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Chapter 13

We are interrupted by Zack directing the conversation to me.

“So Amelia I’ve been told that with the recent events you haven’t had a chance to be introduced as Luna to the pack.”

“Indeed. ” I reply.

“Honestly I think we should organize something. What do you think Alpha? It would loosen people up, it’s been an almost military atmosphere since I came back.”

We all look at Noah to wait for his answer.

“I think you’re right, we should have a party. We’ll introduce Amelia officially.”

“And we should take the opportunity to invite Alphas from other packs, they would see that we are not afraid and that life goes on at the Blue Moon Pack.” I add.

“You’re right, that’s a great idea.” Noah replies, squeezing my thigh.

“You two are so cute. Oh we’ll have to go shopping for dresses.” Sophia is all excited, she’s always loved parties and dressing up.

The rest of the evening went well, Zack told us lots of stories about his time in Europe. He doesn’t have much in common with his brother, Eric, who was more shy.

Back to the pack, everyone goes back to their rooms.

As I undress in the dressing room, I feel Noah’s muscular arms embrace me from behind, he steps back and places small kisses on my shoulders and back.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all night.” I feel his warm breath on my skin.

I turn around to face him, wearing only my white thong, I tell him in my most sensual voice.

“You want me to show you what I’ve been wanting to do all night?”

I slowly lower myself in front of him until my face is in front of his crotch. Our eyes do not leave each other, I open the button of his jeans, then I slowly pull down his fly, finally I pull down his jeans and boxers in one go, releasing his manhood.

I slowly lick my lips before bringing it to my mouth, I close my lips on him and start to suck him, he lets out a satisfied grunt and I continue faster and harder. He grabs my hair to tilt my head back so I can take him further down my throat. As I suck him, I moan on his cock.

“Fuck.” He hisses

I know he’s close so I keep sucking him hard and look him straight in the eye. I feel his cum gushing out and I swallow it all. Once I’m done, I lick my lips and Noah abruptly lifts me up and he carries me to the bed, all the while kissing me with passion and lust. He lays me down on the bed, removes his jeans and boxers completely and takes off my thong. I lie completely naked on the bed and he looks at me like a wolf looks at its prey. He comes closer and without warning he pushes his cock into my pussy.
He goes fast and hard from the start.

“I need you so bad.” He says through his teeth.

He keeps up the pace and I moan his name a few times. I feel my pussy contract and that my orgasm is near.

“Cum for me baby.”

He continues his back and forth and I explode underneath him and a few seconds later he cum in turn.

We lie there for a while without a word against each other, I have an arm and a leg on him. I feel so good against him.

And I don’t know why but my mind starts to think about what John told me about Josh.

“Is everything okay?” Noah asks me. “Your mood has changed.”

“I was thinking about what John told me tonight. Josh left the internship a few days after I did and he didn’t say anything to me when I saw him for lunch, he acted like he was still working there.” I tell him.

“It’s true that it’s weird. Call him tomorrow and see what he says.” He answers me.

I nod.


“Do you really think she’s pregnant?” I ask Josh again.

“I’m not saying she’s pregnant, I’m just telling you what I saw.” He replies.

“Fucking hell! That’s all I need. Shit!” I yell, running my hands through my hair.

He saw fucking pregnancy tests in her bag, if she’s pregnant with this asshole that changes everything. Moon Goddess please don’t do something like this to me.

“But maybe she’s not.” Josh says to reassure me.

“It wasn’t all supposed to happen like this. If fucking Noah hadn’t met Amelia, she’d be with me today and we’d be running the Night Pack and the Blue Moon Pack together. That’s what was fucking supposed to happen. But instead he had to go back and get his Beta and meet. Fuck that!”

“All is not lost Christian it can still work out.” Josh insists.

“Yes it will work out because we’ll forget the easy way and we’ll do it the hard way.” I tell him determined.

“Shall we go to plan B?” He asks me.

“We’re going to plan B.” I confirm.

I didn’t do all this so that everything would fall apart, we’ve been working on this for years, there are too many people counting on me and I can’t let them down.

Whatever it takes, the Blue Moon Pack will be mine but I have to be patient and calculate all my moves.

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