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Chapter 8


I never thought I would have a better partner than Amelia. It’s already been 2 days since she proposed to me, we’re talking about it again and we’ve agreed to plan our wedding as soon as things are under control with Christian. I hope to get rid of that bastard soon so I can get married and have lots of babies with my dear Amelia. I’ve been contacting alphas from other packs and I must say I’m still surprised at how many of them support my cousin. Also, many of them asked me if Amelia was going to be the Night Pack Alpha, it seems that they would be more inclined to support us if we were the leaders of the Blue Moon Pack and the Night Pack.
I don’t dare broach the subject with Amelia, I know it’s still too early for her to make a decision on this but part of me would hope that she would accept the position.

I am lost in my thoughts in my office when I hear Alec mind-link all the warriors of the pack, he informs us that Grayson is no longer in his cell and that he has managed to escape. We should soon know if we were right to trust him.

When I am on my way to join my men to work out a plan to catch the ‘fugitive’, I come across Sophia and Amelia. They both look worried.

“Is it true what they say? Grayson got away?” Amelia asks me worried.

I nod.

“But how can that be? I mean he had a guard outside his door, right?” Sophia asks me in turn.

“Look, right now I don’t know anything more. I’m just joining my men for a birefing.” I look at Amelia and kiss her on the forehead.” I don’t know if I’ll sleep in our room tonight. I’ll definitely be making rounds with the guys.”

She nods and gives me a hug.

She’s an excellent actress. We haven’t taken Sophia into our confidence, with her brother’s shenanigans you never know what information she might unknowingly leak. Alec and Amelia wanted to tell her but I insisted.


It clearly pisses me off to keep things from Sophia but I understand Noah, we have too much to lose to risk her inadvertently dropping something.

I turn to her, after Noah leaves us.

“Looks like it’ll be you and me tonight. Just like old times.” I tell her and I see her eyes light up.

“I have an idea. How about you, me, a bunch of junk food and movies? We could pull an all-nighter while we wait for the boys.”

“Great idea. Come on, let’s fill up.”

I drag him out to the car so we can go buy everything we need.

Back at the pack house with our snacks, we make ourselves comfortable in my room with our pyjamas and start watching on the video on demand what we are going to watch. And we opt for a movie we’ve already seen a million times, a sure thing, Dirty Dancing. We spend the whole film singing, trying to replicate the choreography and stuffing our faces. Then we decide to go on with Footloose, but the version with Julianne Hough. When the credits roll, I turn to Sophia who is already asleep. Sleepless night she said, she does it to me every time, I laugh silently.

I try to mindlink Noah, from what I understand if he’s on our territory we should be able to talk.

“I hope everything is going well on your end.” I tell him.

He answers me immediately. “Everything is going well, the men are on edge because Grayson’s scent stops at the border.” He pauses for a moment before adding. “I’ll be back by daybreak.”

“Okay but Sophia is sleeping in our bed. Just so you know.”

“Alec will get her when we get back.”

I hope everything works out for Grayson and he finds Christian.


I’ve been running for hours in the forest, I thought that Christian’s men would have been watching our borders and that they would have intercepted me by now, but no. Maybe they’re watching me from afar to make sure it’s not a trap. Amelia warned me that this could be a possibility. The only reason I agreed to do this is for Eric, I hope that from where he is he will be proud to see that I am trying to make things right.

As I run, I hear a noise behind me, I turn around and I don’t have time to see anything, I am knocked down hard and it is pitch black.

When I regain consciousness, I am in human form, dressed in trousers and a T-shirt, and tied to a chair.

“Well, it looks like our guest is waking up. Not too much of a headache, I hope?” A voice I don’t recognise asks.

I groan in response, I have a terrible headache. When I manage to open my eyes, I see a tall, dark-haired man in his thirties, and I immediately imagine that it is Christian because he fits Jenny’s description.

“Christian?” I ask him.

“Yes, that’s right. And who am I speaking to?”

I don’t have time to answer when I hear a familiar voice coming from the darkness.

“It’s Grayson, the late Beta Eric’s companion.”

I’ve heard this voice before, I’m sure, but I can’t put a face or a name to it.

Suddenly the stranger takes a step forward and I recognise the person immediately. I’m speechless, I didn’t expect to see this one here. I have to warn the others as soon as possible.

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