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Chapter 31


After the meal Noah and I did some tests, to see how long it would take for my wounds to heal, his and hers with my blood. And it was with a stopwatch in hand that we came to the conclusion that I was a healing booster even for a werewolf.

“We should try it with the silver.” I suggest to Noah, who looks at me with wide eyes.

“Well yes that’s the most serious threat. Do you have any silver? I’m going to hurt myself and see if I still heal as fast as I did and then we could try you but a tiny injury just to see.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. Don’t move, I’ll be back.” He says to me before leaving our room.

A few moments later he enters again with a silver blade in his hand, which he holds with a cloth.

“Shall I start?” I ask him.

“No way, we’ll try it on me first. I prefer to be careful, in case it doesn’t work.” He says to me with a worried look on his face.

I know it’s a lose-lose situation so I don’t want to argue. I watch him patiently as he brings the blade to the palm of his hand, and at its touch he winces. The deeper he thrusts the blade, the more I see the pain on his face and the more I feel it through the bond, but I know he’s trying to channel it as much as possible so I don’t suffer too much.

Once the wound is open, I hurry to incise my hand and drip a few drops of my blood into his open wound.

We both look at the wound and it only takes a few seconds to see that his wound is already closing.

I look up and Noah and I both look at each other with mouths agape.

“Well.” That’s the only word I manage to get out. I’m simply amazed.

“We have to warn Alec and Zack.” Noah suddenly says and mind-links them to join us immediately.

A knock is heard at the door and Noah rushes to open it to let Alec and Zack in.

They immediately turn their eyes to the bloody rag, the silver blade and the knife.

“What’s going on here?” Alec asks us looking puzzled.

“If you’ve brought us here to participate in some weird BDSM fantasy, I’ll tell you right now that it’s not my thing.” Zack adds.

Noah lets out a grunt.

“Stop talking nonsense.” He replies, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You both know that we recently discovered that Amelia had an enhanced healing ability long before she became a werewolf.”

They both nod, waiting patiently for the next part.

“Well tonight her grandmother told us a little more. Long story short, Amelia comes from a family of healers and we wanted to see if her blood could also heal werewolves.” He pauses as he watches his friends. “And she can. Even with a silver wound. I’ve never seen that in my life.” He finishes by running his hands through his hair.

Alec and Zack look at both of us but don’t say a word.

“We’ll show you.” Noah announces to them.

We repeat the operation we performed moments before.

They are literally speechless and their eyes are about to pop out of their sockets.

Zack drops into a chair and runs his hand over his face before standing up suddenly.

“Do you know what this means?” He paces before adding. “We have a fucking advantage over them.”

“An advantage? But it goes beyond that.” Alec adds, “We’re going to be the most powerful pack with a Luna with a gift like this. But we’re also going to become the target of lust.”

Now all eyes are on Alec.

“As soon as the news spreads, many will want to get their hands on Amelia or her blood for that matter.”

I turn my eyes to Noah and I can clearly see that he hadn’t thought about it at the time and he looks terrified.

“We’ll protect her, brother. No one will take our Luna away from us, I promise you that.” Zack reassures Noah.

“We need to keep this information between us. It’s a closely guarded family secret and until now it’s never been shared so there’s no reason for it to start today.” I tell them as I stroke Noah’s arm.

“She’s right, we shouldn’t tell anyone about this, we’ll see what we do with it once the battle is over. For now not a word, not to Jenny or Sophia. Understood?” Noah announces seriously to his friends.

They both nod.

“You can trust us.” Alec tells him.

“Yes you can.” Zack tells him.

We spend some time discussing the plan for tomorrow again, now taking my ‘gift’.

As our friends leave, I go to the bathroom to get ready for bed and Alec’s words run through my head.

He’s right, if others know about my blood, I’ll be a target and Noah and I will have to give up our peaceful life of raising our pups.

When I’m ready, I join Noah in our bed and snuggle up to him and as if he can read my mind he says softly.

“Everything is going to be fine. I will always look after you. Now try to get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow.”

He kisses the top of my head and I close my eyes. Everything is going to be decided tomorrow and both of our futures depend on the outcome of this day.

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