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Chapter 15

Talking to Dr. F. made me feel better, she always finds the right words.
I decide to go and see Noah to discuss the alphas we are going to invite to the party.
I slowly poke my head through the door and see the man in my life sitting at his desk, concentrating on the papers in front of him.

“Am I bothering you?” I ask him.

He looks up from his pile of papers and looks at me with a smile.

“Never.” He replies.

“I wanted to check with you if you had time for us to look at the guest list for the party. I don’t know which alphas you would want to invite.” I explain as I sit in the chair on the other side of his desk.

He rummages through his papers, pulls out a sheet and hands it to me.

“Here, I made it this morning.”

“You’re very efficient Alpha.” I say seductively.

“Stop it right now.” He says to me with a tone of half-authority and half-amusement.

“Stop what?” I ask him innocently.

“I have a lot of work to do and if you keep looking at me like that and talking to me like that... I’m going to have to take you to our room and I’m not going to progress.”

I pout. “Well then I’ll just go to our room by myself.”

I shrug and walk out of his office. I go up to our room and start counting silently.

1...2...3...4...5 and the door opens.

“You’ll end up killing me.” He tells me breathlessly.

“The most pleasant death ever.” I answer him teasingly.

His lips crash against mine and he literally rips off my clothes. I quickly remove the flat shoes on my feet and rip off his clothes as well. This is very exciting... Everything goes very fast, he lifts me up, enters me and we fuck like two wild animals.
He is going fast and hard, there is no romance and it suits me very well. He continues at a frantic pace until we cum in unison.

“You’ll never cease to surprise me.” He says to me as he kisses my forehead and hugs me.

We get dressed and go to lunch together in his office. We spend the afternoon together, me organizing the evening and him dealing with whatever he has to deal with.

The alarm on my phone starts ringing and I turn it off. Noah looks at me quizzically.

“I have to go meet Sophia. I didn’t want her to put out an APB on me.”

I slowly kiss Noah on the lips and leave to join her.

Our hairstyles and make-up are done. Sophia chose for me and as it’s her birthday I didn’t object, my hair is done in a loose bun with some strands escaping, my make-up is quite discreet apart from the red lipstick.

As Sophia chats, there is a knock on the door and our mothers enter the room together. I greet Victoria briefly and give my mother a hug.

While Victoria and my mother have their hair and make-up done, the four of us talk.

“So when is Amelia due?” Victoria asks me.

“Excuse me?” I ask her in surprise.

“Well yes Alpha Noah and you have been partners for what a good month or more now. You should be pregnant soon. We werewolves conceive quickly after the mating process is finalized.” She answers me simply.

“I’m not pregnant at the moment.”

Victoria turns to my mother. “Alice wouldn’t you be ready to be a grandmother?”

“I don’t think it matters if I’m ready or not. What matters is that the children are ready.” My mother replies.

“Yes you are right, the Moon Goddess may have other plans for them.” Victoria speaks more like she is talking to herself.

“Well sorry to interrupt this conversation. Amelia you come on let’s get dressed.” Sophia pulls me by the arm.

Once we are in the bathroom she says to me with a small reassuring smile. “Sorry about my mum, you know I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.

Why would there be anything wrong with me? Not every girl who has sex for a month without protection gets pregnant and not every girl wants to be a mother. I’m 21 years old and I have time to get pregnant.

Sophia interrupts my thoughts by handing me the dress she has chosen for me.

I look at myself in the mirror and I have to say that Sophia has chosen well, this dress fits me like a glove. It is beautiful despite its simplicity.
It’s black, it goes down to my feet, slightly low cut in the front but totally bare back to the bottom of the back.
I’m so focused on watching myself that I didn’t even hear my mother come in.

“You look wonderful.” She says, placing her hands on my shoulders. “And I’m saying that objectively not because you’re my daughter.”

I don’t have time to respond when Sophia speaks up.

“I totally agree with you. I’ve been telling her for years that she’s beautiful. And I know someone who’s going to be thinking about taking that dress off all night.” She suggestively wiggles her eyebrows.

She and my mother burst out laughing.

My mother comes close to my ear and whispers. “She’s right you know. And forget about this conversation with Victoria.” She winks at me in the mirror.

As soon as we are all ready we go out in front of the pack house where a car is waiting for us.

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