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After the revelation of some secrets, Amelia and Noah will have to face many obstacles and will have to make alliances with people they trust. But who can they trust?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

This is the continuation of the adventures of the Alpha Noah and Amelia. It is imperative to have read the first book: The Power Struggle (BOOK ONE) to understand the story.


I wake up in the big empty bed, I have hardly slept all night. The events of the night before keep running through my head, I still can’t believe I killed. But it is true that I never thought I would have to do it. I decide to get out of bed and get ready to join Noah.
After a nice hot shower, I quickly get dressed, opting for black leggings, a long white t-shirt and a pair of black converse. As I tie my hair in a ponytail, I hear my phone ring, it’s Sophia.


“Hi Amelia, are you okay? My dad told me what happened yesterday. Oh my god I can’t believe you were in the battle. What were you thinking?”

I sigh. “I saw Noah being surrounded and honestly I just rushed in without thinking.” After a short pause I ask him. “Do you know about Eric?”

“Yes Alec filled me in and about the Grayson and his sister thing too. I know what Grayson did was wrong but I still think about him. Can you imagine, he must have felt Eric’s pain as he was dying?”

“You’re right.”

For a brief moment no one says a word and I break the silence by asking her a question I’ve been asking myself all night.

“David told me about Tom. Do you think he would have betrayed us?”

No answer. As I was about to repeat my question I hear her sigh.

“Honestly I’d like to tell you that I’m 100% sure he would never have done it but I don’t know. And since everyone knows about you, he’s always defensive. He thinks you and Noah could take his place.” She tells me sincerely.

“I’m light years away from that kind of concern. Right now, I just want Noah to be fully healed and for us to find a way to get rid of Christian once and for all.”

“I hear you. Amelia, I wanted to tell you. You know...uh...I’ve always thought of you as my sister so whatever you decide about the Night Pack I’ll be on your side. That’s all I wanted you to know.” She says calmly.

“Thanks Sophia that means a lot to me. You and Tom have always had a special place in my heart.”

I hear Sophia sniffle. “Okay we’re going to stop here. Damn hormones. Go back to your mate, we’ll talk later.”

I can’t stop my smile as I answer her. “You got it. Talk to you later.”

When I walk into Noah’s room, he is sitting on his bed, talking to Alec.

“Sorry I didn’t know you were busy.” I tell him as I prepare to turn around.

“Amelia we were done. He’s all yours.” Alec says to me with a wink and leaves the room.

I walk over to Noah and kiss him tenderly on the lips.

“Are you okay? Slept well?” I ask him.

“Not at all. My ribs are still a bit sore and you weren’t with me so no I didn’t sleep well.” He answers me with a pout.

I smile back at him before saying seriously. “If it makes you feel any better I didn’t sleep well either.”

Noah grabs my hand and kisses the back. “At the same time, a first time on a battlefield leaves its mark.” He pauses. “Don’t ever do that to me again. So yeah you did great and I didn’t think you were capable of the courage and tenacity you showed yesterday. But I got the fright of my life when I saw you next to me and if I’m scared for you I can’t concentrate. Understand?” He points a finger at me.

“Understood. Don’t ever point your finger at me again.” I tell him as I lower his finger.

“You are indeed an alpha’s daughter.” He says with a smirk.

A knock at the door interrupts us and the doctor comes in.

“Hello Alpha, Luna.” He tells us.

“Hello Doctor.” We reply in unison.

The doctor checks Noah and gives him the green light to return to our room but he has forbidden him any exercise and he has insisted on this several times and Noah has grunted every time he has told him so.

As we walk up the stairs to our room, a familiar voice calls behind us.

“Alpha Noah, Amelia. Can I talk to you for a moment?”

I turn to see David, followed closely by Alec.
Noah nods and we enter his office.

We all take our seats and Noah nods to David to speak.

“I just wanted to see you to let you know that I’m heading back to the Night Pack today. I don’t feel like leaving Tom for too long. My proposal still stands for the Alpha spot, Amelia, take some time to think about it.” He looks at me seriously.

“I promise to think about it.” I answer him sincerely.

David nods and takes his leave.

Once Noah, Alec and I are alone, Alec speaks up.

“I went to see Grayson and Jenny earlier. Grayson’s in really bad shape. The loss of his partner has taken a serious toll on him. We need to decide what to do with them.”

Noah turns his gaze to me. “Do you have an idea? I know Grayson was your friend.”

I sigh, looking down at my hands. “I didn’t think about it.”

“Alec, we’ll talk about it with Amelia and then we’ll talk about it with you when we figure it out. I’m going to rest today but tomorrow morning we’ll go together to see the injured. All three of us. I think it’s time for Amelia to start her Luna missions.” Noah tells us.

Alec nods and leaves the office as well.

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