The Alpha's Vessel [The Alpha's #2]

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The moment she lifted the knife into the air for the second time, he braced himself to welcome death but when it never came.

When he opened his eyes, he was faced with a fate worse than ever imaginable.

“Thea?” He called out to her in a voice so small and quiet that he couldn’t even hear himself.

Reaching up with his shaky hands, she fell forward. Before he could catch her, gravity took its toll and she landed on him; chest to chest.

A loud roar escaped as he realised what had just happened, his mind finally able to comprehend the repercussions.

Unable to focus on anything other than the large handle now sticking out of her chest, he flipped them over quickly and wrapped his fingers around it, pulling it out and flinging it across the room. He wasn’t the least bit concerned where it landed or what happened to it.

Without the knife now dislodged from her chest, the blood gushed out much quicker and even his hands over the large wound could save her; couldn’t save them.

What had he done? What had gone so wrong? How had it come to this? How could he have let this happen?

How could she be gone?

“Thea!” He roared loudly again, applying more pressure to her chest but she remained unmoving on the ground, her face pale and her body lifeless; unresponsive to his touch.

No more tingles. No more spark. No more Thea.

The thing that remained of her was her blood on his hands and all the bittersweet memories they had created over the past month; only a small fraction of them being somewhat pleasant.

Not counting their first encounter which had destroyed them before they even had the chance to start, they had only managed a month together when they were supposed to have the rest of their lives together. They were supposed to experience so many firsts together but instead, they had fast-tracked right to the end with absolutely no chance of an undo, and he had no one to blame but himself.

Staring down at her, he couldn’t believe that he had destroyed something so pure, innocent and far too good for him.

Before Thea, there was nothing anyone could say or do that could ever hurt him.

After she came into his life, he had become very aware of her likes and dislikes, her thoughts, feelings and wants but mostly important, what she thought of him. He didn’t care what people thought or what they chose to believe of him, but Thea was truly changing him for the better but now, she was gone.

Orpheus could sense that he wasn’t alone in the room anymore, but he could neither see or hear anything as all he could focus on was his Thea; his little light.

Except, she was no longer shining bright. Instead, she had flickered out.

The light had flickered out.


The next and final book in the series is called The Alpha’s Progeny [The Alpha’s #3] and it is COMPLETE on my PATREON!


Layla Knight


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