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Chapter 18

Noah had to leave our room early this morning, he joined Alec and Zack at the border as guards reported suspicious movements.

After getting ready, I decide to join my mother in her room.

“Good morning sweetheart, I was going down for breakfast.” She announces as she opens the door for me.

“Good morning mum. Let’s walk down together then.” I reply.

“Noah’s not here?”

“No, there was an emergency to deal with. When are you going back?”

“This afternoon. I wish I could stay longer but Marta is ill and they’ll need me for the evening shift.”

“That’s okay.” I reply disappointed.

“Next time we’ll make time for just the two of us, I promise.”

I nod.

Before I even get through the door to the dining room, Sophia calls out to me.
My mother enters while I wait for Sophia.

“I want to know everything.” She says, pointing her index finger at me.

I open my mouth but I don’t have time to answer when she speaks again.

“You and Nathan. Why didn’t you ever tell me anything?”

“Because there was nothing to tell.” I reply simply.

“That’s not what he told Tom anyway.” She says to me, raising her eyebrows.

“What did he say to tom?” I ask her surprised.

“That he was madly in love with you and looked forward to every visit from you. He met his mate two years ago and she died a few months later. Apparently she had a car accident, fell into a lake or something, got stuck and drowned.” She explains to me.

“Oh my God I didn’t know.” I tell her in shock.

“And so when he saw you come through the door yesterday, he thought it was probably a sign from the Moon Goddess that you could be his second chance mate.” She continues.

“What’s a second chance mate?” I ask her curiously.

“I already explained to you that not all werewolves meet their mate.” I nod and she continues. “Well some do feel a connection with another person, not as strong as the mate connection but a connection nonetheless.”

“Okay I didn’t know it worked like that.”

“I know. That’s why I’m your guide in this world.” She says to me with pride.

I stifle a laugh and she pulls my arm so we can join the others at the table.

They are all already there and now I am embarrassed towards Nathan.I didn’t know they felt this way about me, otherwise I would have acted differently.
While I was quietly eating my breakfast, David kept asking me questions about my presentation evening, if we were going to invite alphas, who had already answered. I find he’s not very subtle about getting information, so I remain vague.

“And so you’ve given up on publishing altogether?” Nathan asks me.

“For now, yes. But I might consider freelancing from here. Authors can send me their manuscripts and I can read them. That way I can reconcile my duties as Luna with my passion.” I explain.

“That’s interesting, indeed. Anyway, if you need a lawyer to draw up a contract or anything, I’ll leave you my card.” he says, handing me his business card.

“Thank you, but I don’t know if I’ll need it. I reply embarrassed.

He approaches me and whispers. “You can use it too if you just want to talk to someone.”

I nod. What the fuck, he’s clearly hitting on me now. And in front of everyone at that. It’s a good thing Noah isn’t here or he would have ripped his head off.

And that’s when I hear a clearing of the throat behind me and I don’t have to turn around to know who it is. If only I could disappear now.

I feel his hand rest on my shoulder.

“Hello everyone. Sorry I couldn’t be here earlier but Alec, Zack and I had some business to attend to.”

He moves next to me, lifting me up and sitting on my chair as I sit on him. As he does this, he doesn’t take his eyes off Nathan. He has clearly heard what he has said and he is not happy.

Noah pulls my hand, which is holding a piece of toast, and puts it in his mouth.

Sophia and my mother look at us amused. They know I’ve never been very comfortable with public displays of affection.

I move closer to Noah’s ear and whisper.

“Can I take my mother to the clearing? I wanted to show her where we were going to build our house.” I ask him.

“Of course you can.” He simply replies and kisses me on the lips.


Everyone leaves the dining room, I give Amelia one last kiss before letting her and her mother go.

Alec and Zack stay close by as I turn back to Nathan, I think they’re worried I’ll lose control and they’re right.

“I’m going to tell you something and I want you to listen carefully.” I use my Alpha tone as I speak to him. “You stay away from Amelia, ever. Do you hear me? She is my partner and you know what will happen if you ever dare to flirt like you did.”

He swallows hard and nods.

“Got it Alpha.”

He then joins Tom, David and Victoria who are waiting for him outside the entrance to the pack house.

Alec, Zack and I walk with them to their vehicles to say goodbye.
As the cars pull away, I turn around and Zack and Alec look at me with a smirk.

“What’s wrong?” I ask them.

“Amelia did a good job with you, you calmed down. I would have bet you were going to settle with him.” Zack replies to me.

“I told you he wouldn’t do anything to him.” Alec adds.

“I would treat that woman like a queen if I were you, because obviously there’s more than one person who would like to take your place, man.” Zack tells me as he pats me on the back.

I roll my eyes. And he’s right too, what’s not to like about her.

My two companions go to join the warriors in training while I return to my office.

Once I close the door behind me, I take out the small piece of paper I found in the forest on which it is written:Ένας στρατός προελαύνει.

This is similar to what was written on the paper we found with Amelia last time. I prefer to wait until her mother has left to tell her about it.
This story is driving me crazy. I hate being here waiting like a fool for Christian to make the first move.

Not a fucking lead. And I pound my fist on the table.

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