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The beautiful suffering that is the eternal life of Alexandra. A never ending burden placed upon her is unforgiving. Even in death, she will find no rest. When time and space have the same meaning. A myth had been created, and a legend was born. Alexandra, defending the human world from the beginning of time from demons, and monsters. Her purpose in life is to keep the barrier strong from invading beasts. While she struggles with her own existence and duty, she is pursued by an investigative journalist that could devastate her duty, and in turn, all of humanity.

Fantasy / Action
Sergey Lukovich
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Alexandra blinks slowly as raindrops fall upon her beaten and bloody body. Her breathing slow and shallow, a cold shiver is released as she struggles, attempting to shift her body into a fetal position wanting to keep warm as her temperature drops slowly. A soft grunt escapes from her voice as her hand covers a stab wound.

“Help me.” She whimpers to no one as her vision becomes hazy and darkness begins to take her. Tears begin to form in her eyes as she struggles to speak again, “Please, someone, anyone help. I need to, I want to live. I’m scared.”

Her head slowly begins to slump down against the wet and bloody ground, she looks at her hand as things become slightly warm, her eyes close as she reluctantly fends off the warmth with the desire to live. She has knowledge of the fact that sometimes the human body becomes warm when death comes to you. That it creeps up and things become quiet, peaceful, and warm.

But no, not now, she isn’t anywhere close to giving up. Not just yet. She forces herself to flex her body with her remaining energy, opening her eyes she begins to regain her once blurry vision, now becomes focused and the darkness slowly begins to fade away.

“Come on, get up. I have to get up, no one else can do it for me now, just me.”

Lifting her head from the cold floor, the sound of rain becomes audible to her now. She curses as she remembers the man who had robbed, beat, and stabbed her. More than wanting to live she wants vengeance. She begins to remember the cause of all this. The reason for all this happening to her, and the tragedy that can happen should she give up tonight.

Shifting slowly with agonizing pain, her arm moves and she slams her palm against the ground. “Good girl, now the other one. Just one step at a time, Alexandra.” Knowing that her speaking to herself is meant for motivation, to her surprise it’s somewhat working. In the past her father told her about athletes talking to themselves, the fact that they use it as a means to push their bodies for that one more effort.

Her abdomen and back muscles flex, shifting her and at last, she sits up. Her head slumped but her mind now focused, she moves her right leg to adjust, her left shifts as well.

“Now... stand up.”

Her movement robotic and forced. The desire to live, and need for life. It’s her only second chance, she must not give up.

“Come on, get up girl. Time to move.”

She slowly starts to rise up, trembling she gets her footing while supporting herself against a brick wall. Looking in front of her she can at last see the sidewalk and street, she can move now. She has to move now, no matter how much it hurts to move, she must now seek help.

“Alright, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. Let’s do this.”

Shifting and staggering Alexandra moves her body, her knees buckling and head spinning. All the blood loss and all the pain, she can’t slow down now that she has started, to rest or slow down means death.

Wet and cold, she can’t even feel her fingers or tows, her wounds supply a steady stream of blood behind her while she makes her way out of the alley and supports herself against a aluminum garbage can looking around for anyone who might be able to help.

“Help.” She whimpers as her eyes lock onto a single car at a red light, right away she begins to move towards it, not knowing how much longer they will be stationary as the light can turn green at any given second. It’s her only chance within her mind to obtain help and transportation to a hospital. Aria must move as fast as possible to get the persons attention.

“Don’t move please. Please stay.”

Her feet slowly pick up speed as she turns her staggering into a slow shifting walk, then once her feet touch the street she turns it into a brisk feeble walk. Some form of speed is better rather than praying they notice you on the sidewalk.

But still not good enough, any second they could drive off on the green, her desperation turns to rage, as she pushes herself within an instant. Her adrenalin activating she begins to run, this is exactly what she needed. Moving with a blur of motion, she runs to the car, her hands placed atop the car’s hood she looks at the women in the driver’s seat, Alexandra shouts words that any women would instantly understand and help another women in need.

“I was stabbed, I’m bleeding and need a doctor.”

The women instantly puts the car in park and gets out, she puts Alexandra’s arm around her shoulder and opens the rear door, laying her bleeding rain soaked body on her rear seats while speaking words of moral support.

“I got you, don’t worry, I’ll take you to the nearest hospital. Just hang on and keep breathing.”

Alexandra’s vision slowly darkens; she struggles to keep her eyes open as the car starts to move. Resisting the urge to rest is very hard at this point. Trying her best to flex every muscle in her body is only met with exhaustion and warmth.

“No.” Slowly escapes from her lips as her movements stop, her mind turns blank and the darkness begins to take her.

“Not like this.”

As her breathing slows down and the rise and fall of her chest begins to fade to a faint shallow pattern, she finds herself beginning to feel light headed. Alexandra expected to either fade into darkness and pass away, or move on to some form of afterlife.

Instead she is met with a very peculiarly odd situation of sitting right next to her body, she looks upon her still breathing flesh and blood human form, then looks at herself and notices that she is more of a mass of white energy. While in thought she hears a female voice speak to her.

“You don’t need to panic, this is normal. The form you have taken on is the same of your human body since that is the most familiar form to you.”

Alexandra looks next to her and can see a pitch black creature with no face looking at her. Just bright red eyes glowing like fire. The arms long and thin, shoulders have points to them, and a flat chest and narrow slim midsection. It’s legs sleek and narrow as well, the only redeeming feature in anyone’s words would be that it has nice slick red hair. To Alexandra, this creature has no particular distinguishable features to hint at a gender, which is to say if it has one.

But regardless of physical appearance, this thing is here sitting next to her. And not only is that the worrying fact, it’s sitting next to her and the body that seems to not have a soul in it right now. She intends to find out why this thing is here right now. So she asks directly,

“What do you want? Just exactly what are you and why are you here next to me and my.... my body?”

The creature narrows its eyes and the mood changes between them. At first she wasn’t able to sense any danger but after speaking this creature now seems to become a little aggressive, and not only this but, it starts to move towards her.

“You mean to tell me that you have already forgotten? Apox of history simply vanish from your mind, as if all our history means nothing to you? When you stated that you wanted a chance at life where you didn’t have to return to our duty, our job, didn’t I tell you that it wasn’t possible!”

Her words agitated and her voice shouting in rage, all her claims are directed towards Alexandra as if she should know all this already. Her rage isn’t meant in a way that would perceive harm but more rather, that this seems like an old relative lecturing or correcting someone’s mistake.

“What made you think that you could escape? Life will always find us, and put us together. That’s our job. And you went ahead and messed so much up. Now look at you, I can’t believe that you don’t even remember what we are.”

Alexandra more lost and confused that anything is unable to process these accusations is only able to ask for more detail.

“What are you talking about? I have no duty or job, I’m just a girl. I grew up with a mother and two sisters. How can you even think that I, of all people wanted to escape from something? You have the wrong person. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The creature in rage grabs Alexandra’s neck and brings her closer.

“You are no human, you are no mortal and, you are my other half. We always have been we are and shall be one.”

Alexandra pushes the creature away from her in protest declaring,

“Get away from me you freak. I don’t know what you are or what you want but I’ll have no part of it.”

The creature laughs at her resistance, “You think a simple push and declaration of confusion will rid me of you? Were one and the same. Ever since the beginning of time we have been one person. You just wanted to try living a normal life, and look at what that brought you.”

Alexandra looks at her in confusion. “What do you mean?”

The creature leans in and speaks softly. “The long nights you would stay up as a little girl pondering about life, not knowing what to do with yourself. The fact you couldn’t relate to anyone of your peers, unable to be part of any click. You couldn’t even discover anything you where good at, other than fighting. Yet not even then did you manage to apply it to anything. Now a fully grown women you walk around late at night searching for something you had no idea of. Always looking away for adventure, meaning to a lonely life. Jobless and lost. A human does none of these things. Not a normal one anyway.”

She looks down at her knees and takes a moment, remembering all those things and mutters. “That proves nothing. You didn’t answer me in any way other than insinuating something.”

The creature speaks strong and straight forward. “I’m saying you are not a human being. I don’t have to do anything to prove what is to come. You yourself will see once the body dies off, then you and I shall become one again. Just in time if I might add, enough damage has been done to the human race as it is. We still have time to fix what is to come.”

Alexandra looks at the creature a bit confused.

“What do you mean when the body dies off? And what is coming? What damage?”

The creature fixes her posture and sits up straight. Turning its head and speaking to her.

“You are the defender of the human barrier. You are supposed to be protecting the humans from other parallel worlds and intruding demons. I am your spawn, a creature that works with you to defend you in times when you need it. We share one body and one mind. I grant you the power necessary to travel between time and space, as well as other gifts. Once the body dies it will heal its wounds and we may enter it once again. This will allow us to see the monsters who are now here, and we may deal with them. Since many of them are starting to take human hosts. That’s why you died tonight, because the universe sees it as the right time to push you back into doing what you should have been all this time. Which is saving this reality. You are this earths champion.”

The creature leans back and relaxes a little, confident in her words and somewhat declaring victory.

“But, I believe that is all you need to know now. Once you and I are one again, and we enter the body, you shall remember everything right away. And you will realize the huge error you have made.”

Alexandra sits with her eyes wide open, unable to believe this. Yet, she has little reason not to. Seeing as she is a spirit right now talking to some strange creature which is claiming it’s here to help. Let alone she is sitting and looking down at her still breathing corpse.

“Why is my life like this?”

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