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Chapter 22


I check all the paperwork one last time regarding the move of some families to the Night Pack and I’m not so sure about my decision anymore. With David under suspicion, can I really send members of my pack there?

I am brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door, Alec enters.

“The girls have made up. I just passed them going upstairs arm in arm.” Alec informs me.

“Good for you. Amelia was having a hard time with that.”

“So was Sophia. She thought Amelia might be lashing out at him to punish him for lying to her all those years.” He explains to me.

“I know it’s complicated but she’s really trying to get close to him. They spoke and he told her he loved her and was proud of her.”

He sighs and I look at him questioningly, raising an eyebrow.

“I think Sophia is jealous.” He pauses. “She always felt like her dad wanted her to be more like her, so when he offered her the Alpha spot it confirmed her suspicions. She thinks her father likes Amelia more than she and Tom because she was born out of his love for Alice and her mother was just his mate. Although it is important to us.”

“I know what you mean.” I sigh. “Ah the family stories.”

Alec has a small laugh and replies to me. “You know how it is.”

A question has been nagging at me for the past few days and I’m compelled to ask him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to find an excuse to keep Sophia away?”

“I tried to talk to her about it but she said it was out of the question. She wants to be here.” He pauses and looks at me seriously. “I’m sorry to tell you this but I have to be honest with you...”

“She’s your priority. Protect her and I’ll take care of my Luna.” I cut him off and he smiles back at me.

I put myself in his shoes and I think I would have forcibly removed Amelia if we were talking about her even though I know she wouldn’t have agreed.

I go through my paperwork and decide to take a break and go to the clearing to see how the house is coming along.

The foundations have already been built and almost all the outer walls, so things are moving fast.

I hear whistling behind me, I turn around and see Alec and Zack joining me.

Alec pats me on the back. “Well man it looks like you’re planning to build a big house. Would a cub be on the way?”

“Not yet but hopefully soon. We’re planning big so that Amelia can have her mother over when she visits. What about you? How do you like your house?” I ask her.

“Yes, very much so. Sophia spends a lot of time decorating it. In fact, the girls spend the evening together at home, Amelia helps her with the baby’s room.” He answers me.

“I suggest we have a night in with each other in that case. Shall we go for a drink?” Zack suggests and we both agree.

I go to my room first to change. As soon as I’m ready, I hear my phone ring, it’s Alice.

“Good evening Alice. Are you alright?” I greet her.

“Yes very well thank you Noah. I was calling to ask you a favour.”

“Tell me.”

“I told my parents about Amelia’s presentation party and they would like to be there for her.”

“But they know...”

“Yes they know she lives in a pack. They know about werewolves. Our family is kind of close to werewolves.” She interrupts me before I can finish my sentence.

“Okay then, I don’t see why not. Amelia will be delighted to know that her grandparents will be there and it will give me a chance to meet them.” I tell her.

“Thank you Noah but I’d rather keep this between us, I’d like to surprise her. ”

“Okay fine, I’ll arrange a room for them at the pack house.” I reply.

We wish each other a good evening and hang up.

Why did I agree? With Christian in serious danger of attacking us during the evening... Shit! But I couldn’t tell him and no good excuse came to mind quickly enough. I’ll tell the boys so they know we need to make sure his grandparents are protected too, if Christian knows they’re here he could use them to get to us.

We preferred to spend the evening in the small lounge, rather than going to a city bar. We are more relaxed to talk.

I heard the news that Amelia’s grandparents were at the party and they had the same reaction as I did and pretty much agreed that I shouldn’t mention the threat. I hope Amelia doesn’t mind me agreeing and potentially putting them in danger.

“But what did she mean by ‘our family is close to werewolves’? Zack asks me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know. At the time I didn’t even pay attention.” I admit.

“Zack let’s talk about you for a moment. You’ve been spending a lot of time with Jenny lately.” Alec chimes in.

Zack blushes a little and looks down. “She and I have always gotten along well since forever. And to see her like this I have to say it hurts my heart. I feel close to her, maybe it’s because we were both rejected.” He explains.

Alec and I nod in agreement. I understand what he means.

“What about you, the father-to-be? Is everything ready for the baby’s arrival?” I ask Alec.

“Sophia is taking care of most things but it’s coming along nicely. But I have to admit I’m a little freaked out. It’s happened so fast. I hope I’m going to be a good father.” He looks at his fingers as he speaks.

Alec is always so confident that it feels weird to see him vulnerable.

“You’ll be a great dad like you’re a great Beta.” I reassure him.

We spend the rest of the evening drinking and talking.

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