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Chapter 17


A boy, they must be delighted, I know it’s very important for them to have a boy as their first child, so that he can take over from his father.

Noah and I stand up to congratulate our friends.

I excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

As I wash my hands, the door opens behind me and in the mirror I see Tom’s reflection.

“The men’s is next door.” I tell him simply.

He looks at his feet before answering me.

“I know, I wanted to talk to you but I don’t dare do it in front of Noah. I feel like he’d jump down my throat if I ever came near you.”

Inwardly I think he’s probably not wrong.

“I wanted to apologise for what I said to you the last time I saw you. You’re my sister and I think deep down I’ve always thought of you as such. You were so nice to me that I kept thinking I’d like to be in a relationship with someone who would treat me the same way you did.”

“I think I understand Tom.”

“And I wanted to tell you, if you want to take over Dad’s position as Alpha I wouldn’t blame you.” He adds.

“Tom I know you’ve been waiting for his day forever. I was there when you literally jumped up and down when Sophia said she didn’t want to become Alpha.” I tell him with a smirk.

“Yes, that’s right. Now I’m not saying I’ll take it well, I think it would take me some time to digest it but I won’t hold it against you.” He pauses and adds. “Can I give you a hug?”

I nod and he gives me a hug.

“Sis” He whispers and I smile.

I’m relieved by what I’ve heard and I hope he means it. We still have a good relationship so I thought it was a shame that it would change because of a place I never wanted.

The ride home from the pack was silent, I was in the same car as my mother and Noah.

As we enter our room I turn to look at Noah, I could see he was not his usual self tonight.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, placing my hands on his cheeks.
He sighs. “I’m not sure I can give you the life you want.”

“And what life do I want?” I ask him surprised.

He pulls my hands away from his face and walks towards the window.

“I saw how full of admiration you were when you listened to Nathan and Zack’s travel stories. You said you’d dream of seeing all those places.”

I walk over to him and hug him from behind.

“Yes indeed. I want to travel with you someday.”

He turns around.

“I want to do everything with you. I know you’re Alpha and you have responsibilities and we’ll probably never be able to go anywhere for more than a week. But one day someone will take your place and we’ll have time to do it all.”

He gives me a small smile. “I love you Amelia and I don’t want you to regret being with me.”

“Never, do you hear me? I will never regret anything about you.”
We kiss before he pulls back. He scratches the back of his head before asking me.

“Did something happen between you and Nathan?”

I suspected he would ask this question, Nathan has been staring at me all evening. I’m also expecting an interrogation from Sophia tomorrow.

“Well nothing intimate but you already know that. He and I really liked each other and we’ve kissed before but nothing more.” I answer her honestly.

“Did you have feelings for him?”

“Friendly for sure but I don’t know if I was in love with him in any case I never felt what I feel with you.” Again I choose the honesty card with him.

He nods and looks out the window again.

He’s definitely a werewolf, he’s jealous of something that happened before we even met and means nothing to me now.
I sit down on our bed and tell him.

“By the way, didn’t you want to do something with me and this dress?” I use the most sensual voice possible.

When he looks at me, I spread my legs slightly and run my hand over my neck, slide it between my breasts and don’t have time to move it down any further as Noah grabs it from me.
He kneels in front of me, pulls up my dress and places kisses down my leg, until he reaches my inner thighs. He looks at me through his lashes and I know what he needs to hear.

“I’m yours, Noah. All of me. The inside and outside are yours and always will be, I promise.” I tell him softly.

He tries to lift my dress further and I lift my buttocks to make it easier for him. He pulls off my panties with a smirk and he begins to lick my entrance, slowly at first, then he inserts his tongue.As he continues to lick me, he uses his thumb to massage my clit. It doesn’t take long for me to reach ecstasy and I can feel my body shaking from my orgasm. He kisses me quickly and pulls down his trousers, just enough to release his already hard cock.

He thrusts it into me in one go and takes me in my dress as he told me to.

“I’m not going to last long, you’re so good.” He tells me breathlessly.

“Come for me Noah. You’re mine” I tell him.

He looks into my eyes and he comes inside me. We stand still for a moment and he tells me.

“I’m yours Amelia, from the day I laid eyes on you.”

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