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Chapter 24


I can’t stop thinking about that story Amelia told me about her great-grandmother, I could tell she wasn’t convinced by it, but I’m still intrigued. I found it odd that humans were so close to werewolves.

I mean not many humans know about us and most people who do are because they are mates of a werewolf.

Alice grew up almost in the Night Pack and her family in the River Pack.

I’m going to wait for her grandparents and mother to come to the pack to ask them questions. In the meantime, I’m not going to bother Amelia with this, I know she’s already stressing about the party.

I try to get back into my work but I can’t concentrate enough, I look out the window and see Amelia with a group of kids.

I had almost forgotten that she was helping out with the pups in Grayson’s absence.

Seeing her surrounded by children only increases my desire to have children with her.

The day passed quickly, I didn’t touch down with all the work I have. A knock at the door snaps me out of my thoughts and I see Amelia poking her head through the door.

She approaches and I step back from the desk to make room for her to sit on my lap. As she settles in, I smell her hair, she smells so good, she smells of autumn and apples.

“How did it go with the cubs?” I ask her.

“Very well I must say. They asked me lots of questions.” She has a little laugh. “And the parents also asked me a lot of questions about the evening. They’re looking forward to it.” She sighs. “I hope everything goes well.”

“Don’t worry about it. Everything will go as planned.” I kiss the top of her head and we stay in each other’s arms for a while.

A knock at the door snaps us out of our cosy moment.

“Come in!” I shout.

Alec, Sophia and Zack walk through the door.

“We’ve been looking for you.” Sophia tells us cheerfully.

“We wanted to suggest a program for tonight.” Zack announces to us with a wink.

“We all figured we needed to blow off some steam.” Alec continues.

We both look at them with puzzled looks.

“What do you say we go for drinks and dancing? There’s a cool looking new bar that’s opened in town. Of course no alcohol for me but it’s not like I need it to have fun.”

I don’t have time to answer when Amelia exclaims, “So cool. Let’s go get ready.” She pulls Sophia by the arm and they leave the room.

“I hope you were up for it.” Zack says to me and the three of us laugh.


I take a quick shower while Sophia looks through my wardrobe to see what I can wear.

“Did you find anything?” I ask her as I step out of the shower.

“Yes I found the perfect outfit. He’ll love it.” She says it mischievously before adding. “Start putting on your makeup. Not too heavy on the eyes and red lipstick. That’s what looks best on you. For your hair let it down.”

“Okay boss.” I reply with a laugh.

Sophia clearly has a sense of style, she’s always been very interested in fashion, hair and makeup but I can’t say the same. She’s actually the one who taught me what to look like, to be confident in myself.

Once my make-up was done, I came out of the bathroom with a towel around me and she handed me a dress and panties.

“No bra?” I ask her with a raised eyebrow.

“Trust me.” She tells me with a wink.

She picked out a dress that we had bought together but that I never dared to wear. It’s a champagne-coloured satin dress, mid-thigh length with a slight neckline and thin straps.
I look at myself in the mirror and I’m fucking hot. She was right about the bra.
I get out of the bathroom and she hands me a pair of metallic sandals with heels in the same colour as the dress.

“He’s going to love them you say?” I ask her with a raised eyebrow. “He’s going to ask me to change or lock me in this room.”

We both burst out laughing as we imagine the scene.

“He’s not going to do anything since we’re meeting them directly there. I told Alec I wasn’t ready yet.” She winks at me.

Sophia changes into a skin-tight, knee-length, light blue dress. It’s sleeveless with a square neckline that shows off her slightly enlarged breasts from the pregnancy.

“Here we go, we can go!” She tells me once she has finished getting ready. “Just like the old days.”


We ordered our first drink at the bar while waiting for the girls. What could be taking them so long? I don’t like the idea of Amelia being away from me and even more so at the moment.

Three girls approach us, this is at least the fourth group in 20 minutes. I roll my eyes and turn to look at the barman and ask for another drink.

“Good evening. Buy us a drink?” One of the girls asks as she puts her hand on my shoulder.

“No.” I reply curtly without bothering to look at him.

She sighs annoyed.

“We’re waiting for our wives, who should be here any minute.” Alec points out to her.

They walk away muttering about not knowing what we’re missing.

“Speak for yourself.” Zack mutters beside me.

I look at him out of the corner of my eye.

“Jenny?” I ask him and he nods.

“I feel closer and closer to her but this situation is complicated.” He confesses to me.

“In a little while it will get better.” I reassure him.

I feel the atmosphere change and I know immediately that my companion has just walked through the door. I turn on my stool and time stops.
She is so sexy, my eyes scan her from head to toe, examining every movement her dress makes on her skin. All of a sudden my trousers seem very tight. And it hits me. This bar is packed and there are plenty of guys who must be ogling my companion.

I turn to look at Zack, who quickly looks away from her.

“Sorry I have eyes.” He says hastily, looking down.

“Keep looking at her and you won’t get any more.” I reply harshly.

As soon as she approaches me, I pull her into my arms and kiss her like my life depends on it. I want everyone to know that she is mine and mine alone.

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