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Chapter 14


I started my morning as usual with training, I’m really getting used to this new rhythm. I don’t know if it’s in my head but I feel like my body is already changing, my abs for example are really starting to shape up.

After the workout, I head to our room for a shower and as usual Noah joins me and the idea of a quick post-workout shower goes out the window and turns into a dirty shower.

Once we’re both dressed, Noah asks me.

“Is it okay if we have the presentation ceremony in a fortnight? Do you think you have enough time to organise everything?”

“Arrange everything? But I’ve never organised a party like this before.” I reply in a panic.

He puts his hands on my shoulders and replies reassuringly. “Don’t worry, there are people who will be there to help you and I’m sure Sophia will be happy to give you a hand.

I sigh. “Okay for a fortnight then.” After a short pause I add. “Have you thought about how we’re going to handle David?”

“We just pretend nothing’s wrong for now and watch. At no point should he suspect anything. We have to play it safe, we’re not 100% sure it was Grayson who left the note in the forest so we don’t take any unnecessary risks. And if it’s true, it’s better to use this information to our advantage.” He pauses. “I know it’s easier said than done, but Amelia, please, you have to do it. Poker face.”

I nod and he pulls me into his arms. The best place in the world, in the arms of the man I love. It sounds so cliché but that’s how I feel.

While Noah goes back to his office to work I join Sophia to inform her that we have two weeks to organise the presentation party and unlike me she is very confident. So we set about putting together a to-do list to make sure we don’t forget anything.

“I’ll have to check with Noah to work out the list of alphas he wants to invite to the event.” I say to Sophia.

“I can’t believe it’s come to this.” She says to me pensively. “Who knew we’d both end up in the same pack with two alpha and beta partners, who are best friends and we’d be hosting your presentation party together as Luna.”

“One thing’s for sure not me.” I reply.

“I’m getting tired, I’m going to rest in my room. Are you going to be alright on your own?” She asks me.

“Don’t worry, I’m a big girl, I’ll be fine.”

As soon as I’m alone I think about calling Josh but I don’t know how to take things, so I decide to improvise.

“Hi how are you?”

“Well no news for days, yesterday we have lunch together and today you call me.”

“Yeah I know I’ve been pretty busy lately and I ran into John last night he was having dinner with an author. He asked me for my opinion on his next manuscript but like an idiot I forgot to take his details.”

“Oh yeah he was having dinner with...uh.... damn what’s his name again...uh...”

He struggles but I don’t help him, I want to see how far he goes in his lie.

“John Howard.” I finally answer.

“Yes, that’s it. Look I’m pretty busy right now but I’ll text you his details, okay?”


And we hang up. He lied to me again and so easily, if I hadn’t run into John last night I never would have thought he could lie to me. I need to get to the bottom of this, maybe he has issues he doesn’t dare tell me about.

It’s Sophia’s birthday, if I could I would hide in my bed until tomorrow. I have no desire to confront Tom or David. Tom may not be a traitor but his revelations last time made me uncomfortable and I don’t know how to deal with him and I’ve told Noah everything and knowing his possessive nature it’s going to be quite a night.

I’m still in bed, the duvet covering me up to my neck. I hear Noah’s voice behind me.

“I know you’re awake so look at me.” His voice is calm but authoritative at the same time.

I turn around to face him.

“It’s okay.” He tells me calmly.

I sigh before answering him. “I’m afraid I’m going to screw things up with David and besides there’s going to be Tom and I feel uncomfortable with what he told me the last time I saw him.”

“I trust you with David and with Tom don’t worry if he makes a step or an inappropriate remark I’ll deal with him.” He simply tells me.

I move closer to him and he hugs me, we stay like this for a while and eventually get ready to join the others for breakfast.

The news of the presentation evening has already circulated to the pack and everyone we pass congratulates and greets us. I think some of them needed it to be official to be able to approach me and in a way it makes it easier for me, who was struggling to find my place.

When we enter the dining room, Sophia, Alec and Zack are already seated and talking. They are obviously talking about Sophia’s birthday party.

“Happy birthday sis.” I greet Sophia with a hug.

“Thank you. So let me tell you how the day went. You’re free to do what you want until 5pm then we’ll have to get ready together, I’ve picked out an outfit for you, someone will come and do our hair and makeup, then our mums will join us and finally we’re joining everyone for dinner, at an Italian restaurant in town at 7.30pm.”

“Well I see you’ve thought of everything it seems.” I reply.

“It’s not every day you get to celebrate your 21st birthday. I couldn’t be there for yours, you did it at college with a bunch of hot students.”

I shake my head quickly so she understands that she needs to shut up.

“Anyway that was so long ago.” She adds quickly. And she shoves a fork of food into her mouth to make sure she doesn’t say anything more.

I feel Noah’s hand on my thigh and turn my head slightly to look at him.

“We’ll talk about hot students later.” He tells me more amused than annoyed, it seems.

Sophia really needs to learn what information she should keep to herself. So sure, Noah is the only one I’ve had sex with, but I’ve flirted with boys and I don’t think he needs to know everything.

After breakfast I leave for my appointment with Dr. F., she might be able to help me with my emotions with the Williams family tonight.

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