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Chapter 9


When I open my eyes, I see the sunlight coming through the window, I turn around and see Noah asleep next to me. I didn’t even hear him arrive, or even hear Alec come to pick up Sophia. I must have been really tired. I snuggle up to Noah and decide to prolong my sleep a little longer.

I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep when I open my eyes again; but I can feel Noah leaving the bed. I grab my phone from the bedside table to check the time. It’s 10.30am. Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve slept so much. I stretch and sit up and Noah comes out of the bathroom, wearing only boxers.

“Good morning, beautiful. How did you sleep?” He says, kissing me tenderly on the lips.

“Good morning, handsome. Yes, but I wish we’d both cuddled a bit more.” I reply with a pout.

“I would have loved it believe me, especially after spending the night out.” He sighs. “Zack’s coming in today, I have to get everything ready for his arrival and welcome him.” He tells me with a serious look on his face.

“Okay. I’ll come with you if you don’t mind.”

“But my Luna, it’s only right that you join me in such circumstances.” He lies down beside me and hugs me. “I could stay like this for hours. Promise me this is what we’ll do when this is over.”

“I promise.”

We stay like this for a few seconds, before I have to get off the bed to get ready.

We’re in Noah’s office going over the list of Alphas he’s already contacted and the ones they’ve yet to contact when there’s a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Noah answers.

The door opens and a man in his twenties, quite tall, physically fit, with a tanned complexion, black hair and brown eyes enters the office.

Noah stands up and approaches him, holding out his hand.

“Zack. I had asked to be notified of your arrival, I wanted to welcome you downstairs.” Noah tells him as he pulls him in for a very brief hug.

“I know but I was the one who insisted. You must have a lot of work to do so I wanted to save you a trip up and down the stairs.”

His gaze turns to me and I approach in turn. I hold out my hand to greet him and introduce myself.

“Amelia, I’m Noah’s mate.” I tell him as I shake his hand.

“Luna, it’s an honour to meet you.” He bows his head slightly.

Noah clears his throat before telling him. “I wish I could have seen you again under different circumstances. I wanted to tell you that Eric will always hold a special place in all our hearts. He was more than a friend, he was a brother to me, I know I could trust him with anything. He fought valiantly by our side and for that I will always be grateful.”

When he says these words, I can hear the sincerity and emotion in his voice. I take his hand in mine and give it a gentle squeeze.

“Thank you Alpha. I hope to be as good a Beta as my brother was. But first, I’d like to know more about what happened because Alec didn’t really go into detail. From what he told me you have a cousin we didn’t know about, who wants to take your place as Alpha?”

Noah tells him the whole story with Christian, my kidnapping, Lexi’s involvement, then how Jenny dragged Grayson into it, the battle and finally our plan with Grayson.

That must be a lot of information to digest because Zack doesn’t say anything and after a while he opens his mouth.

“What the hell, Grayson? I know he’d do anything for his sister but this? Are you sure we can trust him?”

“I think yes we can indeed but I hope I’m not wrong.” I reply and he nods.

Three weeks have passed since Grayson’s escape and Eric’s arrival, I have continued my sessions with Dr. F. and I finally feel ready to have a real conversation with David.

I call him and he answers on the second ring.

“Amelia is everything okay?” He asks worriedly.

“Yes, everything is fine. I was calling you so we could talk. I know I wasn’t very nice to you after I found out you were my father but I needed time to digest the news.” I pause. “But now I feel ready for us to work things out together.”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me. What do you want to talk about?”

“Why did you ask my mum to stay at the Night Pack? Why didn’t you let her go?”

He sighs and answers. “Because I was selfish. I know it must be hard for you to understand this but I’ve always loved you and your mother. I loved your mother not because the Moon Goddess decided to but because I decided to. And I wanted to see you grow up even if it was from a distance.” He pauses. “You were always my greatest pride and I regretted not being able to shout to the world that you were my daughter. You were always smart, strong-willed and resourceful. And I was happy to see you get an education and become an independent woman.”

To be selfish he was.

“You know it hurt her, Mom, to see you with your family when it was just the two of us?” I talk to him sternly.

“I know and it will always be the biggest regret of my life. I’m not asking you to forgive me, but I’d like us to build a real relationship, you and me, father-daughter.” He tells me hopefully.

“I’m not saying I can do it, but I can try.” I tell him honestly.

“That’s all I ask. And you can start by calling me daddy.”

“No I’m not ready for that.”

After a few moments, we hang up. I told him I would try and I will but I don’t know if we will ever get to have a relationship like the one he has with Sophia.

I’m in the lobby of the pack house when I pass Sophia, her baby bump already showing. I can’t wait to meet my future nephew or niece.

“How’s the pregnant lady?”

“Better, I don’t have morning sickness anymore. You know, last night I dreamt that you were pregnant at the same time as me.” She says to me happily.

“It was just a dream Sophia, I’m not pregnant.” I answer her.

“Oh, you don’t know that.

“Oh yes I do, I have my period.“I tell her, lowering my voice on the last part.

She makes a disappointed pout before retorting.

“Well, for my second pregnancy then.”

“Wow you haven’t had that one yet you’re already thinking about having another one?”

“With Alec I’d like to have lots of babies.” She waves me over and says, lowering her voice. “I don’t know if it’s the hormones but I’m in a very kinky mood right now and Alec doesn’t mind.” She winks at me.

I can’t contain my laughter and I burst out laughing.

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