room, she slipped in behind Malik like she had done every night that past week but this time…this time was different.

She would be gone in the morning before he awoke and when she saw him next – if everything went according to plan – he would have one less parent.

Just how it used to be.

Seeing as this would be the last moment of peace before all the horrific crimes that they would set out to do in the morning, Thea allowed herself to enjoy this one last moment because if she thought about – something which she refused to do in fear of giving away the fact that all of this was a trap – this would be her last moment alone with him.

Even though their strange relationship was far from conventional and she still couldn’t stand too much time around him in one go, he was still her mate. Even though he had raped her and she had filed two trials against him, he was still her mate. Even though he had raped her, he was still her mate. Even though she planned to overthrow him for good and his plan to bring back Lord Erebus, he was still her mate. Even though she hated him more than she hated anyone ever before, but he was still her mate. Even though he was the most despicable man on the planet, he was still her mate.

Even though she was mentally preparing herself for the fact that he may not make it out of this alive, he was still her mate.


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