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Chapter 3


The next day we spent two hours visiting the wounded in the infirmary, they were all impressed that their Luna had joined them in the battle. I have to admit that it made me rather proud but I’m not going to tell her again because I don’t want her to take any more unnecessary risks.

After lunch, Amelia and I are alone in my office.

“So have you given any thought to Grayson and Jenny?” I ask her.

She sighs before answering me. “Actually, yes, I have thought about it quite a lot. I came to the conclusion that we couldn’t trust Jenny but Grayson, on the other hand.” She seems to think twice before expressing the substance of her thoughts. “I think we should make everyone think Grayson ran away and let him join Christian and the others. He’ll tell them how badly we were affected by the battle and that we lost men. Christian will feel more confident and we will use him. You and Alec are going to have to find some strong allies for the upcoming battle and act secretly.”

After a short pause she resumes. “I keep thinking about Tom and if he really did hesitate to betray us who can we trust?”

I listen carefully to everything she says and it all makes sense. But can we be sure we can trust Grayson?

“What about Jenny?”

“Jenny deliberately betrayed her pack, she knew what she was doing when she got Grayson involved. What is the punishment for betrayal?”

“Death.” I inform her seriously.

“Well then it will be death.” She answers confidently.

I mind-link Alec to ask him to join us.

Once we have explained Amelia’s plan to Alec, we decide to plan how he will escape without arousing suspicion or how we will communicate with him when he is there. Regarding Jenny, he is in complete agreement with Amelia but we decided to execute her once Grayson is gone. He’s already lost his mate and if he has to be there the day he loses his sister as well, I’m afraid he can’t take it.

“By the way Zack will be arriving next week. He was on a trip to Europe. I had to tell him about Eric, he didn’t know.” Alec informs me.

“How did he react?” I ask him.

“Well he knows you don’t always come back from the battlefield. I didn’t tell him about Grayson or Jenny though. We’ll inform him when he gets here.” He told us.

“I didn’t know Eric had a brother". Amelia interrupts us.

“Zack is a little younger than us, he went to school and went to Europe last year. He will be taking Eric’s place as Gamma. That’s the rule.” I explain.

Amelia nods, “And now what’s the schedule?” She asks us.

“Training and prospecting for allies.” I reply.

She nods again and turns to Alec, “When is Sophia planning on coming back?”

“We haven’t decided yet, I was waiting for things to settle down here.”

The three of us talk for a while and Alec leaves Amelia and me.

She walks over to me and sits on my lap. And that’s when I realise that the pain is completely gone.

“I’d like to go to the Night Pack. I want to see Sophia, my mum and talk to Tom.” She tells me nervously.

“Why do you want to talk to him?” I ask her slightly annoyed.

“To get an explanation. To know why he agreed to meet Christian, when he had abducted me. Why did he wait before telling anyone? Why does he think I would be able to become an Alpha?” I’ve never heard her speak so quickly. Obviously she’s got a lot on her mind.

“I can understand but I’m not going to be able to go to the Night Pack, I have a lot to do here and I need to welcome Zack and prepare for my meetings with the other Alphas.”

“I can go alone.” She tells me softly.

“Seriously?! No way! You’re not going alone, you said it yourself we don’t know who we can count on.” I reply even more annoyed. I can’t believe she’s considering going alone at a time like this.

“We’ll just have to ask Alec to come with me in that case and we’ll be back in two days. His mate is pregnant I think he’ll enjoy spending time with her. Besides, before long he’ll have a lot of work to do between the pack and the cub.”

“I’ll check with Alec but you have no more than 48 hours. Got it?” I finally conceded.

“Yes, thank you, you’re the best.” She tells me excitedly.

She kisses me tenderly on the lips and I can’t stop my hands from touching her everywhere.


On the way to the Night Pack, Alec is silent, barely saying a word the whole way, and it starts to make me a little uncomfortable.

“I hope you don’t mind going with me.” I finally tell him.

“Oh no not at all and it will give me a chance to spend some time with Sophia.” He replies calmly.

“Okay. You seem concerned which is why I took the liberty of asking you this question.”

“It’s the whole Christian thing that has me worried.” He sighs. “Sophia’s coming home with us, she wants to be with me and doesn’t want to stay at her parents’ house anymore, so I’m worried.”

“You’re worried he’ll attack us again when she’s around?”

“Honestly part of me doesn’t think he’ll attack anytime soon. We’ve suffered losses but so has he.”

He’s not wrong, I wonder what his next move will be and I especially hope our plan with Grayson works. I’ll have to go and see him when I get back and make the deal with him. Noah and Alec told me that I was the best person to talk to him and convince him.

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