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Chapter 37


But it never ends! As soon as I get rid of one wolf, another one takes over. But how many fucking wolves are there?
When I finally get the last one to let go, I see that Jenny, Alec and Zack have joined me.

Alec mind-links the three of us. You have to go back inside, people will realise that something is wrong.

Where’s Noah? I ask him immediately.

He’s on the other side with Christian and Nathan. He answers me.

I’m going to join him! I tell them.

No way. You know the plan. We’ve all agreed from the start. Alec and I are going to help Noah capture them and you and Jenny go inside and change. This time it’s Zack who steps in.

Nothing will happen to Noah. We promise you that. Alec tells me before leaving with Zack.

Come on, hurry up. I’m sure they’ll be done by the time you get ready. Jenny reassures me.

I reluctantly follow her. I knew this plan was going to be hard to follow but he made me promise to follow it. Please Goddess, make sure everything goes according to plan.

We made our way to my room incognito, I notice that Victoria and Grayson’s bodies are gone but I can’t shake the memory of what happened here.

I put on the long red strapless dress, with a slit on the right side that I had originally planned to wear, my high heels and Jenny arranges my hair slightly, so that it keeps a wavy look. A little make-up touch-up and I’m done.

Jenny has also changed into the long green dress I had chosen for her.

“Here, have a drink, you look like you need it.” She says, handing me a glass.


I drink the glass of whiskey straight down. She was right I really needed it. This is clearly the most intense day I’ve had in my entire life and all without anyone noticing. If the plan goes according to plan until the end, no one will dare to challenge Noah’s place as Alpha.

I look at Jenny. “Damn, I didn’t think about the earrings. Come with me and we’ll pick out a pair to match your dress.”

Once we’ve chosen a pair of earrings we go back into the room, just as the door opens. My mother stands in front of me with her eyes wide.

“Oh my God!”

“How do I look?” I ask her.

She closes her mouth. “Beautiful. Red is clearly your colour.”

“Told you so.” Jenny says to me, nudging me lightly with her elbow.

There’s a knock on the door.

“Can I come in? Aren’t you naked?” Zack asks.

I roll my eyes. “No it’s okay don’t worry about it.”

He walks into the room and looks very smart in his suit.

“I’d rather ask. I value my life.” He says to me with a smirk on his face. “Ladies, if you’ll follow me. Our Luna needs to be formally introduced.”

We follow him down the stairs. Jenny, my mother and Zack continue on their way to the great hall while I wait at the top of the grand staircase for the signal to make my entrance.

Suddenly I hear the hubbub of the big room stop and then I hear him start his speech and I exhale. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath. He’s here, he’s fine, that means everything has gone according to plan.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you today to my pack, the Blue Moon Pack. I know that it is unusual to invite members of outside packs to a Luna presentation. But, as you all know, the circumstances we face are unusual too. I have many things to say to you tonight, but first, I would like to officially introduce Amelia, the Luna of the Blue Moon Pack.”

With that, I walk down the stairs and see all eyes on me. But I decide to focus on the one look that is important to me, Noah’s. In his eyes I can see his love for me, but also his admiration and desire. I take the opportunity to ogle him, he is wearing a simple black suit, with a white shirt and black shoes. He must be dying to get it off. When I get to his side, I hold onto his arm as if I’m afraid my legs won’t hold me anymore. He brings his lips to my ear and whispers.

“You are beautiful my Luna.”

“Neither are you.” I reply with a smirk.

He turns his attention back to the guests, who are all holding up a glass of champagne and chanting “Luna Amelia!”

“It’s tradition for any new Luna to pledge allegiance and loyalty to her pack so, I hope you won’t be too disappointed to learn that you won’t be attending this event because it’s already happened.”

The guests who are outside the pack are stunned and some murmur among themselves.

Noah speaks again. “Indeed, this step is essential for our Luna to mindlink all the members of her pack and we needed it for today.”

By now amazement has replaced simple surprise on the faces of our guests.

“Today we fought a battle for our pack and it was right under your nose but you didn’t even realize it.”

My gaze meets my mother’s and she has an expression I would translate from What the fuck?

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