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Chapter 27


As soon as I walk through the door of the pack house, Noah and Zack come to meet me. They both look very tense.

“Is everything okay?” I ask them worriedly.

Noah puts his arm behind my waist and pulls me towards him.

“Let’s take a walk.”

I nod and Zack comes with us.

“No way! That pervert is watching us?!” I tell them as Noah just told me about his brief exchange with Christian.

I pace back and forth in front of them.

“He’s trying to throw us off. He’s clever.” Zack tells us.

“It grosses me out that he was in there hiding somewhere.” I tell them sincerely.

Noah hugs me tightly.
“Me too.” He tells me through clenched teeth. “I would never let him near you. I promise you that.” He kisses the top of my head.

And I believe him, I honestly do, I know Noah will always do everything in his power to protect me and that’s why I train so hard. I want to be able to do the same for him.

Zack clears his throat. “Well I think I’ll leave you to it now. I’m going to go check on Jenny for a bit.”

Noah and I both watch him walk away.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for Jenny to get out of her cell so the four of us can spend some time together. It must be painful for him to be the fifth wheel.”

“I haven’t seen him like this in a long time. They’re going to be good together.”

I turn to Noah and ask. “Do you want to go for a run?”

“Run? With you I’ll do anything.” He replies.

As we get dressed after our run, my smile never seems to leave my lips.

“It looks like you’re getting more and more pleasure from your shift.” Noah says to me with a smirk.

“I really am. I have a sense of freedom coming over me, I’ve never felt anything like this before.” I reply sincerely.

“We should do this more often then.”

Suddenly, Alec mind-links us.

Come quickly. It’s Sophia. I take her to the nurse’s office, something is wrong.

Without thinking we both run towards the infirmary.

We walk through the door of the sick bay, Zack is with Alec pacing back and forth, hands in his hair.

“What’s going on?” I ask Alec, distraught.

“She felt sick.” Tears form in his eyes. “She fell down and started losing blood.” He drops into a chair and lets himself cry.

I bend down in front of him, taking him in my arms.

“She’s going to be okay. They’re going to do their best for her.” I tell him, hoping for the best. “Have they said anything to you since you’ve been here?”

He shakes his head.

I sit down next to him and rub my hand down his back, trying to calm him down.

My gaze meets Noah’s and I can see that he’s tense at my gesture to his friend.

“Maybe they can tell you something. Can you go look, please?” I ask Noah.

He nods and leaves the waiting room.

A few minutes later, Noah returns with the doctor.

“Beta Alec, can I talk to you in private?” the doctor asks him.
Alec stands up and answers him.

“You can talk in front of them, they are my friends and Amelia is Sophia’s sister.”

“Sophia has lost a lot of blood due to a weak cervix. It’s benign in early pregnancy but she’s going to have to rest and probably have to stay on bed rest until the baby is born.” The doctor explains. “We have given her intravenous iron so that she does not suffer from a deficiency. So far there is nothing to worry about but we will keep her here for a few days to monitor her.”

“Thank you doctor.” Alec replied, “Can I see her?”

“Yes of course but try not to go all at once. She needs to rest.”

We all nod and Alec breathes a sigh of relief before following the doctor to check on Sophia.

I turn and snuggle up to Noah, breathing a sigh of relief.

“I was so scared.” I confess to him.

“I know.” He answers me simply.

Zack clears his throat. “I don’t know if this is the right time but I told Jenny, about your gift, Amelia.”

I step back and look at Noah.

“You told him about it?”

“Yes. I thought it was intriguing and I told him about it. Shouldn’t I have?” He looks sheepish.

“No, it’s just that I didn’t expect you to have told anyone, that’s all.”

I’ve never told this story to anyone, not even Sophia, I confide in him, who repeats it to Zack, who repeats it to Jenny. Great!

“And what did you say Jenny? Because I guess she said something.” I ask Zack.

He nods. “Their grandmother used to tell her and Grayson old stories.” He pauses. “She heard the same story as your ancestor. And from what she told me if you were able to heal quickly before you were a werewolf. There’s a good chance you’re a healer and you’ll be able to heal others too.”

Noah and I look at him dumbfounded.

“How?” Noah asks him.

Zack shrugs. “I don’t know, she didn’t tell me. Her grandmother never went to that point.”

I can’t believe my ears. I think it’s high time I had a conversation with my Grandma. If I’m going to be able to heal the others, I need to know how to do it, especially with the threat Christian poses to us.

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