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Chapter 29


Noah and I greet my mother and grandparents outside the pack house.
I haven’t seen my grandparents in months, I’m so glad they’re here and I can finally introduce them to Noah.

My grandmother, Ama is 63 years old and is doing very well, she has black hair with a few grey streaks still in a bun. she wears black trousers, a beige blouse and flat shoes.

My grandfather, Jacob is 66 years old, he also has black hair but he has a bit more than a few grey streaks and his moustache is more grey than black now.

I have always admired my grandparents’ relationship, after all these years they were still madly in love with each other and even now they still tease each other.

“Grandma, Grandpa! Finally you’re here.” I tell them as I hug them both.

“Calm down Amelia or we’ll choke to death.” My grandfather said breathlessly.

I loosen my grip and take a step forward.

“Sorry.” I tell them with a shrug.

“And I don’t get a hug?” My mother says to me as she stands next to my grandparents.

“Of course you do.” I tell her, hugging her.

I turn around briefly to see that Noah has stayed back a bit, so I wave to him to come next to me.
When he’s beside me, I place my arm in the crook of his elbow to introduce him.

“Grandma, Grandpa, I’d like you to meet Noah, my mate but also the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Noah said to them looking sheepish.

After a brief silence, my grandmother takes a step forward.

“What do you have to do to get a hug from the muscle-bound hunk?” My grandmother asks with a cocked eyebrow.

We all burst out laughing and Noah walks over to give her a hug, then my grandfather holds out his hand.

“Sorry but I prefer women.” He tells him.

Which makes us laugh even more. I feel Noah relax immediately.

“Shall we show you around?” I offer and they all nod.

After showing my grandparents the pack house, we wanted to show our future home.

While my mother and grandfather are on the building site with Noah giving them all the directions, I stay behind with my grandmother.

“Why are you nervous?” my grandmother asks me.

“I’m not...”

“Don’t lie to me little one I can feel it, I know you by heart.” She cuts me off.

“I was apprehensive about your meeting with Noah, considering he’s a werewolf.” I answer her honestly.

“He’s a good man, he loves you very much and he makes you happy. So that’s all that matters.” She tells me with a small smile.

“But then if it’s not a problem that I’m with Noah why was it a problem that Mom and David were together?” I ask her confused.

She sighs. “Those are two things that have nothing to do with each other. You and Noah are mates, your mum and David were not and we knew that the day he met his mate, our little Alice would be heartbroken. Unfortunately we both know how that ended.” She looks me straight in the eye as she takes her face in her hands. “But fortunately from that love you were born. And for that alone, I don’t regret that she didn’t listen to us.” After a short pause she resumes. “I haven’t asked you, how are things with David? Your mother told me it was a bit complicated.”

I sigh loudly. “I’m trying to take a step towards him but it’s not easy. I literally grew up close to him without knowing he was my father. I can’t get past the fact that he’s hidden the truth from everyone.”

“This decision wasn’t just about him, it was about his family.”

Before she could say more, Noah, my mother and grandfather joined us.

“You are going to be so good here.” My mother says, kissing my cheek.

“The perfect place to raise children.” My grandmother adds, winking at me. Which made Noah smile.

“You can rest in your rooms before dinner, if you wish. The five of us will have dinner in a private room, so we’ll be more comfortable talking there.” Noah informed them.

“Very good idea. I’ll indulge in a nap.” Grandpa replies.

After my mother and grandparents have gone to their rooms, Noah and I go to his office to finalise last-minute preparations for tomorrow’s party.

“I like your grandparents, they’re cool.” Noah tells me as we walk up the stairs.

“They like you too.”

As we reach the office door a familiar voice calls out to me, I turn around.

“Amelia. Hi, I didn’t get a chance to see you when I arrived.” David says to me.

“Yes I was training with Zack this morning.”

“I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner tonight.”

“We can’t, we’re already having dinner with my mum and grandparents.” I reply.

“Are Ama and Jacob here?” He asks surprised.

“Yes they are going to attend Amelia’s presentation party tomorrow.” Noah answers him.

He nods, “Then we’ll have dinner together next time. Ama and Jacob don’t really hold me in their hearts.” He says, bowing his head.

I know it’s weird but his expression makes me feel bad.

“Look, we need to go over some details with Noah but if you want we can meet before dinner to talk.” I tell him.

He looks up, with a smile up to his ears, he answers me.

“I’d love to. I’ll be over by the infirmary, just come find me when you’re done.”

I nod.

Noah closes the office door behind him.

“You did well to tell him you’d see him afterwards.” He says to me as he takes me in his arms.

“I owe him that. I’m going to have a real chat with him and hopefully see a bit more clearly.”

I snuggle up to Noah and think about what Grandma said and I can see myself raising kids with Noah in our new home but for now we have a lot of things to figure out.

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