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Chapter 38


As soon as Alec and Zack joined me it was easier to neutralize Christian and Nathan. Thanks to the sedative prepared by Dr. Fredric we were able to put them in cells.

While Alec went to find Nathan’s father, Alpha Sam, to explain the situation, Zack and I changed and he went to tell Amelia that everything was ready.

And here I was, in front of all our guests, about to explain everything that had happened. Right in front of us was Alice and her parents, Zack and Jenny. David had to go to Sophia to tell her that her mother had died. There was clearly a before and after to this day. Everyone knew what they were getting into, no matter which side they were on.

I spoke again. “Christian, my cousin, made his intentions to take over the Blue Moon Pack public when he started canvassing alphas to rally them to his cause. What some of you don’t know is that his ambition goes back years.” I pause. “When he told his parents of his intentions and they didn’t support him in his approach, he murdered them by making it look like a traffic accident.” I pause and look at the reactions in front of me. Shock binds on every one of their faces, some have their mouths open and their eyes wide. “He didn’t stop there as he made his intentions known to a high ranking person from another pack. Indeed, Luna Victoria of the Night Pack, supported Christian years ago, even promising him Amelia, not knowing of course that she was already destined for me by the Moon Goddess.” I pause again, and my eyes meet Alice’s. She has her hands over her mouth, her eyes beginning to fill with tears. Her parents standing on either side of her place a hand on her shoulders and look equally shocked. I think she realises that all these years she has left her daughter close to a woman who meant her no good.
“From the beginning, Christian didn’t follow the rules. If he wanted to take back his place as Alpha why didn’t he come to me and explain the situation? Why didn’t he contact my father? Why didn’t he ask for an audience with the council? He didn’t do any of that. He preferred to act in the shadows and build a small army of rogues. He preferred to threaten me by kidnapping our Luna and declaring war on us.” I pause.

“In your opinion, is that the attitude of an Alpha?” I hear some murmuring in the room and a few people shake their heads. “And he didn’t go on his crusade alone. He dragged others along without even caring about their fates or even collateral damage. I have lost men, brothers, in this fight against him.” I pause again and feel Amelia’s hand in mine, squeezing me as if to give me courage. “But it is now over, Christian has been neutralized as well as some of his companions. But I won’t stoop to acting the way he did. No, I will not take a biased decision and sentence him to death. I submit this decision to the council.

And at that moment, to my surprise, applause rang out in the room.

“Alpha Noah! Alpha Noah!” The crowd chants.

I turn to Amelia and see tears on her cheeks and she smiles at me.


Let’s face it, nobody was really celebrating anymore. The evening had more of a reunion feel to it. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen to Christian and the people who had supported him, but more importantly, where he was going to be kept in captivity until the council made its decision.

“How did I let you go to them? With that woman? How could I not realize that she hated us?” My mother kept asking herself the same questions. I kept reassuring her and my grandparents too. We kept telling her that no one could have imagined how well it would go.

David was still with Sophia, I think they needed to be alone. When the evening was over, we were alone, Noah, Zack, Jenny, my mother, my grandparents and me.

“What’s going to happen now, specifically?” Grandpa asked the question that interests everyone.

“Well Christian is going to stay here until the Council decides on his conditions of imprisonment. It shouldn’t take too long to make their decision. Then he will be tried and they will act accordingly.” Explains Noah.

I sigh. “In any case I can’t wait for all this to be behind us and for us to be able to live more peacefully.”

“That’s what we all want.” Zack confirmed.

“It’s been a very long day, I suggest we all get some rest.” Noah told us.

After wishing each other a good night at least ten times, my mother, my grandparents and I finally went our separate ways.

Once Noah and I are alone in our room, Noah hugs me. We stay like that for a while without a word.

He sniffs my hair and I can’t stop a little laugh.

“Hey are you kidding me?” He asks me still with his nose in my hair.

“No, I wouldn’t allow it.”

“On the contrary, I think you’re allowing yourself to.”

And we both laugh.

“You have nothing to worry about anymore, you know. Christian will soon be history.”

“I know.” I pause. “What do you think our life is going to be like, after all this?”

He sighs. “It’ll be quiet but don’t worry I’m sure we’ll still have plenty of interesting things happening.”

He says it so seriously that it makes me laugh.

“Wouldn’t the Alpha Noah be afraid I’d get bored without all these adventures?”

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