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Chapter 11


Noah and I decided to keep it to ourselves while we figured out what to do. We don’t know if Alec will be able to keep it from Sophia and they both seem so good that we don’t want to mess it up. I feel Noah snuggling up to me in the back.

“Are you awake yet?” He asks me in a sleepy voice.

“I haven’t slept all night.” I sigh and turn to face him. “Do you think it was bullshit when he told me he wanted me and him to have a real relationship? Maybe it was just to get close and get information.”

“I honestly don’t know what he’s up to but we’ll find out. I want to kill him just for playing with your feelings.” He says to me as he strokes my cheek.

“I’m going to shower.” I tell him and get out of bed.

I lock the bathroom door as I walk in. I get undressed and find that I still don’t have my period, I’m four days late. I lied to Sophia because I didn’t tell Noah. The timing couldn’t be worse. I’m going to do a test today, if it’s negative it might trigger it, it might be stress that’s delaying it, I know girls who’ve had it.
I’m going to text Josh to have lunch with him, it’ll give me an excuse to go out of the territory to buy a test without raising suspicion.

After showering, I choose clothes from the dressing room and see Noah watching me from the corner of my eye.

“Are you sure it’s just this David thing that’s bothering you?” He asks me, leaning against the wall and looking so hot.

" Yes, of course I am. Why are you asking me?”

“You locked yourself in the bathroom and never did it with me.” He answers me. I turn to face him and see that he looks worried.

“I must have done it without thinking about it.” I reply with a shrug.

“If you say so.” he walks into the bathroom not convinced.

I grab my phone and text Josh to see if he’s free for lunch. He responds almost immediately to tell me to meet him at the sushi place we discovered together.

I grab a black sleeveless dress and a pair of black pumps. I feel like I haven’t made an effort to dress up in a while. I go into the bathroom to do my hair and make-up. When I finish, Noah comes out of the shower.

“Do you have anything planned for today?” He asks me, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m going to have lunch with Josh and I thought I’d take a walk around town to get Sophia a present, it’s her birthday in two days.”

He nods and goes to get ready.

I don’t like lying to him, I want to tell him everything but I’d rather have this conversation once I’m sure if I’m pregnant or not.

As soon as I arrive in town, I stop at the pharmacy and buy two pregnancy tests, just to be sure of the result. Then I go to the mall and find a nice handbag for Sophia that she will love. As I walk past a baby shop, I see little white baby booties and I can’t help but go in.

I arrive just in time for the restaurant appointment, walk in and see Josh waving at me.

“Hi stranger. How are you?” He asks me as he hugs me.

“It’s been complicated but I’m fine and you?”

“Oh you know the drill.” He answers me nonchalantly.

“How are things going with John and Christian?” I ask him, trying to get some information on the latter.

“I thought I told you last time we spoke on the phone. Christian has resigned, there’s a rumour that he’s setting up his own publishing company and he thinks you’ve joined him."

Seriously?! Well, he is starting something, but it’s clearly not a publishing company.

After lunch I went straight back to the pack house. I’ve just peed on the two pregnancy tests I bought and I’m sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for the results. When the timer on my phone goes off I know what it means, I get up and look at the two tests which show the same result.


I was anxious all morning, Amelia’s attitude really threw me off. I don’t understand what’s going on and now she’s getting pretty to go to lunch with Josh. I decide to go for a walk to clear my head and hopefully calm down. I go a little further than the weeping willow and look at the view.

“This is the perfect place to build a house.” Zack’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts.

I turn around to face him. “That’s exactly what I was thinking. Maybe one day.”

“If I were you I’d start now. I mean you and Amelia are young, you look happy so I figure it won’t be long before there are pups coming along and you won’t be living in the pack house all your life.”

I smile just thinking about it. “Zack your partner will be very lucky..” and I stop dead in my tracks as I realise what I am saying. “I’m sorry man I forgot...”

He cuts me off. “Forgot that I found her but she decided to reject me because she already loved someone else?” He asks me, raising an eyebrow.

I nod.

“By the way alpha, I went to see jenny earlier. We talked a bit and I’m not sure if the execution is very fair. I mean Lexi betrayed us too and she just got kicked out of the pack.”

“You’re right, we made that decision out of anger but she’s going to stay in the cell for a little while longer. At least until this whole thing is sorted out.”

He nods before leaving.

I’m alone for a while and then go back up to our room, Amelia must have come back from lunch.

When I open the door she is sitting on the bed with a small box in her hands, she looks pensive.

“Is everything okay?” I ask her.

She nods. “Come to me.” She says.

I sit down next to her and she rests her head on my shoulder while keeping the box in her hand.

“When I told you I had my period four days ago, I lied, I didn’t.”

She hands me the box and I cautiously open it. Inside it has a pair of baby booties and a pregnancy test.

“You mean you’re...”

I don’t have time to finish asking my question before she cuts me off.

“No it’s negative. You know when we talked baby I wasn’t sure I wanted one anytime soon, I mean I just found out the identity of my father who turns out to be a traitor, your cousin is trying to kill you to take your pack.” She sighs loudly. “For the last four days I’ve been totally freaked out and then I went into that shop and bought two pairs of slippers, one for Sophia's baby and one for ours, unconsciously, just in case. When I saw that it was negative, I wasn’t relieved, in fact I was a bit sad. It took this happening to me to realise that I want a child with you, I want everything with you.”

She places both hands on my cheeks and turns my face to force me to look at her.

“I love you more than anything in the world and I want you to do your best to go kick your cousin’s ass so we can live our lives.”

I crush my lips to hers.

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