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Brianna tried to process everything happening. Is this actually happening? Lights flew across the room as she stared in disbelief at her mysterious hero fighting with the attacker. Brianna is just your average book nerd. She loves the library and has read every fantasy book at least two times. She gets along great with the library owners son, Adonis. Brianna believes magic isn't real, so it's no surprise that when she finds his spell books she thinks they're just for fun. She convinces him to let her read a few of them to entertain herself and discover new 'fantasy' stories. He warns her about one book in particular that has a twin, which has been missing for a few years. She ignored the warning and read it anyways...

Fantasy / Thriller
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The knight quickly grabbed his shield and blocked the wave of yellow and orange now surrounding him. After the flames disappeared, he charged at the dragon blocking his path. He dropped the shield, grabbed his sword and lifted it above his head, tears streaming down his face. He forced himself to --

There was a hand covering the other page.

“Adonis Linden, I’m trying to read.” the brunette sighed and looked up to see her closest friend with a boyish grin on his face.

“I know, but you’ve read that specific book about five times, Brianna. I thought you’d like to do something else.” He sat next to her as she closed the book.

“I’ll have you know that this is my favorite book and I’ll read it as many times as I’d like,” She glared at him for a second before smiling, “but you are right. I kinda want to do something else.” Adonis pulled her hands to him. “Then please please please please please try practicing magic with me. Or at least watch me practice.”

She sighed, “You know I don’t even believe in that stuff. Magic is in fantasy books,” she held up her book, “like this one.”

Adonis frowned. “You’d believe me if you actually saw me do it.” he stood back up. “Well, if you won’t do that, how about you help me clean up my work room? It’s a mess and I can’t find any of my papers.”

“Yeah, sure.” she followed him to a locked room in the back. Her jaw dropped as she looked around the room. Papers were everywhere, bottles and vials had been knocked over, and books were missing from the bookcase. “How do you even manage to do this?” she turned to him as he shrugged. “It just kinda happens. I managed to pick up some of it, but this is obviously a two man job. Come on, let’s start.” he smiled and started to collect pages from the floor.


After hours of cleaning, the room was finally done and all that was left was a stack of books that needed to be put back into place. “Adonis, what order do you have these in on the bookshelf?”

“Oh, uh, just put them anywhere. I can deal with that later.”

“You need some more organisation in your life.” she put each book away one by one and stopped at a white one with a black spine. “When’d you get this one?”

“My dad has owned it for years. Says it’s pretty powerful when you have it’s twin, but it’s been missing for years so ours is kinda useless.” he walked over to her and grabbed the book, skimming through it. “I never figured out what it was used for. Just looks like fairy tales, kinda like the book you were reading earlier.”

Brianna snatched the book back and grinned. “I’m going to read it then. It’s new to me and it’s a fantasy book, perfect to help me sleep tonight.”

“I’m not sure you should.. My dad has no idea what the other book is about, and chances are it’s not good.”

“Oh well.” Brianna finished putting the rest of the books away, keeping the white one close to her. “You know I don’t believe in all that magic stuff. As long as science is on my side, I’ll be fine.” she smiled and looked at a nearby clock. “I should probably head home, my parents are going to worry if I’m not home by dinner.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. Just be careful with that book, please.” Adonis hugged her and they parted ways.


Brianna was curled up in her bed, face buried in her book. She had read through most of the book, enjoying the short stories of unlikely heroes saving the day , and was trying her best to keep herself awake. “I’ll just rest my eyes for a few seconds..” she whispered to herself as she closed her eyes. Seconds turned to minutes and she had fallen asleep.

She hadn’t been asleep for more than an hour when she awoke to something wrapped around her neck. She tried to pull it off as her eyes darted around the room, looking for whoever and whatever was causing this. She spotted a black figure standing in the corner of her room, writing something down in a black book with a white spine. She saw the book she had been reading on the floor, vines growing out of it and leading up to her. Adonis warned her about this. He warned her about the book. She didn’t listen. She let tears fall down her face as she continued to struggle. Just as she was losing consciousness, someone forced her door open and attacked the black figure. The vines disappeared as the figure dropped their book. Brianna tried to process everything happening.
Is this actually happening?
Lights flew across the room as she stared in disbelief at her mysterious hero fighting with the attacker. The attacker found a way to pick up their book and jump into Brianna’s closet, slamming the door. By the time the hero opened it, they were gone.Brianna stared in disbelief and the hero groaned. “I can’t believe they got away with my book!” they shut the door and turned around to look at Brianna, who was still in slight shock.
“That... couldn’t have happened. This is all a dream, that is the only reasonable explanation.” she looked up at the hero and froze. “Yup, definitely a dream. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, Adonis.” she laughed nervously as she laid back down in bed. “Yeah, just going to go to sleep now.” she covered herself up with her blanket.
Adonis sat on the edge of her bed, picking up the white book off the floor, and pulled the blanket off of her. “You can tell yourself whatever you want, Brianna. But you can’t deny everything you just saw.” he sighed. “I shouldn’t have let you take the book home with you. I knew nothing about it and should’ve known it would attract the owner of the other book.”
She sat up again. “What the fuck was all of that?”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to believe since you first started coming to the library. The stuff you were dead certain was make believe.”
Both stayed silent until Brianna finally said something. “So, magic is real? How did that other guy even find me?”
“Yes and I’m not sure. There’s a chance they’ve been hanging around the library. It’s not unusual for someone to come in and ask my dad for lessons, potions, or something. If the owner of the black book came in and saw the white one, they could’ve waited until they had a chance to grab it. I’m sorry I nearly got you killed. I wasn’t expecting someone to know about it.”
“It’s fine, you didn’t know. Just, please make sure to protect me if this happens again.” she blushed lightly and he grinned.
“Of course I will. Now, are you interested in watching me practice tomorrow?”
She rolled her eyes and smiled at him. “Sure, you dork. You’ll have to start teaching me one day though.”
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