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A large metropolitan city packed with people from all walks of life. The wealthy and prevalent families, the ancient and hidden families devoted to secrecy, the crime syndicates and the organized crime families of the underworld, Mafia bosses of mobsters, the poor and impoverished families and the street rats. Situated ideally on the shores of the Atlantic ocean, Pitmerden city continues to grow and bloom into the regional hub of connections, commerce and communications despite the darkness that traipses beneath the bright city lights.On the plain sight of human eyes, the city is peaceful and beautiful...a dreamlike city, some might add. Meet Shane Nostra, a young weak teenage boy qualified to be called a rat, the lowest of the city scum. What happens when he dies on one night and miraculously wakes up a demon boss? Pitmerden is up for a major change. Witness the fall and rise of families, murder, conspiracy, betrayal, romance and of course action. Never has the city witnessed such an enormous change in power. Change caused by a boy who has lived all his life at the bottom most level of the society.

Fantasy / Action
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Shane Nostra's death

A very, very long time ago.
In a large magnificent golden castle located just at the very summit of a tall ethereal mountain sat the majestic beings of the world. To be more accurate, the two powerful forces that ruled the world. The golden castle was surrounded with warriors bearing golden weapons and clad in golden armors who stood attentive of their surroundings, the scene was so beautiful. Standing on the snow that extended miles and miles from the tall mountain, the warriors looked otherworldly. The sun or moon wasn’t shining but the entire radius around the mountain was brightly lit, illuminated by the very castle that stood many meters off the ground.
Inside the castle, the vibrant mood filled with constant laughs and the sounds of beautiful instruments of music being played could not be missed. From the blinding teeth that were being flashed by everyone inside the castle, you would unmistakably take everyone happy. Maybe it was the enchanting nature of the musical strings being played by the beautiful maidens that made everyone cheerful or maybe, it was just the sweet scented wine that was being passed around.
Though everyone seemed happy and it was very hard to distinguish appearances considering the fact that their smiles occupied three quarters of their faces, the attires the guests wore spoke of their inner stories. The black and the white represented the demon force and the righteous sect respectively. Actually, no other force was here, it was either you were from the demon force or the righteous sect. On the top most dais or the high table as some people might refer, sat four men and a woman.
“Shane Nostra, cheers to our victory against the southern witch sect rebellion" an elegantly dressed man raised his golden cup towards Shane Nostra. He had perfectly groomed hair and extremely handsome looks, any girl would drool over him. His eyes would instantly convince you to repent your wrong doings, he was obviously from the righteous sect. He held a golden fan on his other arm which he kept moving slowly but elegantly.
“Cheers “Shane Nostra smiled a bit wickedly whilst extending his arm. When their cups clicked, Shane Nostra gave a small cackle like laugh. Shane Nostra with his unruly wild dark hair and bewitching red eyes was the infamous leader of the demon force. He was wickedly handsome and strongly built. An array of gruesome looking tattoos covered the entirety of his bared arms making him seem more terrifying than he actually was. He had two broad swords strapped on his muscular back as if his dark aura wasn’t chilling enough. The way he conducted himself made it look like he was really strong, stronger than any other person sitting with him on the table.
“How ironic, I never thought that the two leaders who have lived the entirety of their lives hating each other would actually work together" the beautiful woman in white who sat beside the elegant leader of the righteous sect purred. “I always knew Shane had some good in him" she added
“More wine over here" Shane Nostra shouted ignorantly. Some servants rushed over with jars filled with wine and placed them before the man. “And for fuck's sake put some dancing music, I will sleep if these knuckleheads continue pulling those strings"
The two men dressed in black who sat next to Shane Nostra rumbled with laughter. The way they laughed seemed fake or forced but Shane Nostra was too lazy to pay attention to the small details. They shifted uncomfortably when Shane Nostra darted them sideway glances.
“That’s the kind of music sane people listen’s a feast fit for the powerful" the leader of the righteous sect smiled nevertheless
" If this is what you call a celebration then I might as well throw myself inside a grave and sleep on my head ... I'm leaving" Shane Nostra stood up holding one wine jar. He tumbled some jars in the process pouring red wine all over the snow white carpet that covered the floor
“Wait..." the woman said “Have we ever invited you for a feast?"
“I already regret coming here" Shane Nostra rumbled. “Why are you still seated?" he turned to glare at two of his men
“We obviously had a purpose..." the leader of the righteous sect said
“Uh?" Shane smirked then cocked his head to one side “and what might that be? Or do you want to admit that I've always been stronger than you?" he chuckled
"Why are you acting weird? Why did they stop playing that depressing music?" Shane Nostra stared around in the hall that had automatically become so silent that it seemed frozen. The silence went on for some while until the smile plastered on Shane Nostra's face stiffened.
Quick as a lightning, two swords stabbed Shane Nostra from his sides the ends of both swords extending outside his flesh from the opposite sides. Shane Nostra's eyes became deep red and filled with uncontrolled fury for a second. Two gruesome horns protruded on the both sides of his head, his ears seemed to disappear into his skull and replaced by colored gems. A sharp row of teeth replaced the normal human ones and claws elongated from his fingers, his real form was revealed at the moment and it was petrifying to look at. During that second, both the heads of the men who stabbed him exploded in bloody mists. They were his most trusted warriors, Shane even took them for his brothers.
That was the only attack Shane Nostra managed to let out before he fell on his knees, blood drenching his attire and dripping to the white carpeted floor. The leader of the righteous sect didn’t waste the opportunity that had readily presented itself, the large dining table that stood before the two leaders got cut in two halves. He was in front of Shane Nostra in a split second.
Shane Nostra looked around the hall bitterly at his loyal men and followers who stood still not even attempting to help their leader. I would dare say that the betrayal he was going through at the moment hurt him more than the two swords lodged in his abdomen. He spat a mouthful of blood out of anger.
“They grew tired of you, too strong...they said" the man holding the fan said emotionlessly " I was just helping them, no hard feelings"
“Ungrateful hypocrite" Shane Nostra managed to say” I...I will kill you all..."
The two swords shot from his back towards the man before him but they were waved away by the fan the man held. Shane Nostra saw the woman pick his two broad swords and make them magically disappear into her ring. The swords were Shane Nostra’s most prized possession and now the woman was looting them from him and there was nothing Shane could do.
Shane Nostra was dying, his life force was draining from his body at a fast speed. He would have already died had he not been Shane Nostra, the powerful demon lord who listened to no one apart from himself. He was a strong willed man with the courage and audacity of an army of thousands. He felt bitter that he wasn’t granted the death of a battle field. Instead, he got stabbed in the back by his men. That was the worst kind of death he saw himself die.
The man waved the fan again after which an invisible force cut towards Shane Nostra. Everything seemed to occur in a slow motion as the powerful demon lord smiled revealing his bloodied sharp teeth.
“I will be b..."
Before he even managed to finish his sentence, multiple invisible sharp waves ripped through his body.

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