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Amelia is a 21 year old human who has just graduated from university. Her destiny will change when she meets the Alpha Noah.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1



Here I am, back in my old room at my mom’s at the Night Pack. My room seems smaller than before. It’s simple. There is a bed, a desk and a full library. I feel like I have left this place for an eternity but it has been only three years, but I always got back during the summer breaks to visit my mom. Studying in another city has been the best decision I’ve made. And for the first time in my life, I was feeling at my place at University majoring in English Literature.

Growing up as a human in a werewolf pack has not been everyday easy because I have never really felt like “normal” which is strange, I have to say. When they all started to shift for the first time and then started to train, I was studying, reading and dreaming of a place where I could just fit in. At least I had my best friend, Sophia with me. She is a shifter too but she never treated me differently. Not like the other one. I always felt close to her since we were toddlers. People used to say that we were like twins and we are just eight months apart, we have the same black hair, the same brown green eyes but she’s thinner and a little bit taller than me. I am more of an ordinary type.

Sophia found her mate last week, his name is Alec, is the Beta of another pack who was visiting our pack with his Alpha. As Sophia’s dad, David, is the Alpha of our pack they met and, obviously, it was love at first sight.

It might be great to just meet someone and to know that this person will love and cherish you for the rest of your life no matter what. I always felt jealous of werewolves for that, not even for the strength or the speed but for the mate bond. It might be because my mom has always been single and raised me by herself, since my father died during her pregnancy, I always dreamed of fairy tale love. And you know what, it doesn’t exist, I mean not for us humans. All the boys I have met only think about one thing, only one, sex. That is why I decided that nothing is going to happen with someone unless I’m sure a hundred percent that it is THE one.

I hear a little knock on the door and my mom is coming inside.

“Hey sweetheart”, she stops and looks at me while I’m checking my reflection in the mirror, “you look gorgeous”. She finishes after a pause.

I turn to face her “I wasn’t sure for the top”. I say looking at my outfit. I wear a black lace tank top with a slightly neckline on the front and transparent in the back that I entered in my jeans with a pair of black pumps. I have a light makeup and I have left my hair natural with waves. Simple and effective.

“No. No don’t change anything you look perfect” she says putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

“You always say that.” I roll my eyes.

“Because you are my gorgeous daughter.” she tells me once again.

“Thank you mom.”

“So you are going to meet Sophia’s mate tonight, right?”

“Yes I am. I am so happy for her. He seems to be a very nice guy from what she told me. Have you met him?”

“Yes he came to the Diner with Sophia two days ago and she introduced him to me.”

My mom owns a Diner in town that is really appreciated by the pack members. All the burgers and Milkshakes are delicious. I have never eaten something better than what comes out of this kitchen.

“Will it be only the three of you tonight?”

“No Tom will be there too. He is actually going to pick me up in a few minutes now.”

We hear ringing at the doorbell and I look at my mom.

“Can you please open the door for him? I finish to prepare myself and I’ m going downstairs.”

My mom leaves my bedroom and I bring the final touch to my light makeup with a red lipstick, grab my burgundy blazer and my black purse and I join those downstairs.

As I go down the stairs, I hear a whistle. And Sophia’s brother stands at the foot of the stairs. Sophia looks a lot like their father but Tom is the portrait of their mother Luna Victoria. He is tall, athletic, his blond hair is perfectly styled, long on top and short on the sides, blue eyes and he has a smile that makes all girls fall. He wears jeans and a white shirt.

“Well, big head, you look good.” He affirms, looking at me from bottom to top. I thank him and reach him for a hug.

“After you Madam” Tom tells, opening the door for me.

“Have fun tonight and say hi to Sophia” my mom says while I go outside.

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