EarthBorn: First Days

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Pillars of Four

Limbo Unknown Quarter

The knights do little but pace around their arc , broken yet eager checking their blades and armour and then checking again, the glow of the Centur fills the craft sending the knights into wordless wonder...

One legion1 , the last survivor of the original 12, unrecognizable to the man he once was his age is unknown , he has been labelled among friend and foe alike as “ One legion ” enemies avoided his sector for three centuries after the Battle for the Quarry leaving One Legion to perfect his devastating physicality and defences rendering his sector a “no go zone”. He has no set style of combat, his brain twinned with the AI chip interface in his brain calculates and selects a fighting style based on a combatant or enemies battle formation. He can take on physical and mental attributes resembling any living creature from the AI chip database , his human parts tattooed with ancient runes they glow a dark purple that illuminates his battered armour pronounced jaw and Neutrinium skeleton of his own design. There is no where to go that isn’t far enough. One Legion is highly unpredictable and dangerous all round, his immense physical power, inner self conflict and the harnessing of his magnetron Legion makes One legion a match for the Gods . Rarely speaks, as the last living original he holds one part to the Centur key.

The only remaining female knight is Maidons wrath, the peak of female prowess and elegance she is also the last born knight at only 233 years. Elegant brunette and swift she is the quickest of the remaining knights with speeds equal to canines on the battlefield making Maidon wrath the perfect flanking enforcer. Her fighting style adopts a ripple shield and a shift flail, acrobatic and flexible Maidons wrath earned herself the title “Beautiful chaos”. Master strategist she is always respectful to the degree of her age, glowing the deadliest of earths flowers she almost captivates even the most mindless of foes she rose in the ranks faster then any female before her and is among Runes most trusted...

Wayke is second only to Rune, at seven hundred and eighty two years he has seen as much war as any could swallow with the unique ability to locate over untold distances he is a monster of ambush a simple touch of the floor can tell him a wealth of information and most importantly how to prepare, with this sonar ability he has been able to make impossible judgments giving him the title “earth heart” Wayke is impossible to take by surprise . Wayke makes use of a magneton axe, magneton gauntlet and Centur stone armour, his fighting style is swift but brutal preferring to amputate foes . Bearer of the star cape, a relic of the old world that gives it’s wearer the capabilities to carpet entire city’s in a flash of white, fabled to be the cause of the lawless mutations it’s trigger is unknown. Wayke intimate knowledge and connection with the living gives him an edge in any conflict.

Cull-Rune, the head of the Human order, 2ndgen replacement to the original Hollow soul and longest surviving member of the knights. Tall dark and physically peak in any aspect of punishing activity he was Chosen by the remaining original 5 to be the only natural born with no genetic change from the twelve , the peak of what a Human could be under the most lethal environments. Fiercely loyal to the Centur and the Human species his determination and intelligence earned him the title “Earth Thane”. His fighting style is intelligent, swift and honourable , can handle foes well above his category with relative ease, main weapon is the one of a kind magneton great sword, reversing polarity the sword repels any metallic object in it’s path , opponents blades simply appear to make no contact giving Rune his divine untouchable appearance in combat, only the strongest can promote sparks from this blade. Earth Thanes defences are almost as deadly as his offensives, utilising the Centur CORE armour and shift blade railed and bolted to his left gauntlet a parry from this fearsome warrior will kill as effectively as any attack He is the only Knight to ever hold part say of the Centur key outside of the originals...

a ark of nightmares, they grieve for their earth building an unrelenting thirst to see her grow again just the way it was....exactly how it was.

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