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Chapter 4

We enter Night Pack territory and I ask Alec to drop me off at my mother’s house. I want to spend some time with her before seeing the Williams and especially Tom.

As soon as I enter the house, I smell delicious chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. I head to the kitchen, and see my mother actually taking cookies out of the oven.

“You’re right on time. You’re going to have to wait a bit though, because they’re just out of the oven.” She says to me as she places a tray of biscuits on the counter.

I go over to her and hug her hard. “I’ve missed you. It’s been a crazy few days.”

“I make some tea and we talk about it?”

I nod. Once we’re in the living room, comfortably seated on the couch with our cups of tea and cookies, I tell her about the battle.

“I think you’re right to take Noah’s suggestion. Talking to a professional will do you the world of good I think. In my opinion you have nothing to feel guilty about, you were only defending yourself and the man you love. When one is involved in a battle one knows the consequences.” She sighs. “I never thought this would be a part of your life one day.”

“I know I can’t believe it myself.” I am sincere with her.

“What about your internship? Are you giving up?” She finally asks me.

“I don’t see how I can continue. I’ll call HR and inform them and I’ll call Josh and let him know. I hope he won’t be too disappointed, he was so happy we both got in.”

“And you’re not too disappointed? I know you always wanted to work in publishing.”

“I am a little but all that matters now is Noah and in accepting him I am also accepting the responsibilities of Luna that fall to me.” I reply, looking down at my cup of tea.

She places her hand on my thigh before telling me. “I’m proud of you Amelia. You are an extraordinary young woman and I’m sure you’re going to do great things.” I look up at her and see tears springing to her eyes.

“Mum please don’t cry.”

“I wanted you to have a normal life, to get married one day and start a family. Not get involved in pack stories where you risk your life. I was so scared for you, you can’t even imagine.” She says to me, crying.

I take her in my arms and hold her tight.

“I’m sorry Mum, I didn’t mean to cause you so much trouble.”

“I’m the one who’s sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you everything about David and I sooner, at least you could have prepared yourself for everything that’s happening to you now.”

“I don’t think it would have made any difference.” I reassure her.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, laughing and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls that we’ve already seen. I love the time I spend with my mum, for a moment I’m back to my old life.

As I’m helping my mother with dinner, my phone starts ringing, it’s Noah.


“Hi. I was just checking in. Is everything okay?” He asks me.

“Yes I’m with my mum, we’re making dinner, we spent the afternoon just the two of us like old times.” I tell him.

“I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself. You haven’t seen Tom yet?”

“No not yet I’m meeting Saphia in the morning, I’ll see him then.”

“Okay but be careful. Don’t let your guard down.”

“Yes sir.” I reply with a smile.

“Be careful or I might get used to it.” The tone of his voice has changed, it’s more sensual.

“Don’t tempt me, sir.” I tease him.

“Hmmm I would so love you to be with me.”

“Not as much as I do.” I reply.

“Hurry back okay?”

“I promise.”

After wishing each other a good evening and a good night, we hang up. I so wish he could have come with me, it would have allowed him to get to know my mum better. Anyway, when this whole thing is over I’ll make sure to drag him here and let him taste my mother’s cooking.

The next morning I join Sophia at her parents’ house, who live in a house outside the pack house.

When I arrive she is alone, Tom, David and Alec are together at the pack house and Victoria is helping with preparations for a mating ceremony.

We discuss the events at the Blue Moon Pack recently over a cup of tea.

“Well I have to say that on the one hand I’m glad I wasn’t there. But on the other hand I wish I could have helped in the infirmary.” Sophia confides to me.

“You were better off here, believe me. A battlefield is not the best place for a pregnant woman. Speaking of which, how is the pregnancy going so far?” I ask her.

“If you take away the morning sickness it’s fine.” She tells me with a smirk. “It happens so fast. Don’t think I’m not happy, far from it it’s just that I wish I’d had more time just Alec and I.”

“I know what you mean. We talked briefly about babies with Noah I have to say it freaked me out. I don’t feel ready for that responsibility yet.” I admit to her.

“I mean, as werewolves it’s up to the moon goddess to decide the timing, so if that’s what she decided it was our time.”

I feel like she’s trying to convince herself more than me. Having never been a mother myself I have to admit I’m not sure how to reassure her.

“If you want I’ll give you a hand with preparing for the baby’s arrival. You know, decorating the room, clothes, etc.” I offer.

“Oh yeah I’d love that plus I know it’s not really Alec’s thing.”

As we continue to discuss the baby, the front door opens and I see Tom walk in.

“Hi. I didn’t know you were here. I just came by to pick up something I forgot this morning.” Tom says without looking at us.

“Actually, if you have a moment I’d love to talk to you.” I tell him quickly.

“I’ll leave you two to it. I’m in my room if you need me.” Sophia informs us.

Tom doesn’t say anything and stares at the floor so I decide to start the conversation.

“David told me that Christian came to see you...and...I was wondering if...well you” I struggle to articulate my question.

“You’re wondering if I really thought about betraying the Alpha Noah?” He interrupts me.

I nod and he continues.

“The truth is, I have thought about it, yes.” He looks me straight in the eye before continuing. “He came to me and he knew you were my sister and that’s when he told me that as the oldest you were the most legitimate person to take Alpha’s place and I freaked out. Ever since I was a child I have always dreamed of the day I would take over from my father. Then he told me when he was planning to attack the Blue Moon Pack and that if I teamed up with him, we could get rid of you and Noah at the same time.”

“And why didn’t you?” I finally ask the question that’s been running on a loop in my head ever since that day.

He sighs. “Because I love you. So I know you’re my sister but to me you’re still my big sister’s perfect best friend. You must think I’m sick.”

I have to say, I didn’t expect anything but this. I don’t know what to say and like he can read my mind.

“You don’t have to say anything.” He pauses. “I’m not your enemy, that’s why I ended up confessing everything to my father. And I’m sorry it took me so long to tell him.” He sighs. “I think he’s right and I’m not really ready to be Alpha.”

“It’s by making mistakes that we learn.” I reassure him.

He gives me a small smile.

“I have work to do. Alec told me you were leaving tomorrow morning so I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah see you soon.”

He goes to get what he came for and leaves the house. I’m alone for a while. Something is wrong with what he said. Why would Christian tell him that this would allow him to get rid of me when he’s clearly admitted to wanting to make me his Luna? My instinct is not to trust Tom.

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