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The Bridge Between

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*Cover is not mine* There was once peace between the two sides, that was until the fateful day when one of the dark fairies decided to kill the second daughter of the light faire kingdoms. Every scene that day the two sides have been living in war and got lost on the way. The sides have prejudice against each other and harsh rumors. Now, 100 years later, the soon to be crown princess of the light kingdom hates the dark fairies because of what they did. And the soon to be crown prince of the dark kingdom hates the light fairies because of the rumors of them and something that they do secretly before the killing. They now are assigned a task to trick each other into loving them and get information. Will both fall in love along the way and create peace, or will everything just get even worse? Did the dark fairies really kill the soon to be princess? Or is there an entirely different story going on? Read the book to find out! ♧Hi readers! this is my first time writing a book and I will take constructive criticism and advice to help! Place be kind:) And shout out to my sister for helping! I will try to update every 1 to 2 weeks.♧

Fantasy / Romance
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♤Prologue ♤

Once upon a time there used to be two species of fairies, the light and dark. They were combined in harminoey and there was peace. But, that was until the world changing day when everything went up into flames.
It was a nice sunny and normal day for the people of Claro Oscuro, but little did they know, that would not last. The queen and king's daughter, Elve, was sitting at her desh when she suddenly saw something from the corner of her eye.
She was a little bit scared and confused so she decided to check what it was.
She got up from her desk and walked slowly towards the balcony. She opened up the curtain and suddenly saw a man sitting there.
“Ahhhhhh,” she screamed. As she screamed the man came closer and closer towards her and then summoned a ball of what looked like to be a mix of dark and light fairy magic.
He then shot the ball of magic and then she felt a sudden sharp pain that made her collapse onto the floor. She was crying at this point, but then felt the pain slowly fade away.
She opened her eyes for a second and saw the man staring back at her with a sinister stare through her blurry eyes.
She suddenly felt numb and like she had no energy, and she fell limp. Sadly, she had died.
The mysterious man left, making sure to show his wings that looked like the dark fairies wings towards the camera and then left.
After that depressing day, things were no longer the same and the Light fairies thought it was the Dark fairies that killed their princess. They thought this because of the camera footage of the dark fairy-like wings.
And from that day on, the Light kingdom declared war on the dark fairies and put up a border across the land.
The left side belonged to the light fairies and it was called Luz Dorada, “Golden Light”. And, the right side was called Ombra Cupola, which means “Shadow Dome”.
The land Luz Dorada is full of greenery and lots of sunlight for some unknown reason. There is a lot of wildlife.
The land Ombra Cupola is a more chilly and woodland environment. Is made of a dark pine tree forest, and not alot of light gets through, but enough does. There is little wild life, but a lot of mystical plants and herbs.

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