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Chapter 35


We enter Noah and Amelia’s suite and see Victoria standing over Amelia with a gun between them. Everything is happening very quickly, I barely have time to realise what is happening when two bangs sound.
Grayson who is standing to my left collapses and Victoria collapses on Amelia, who immediately pushes her away. Once her brief confusion has passed, she rushes towards Grayson.

“You’re not hurt?” I ask Amelia, who shakes her head in response.

“Grayson!” Jenny shouts beside me.

She kneels down next to her brother and Amelia does the same.

“Grayson! Open your eyes!” Amelia pleads with him.
The two young women begin to sob and I stand beside them completely helpless.

Grayson struggles to open his eyes. He coughs and blood comes out of his mouth.

Amelia tears off his clothes to see his wound.

“I’ll save you Grayson, stay with us.” She tells him.

“No...leave me.”

“What? No! If she can save you she will.” Jenny told him in a panic.

I kneel down next to her and place my hands on her shoulders. I have to be ready to comfort her because I know exactly what Grayson is going to say.

“I did what I had to. But we still have to take out Christian...” He coughs. “He’s in Noah’s office with him.” He speaks with difficulty and his voice is almost inaudible.
He closes and opens his eyes several times.
“My place is with Eric. Please let me go.”

Amelia and Jenny are crying more and more, and I’m having trouble holding back the tears myself.

No one says anything anymore because all three of us know that there is nothing we can say to convince him and we have to respect his decision.

Amelia sniffs, “Okay but we’ll stay to the end with you.”

And the three of us stand there in silence, until Grayson’s breathing stops.

Jenny bursts into big sobs in my arms but I don’t have the words to comfort her because I know all too well what it feels like to lose a brother. A big brother is someone who is there from the moment you arrive in the world, who you bicker with but who you know will always be there for you no matter what. Who is there in good times and bad. He is a guide, a partner in crime and when you lose a brother you lose a part of yourself. And no gesture, no words can make you feel better, only time can ease the pain.

When silence takes its place in the room, the door opens suddenly and Alpha David enters with a bang. He scans the room and only lingers for a few moments on the remains of his companion. Isn’t it strange that he should be in agony? Losing your partner is like losing a part of yourself.

“We have to go.” He says, looking at Amelia. “Christian and Noah are fighting outside. Alec has already joined them.”

“The guests? Is everyone safe?” Amelia asks worriedly.

“They haven’t even realized what’s happening. But your grandparents and your mother are beginning to wonder what could be taking you so long.”


I knew straight away that Amelia had not been the target of those shots, I knew she was alive, so I took the opportunity of the confusion and threw myself at Christian, making him fall out of the window.

And here I was with Alec and three deltas fighting Christian, Josh, Nathan and two other wolves.

I know my guys know what they have to do so I focus on Christian, this time he won’t get away. We circle each other and I move slowly to draw him deeper into the forest so we are out of sight.

Christian is the first to attack, he jumps on me but I manage to dodge him. He lands on his feet and growls, but he doesn’t let it get him down and pounces on me again, but this time he was too quick for me to dodge and he sinks his fangs into my flesh, I growl loudly and try as best I can to get him to release his grip. He is strong but I continue to struggle and finally manage to break free.
Suddenly I feel the presence of a wolf next to me, Zack. I give him a brief nod and we both throw ourselves at Christian. He manages to throw Zack violently against a tree and I hear him squeal. I see him get up out of the corner of my eye, but he is quickly surrounded by three other wolves.

Christian dodged me but I don’t let myself be defeated and I continue my assaults, when I finally manage to sink my fangs into his flesh, I hang on as if my life depended on it. Well, my life clearly depends on it. He finally gets out of the way and sends me against a tree, I hear one of my bones cracking but that doesn’t stop me from throwing myself at him again, clawing at him. I throw myself at him once more and he ends up on his back. We struggle to get the upper hand on each other and spin around for a while like this, trying to bite each other and clawing at each other.
I can feel my wolf weakening in the face of his relentless attacks.

And out of nowhere, a wolf pounces on Christian, knocking him to the ground on his side.
She definitely never listens to what I say. I mind-link Amelia.

What part of “stay safe and stay out of it” don’t you understand?

Did you really think I’d stay back? When your life is in danger: never. She answers me with determination.

And once again I find myself feeling several emotions at once: anger, fear but also pride. She never ceases to surprise me.

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