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The reincarnation

What the bloody hell? What are these beeping things? Why are there things piercing my body…wait, I’m THIN. I widened my eyes as I looked at my surroundings. This room smells of death and sickness, blerrgh. I sneezed waking up a certain woman who was resting on my legs.
“Who are you?” I asked the woman who was smiling before me tears in her eyes. Why was she crying and smiling? Weird, I thought
“Hey lady, why are you crying?” I asked getting up but a terrible headache made me drop back on the bed
“You made it dear, the doctor said you wouldn’t last a day…I will call him right away” the woman rushed out of the room.
“Wait…what is a doctor? “ I asked “hold on…I’m alive?” I touched my body with a bit of contempt. Yeah, it felt real even though skinny. “I’m fucking alive” I became excited “I’m alive…” I laughed out loudly “ouch…” I winced when the headache hit me again. Why am I alive? In a body of some boy? Is this the legendary reincarnation? Did fate favor me so much that it gave me another shot at life? Or maybe it also saw it unfair that I died like that.
Even though my head was threatening to split my head in two halves, I felt happy. The last thing I remembered was the righteous sect leader sending multiple blades at my body, the betrayal…I was betrayed by my own, stabbed in the back. The smile receded from my face replaced with a terrifying scowl. I will kill all of them, hypocrites. After I had helped them win a big battle they killed me…they didn’t even have the guts to fight me, cowards. My swords, I thought. Of course, that woman looted them from me, I lightly slapped my head. On the outside she seemed beautiful and kind but on the inside…even my most brutal demons couldn’t match her. Piranha fish, or an insect eating colorful flower.
The woman and another man dressed in white entered the room at the same time.
“Are you from the righteous sect human? “ I glared at the man pointing my finger at him “Come forward so that I may kill you”
The man frowned then ignored my words. He fucking ignored me, the demon lord. I will make him grow six fingers right now, I fumed. Nothing happened, he didn’t grow octopus arms. I looked at my hands weirdly, did I lose my powers and get degraded to being a human?
I moved my hands again but nothing happened, only the previous headache attacked me. I sighed hunching my shoulders in a tired manner.
The doctor put something on my chest
“Get this thing off me” I pushed his hands away roughly “you want to kill me again with this… weird thingy?”
“I want to check your heartbeat” the doctor said weirdly scanning me
“Who the fuck checks a person’s heartbeat? Are you a witch?” I raised my brows
“I’m a doctor, Doctor Raphael. Can I check your…”
“I don’t care who you are witch, I’m alive as you can see” I rolled my eyes
The man stepped back then took a good look at me. His gaze lingered on my head for a while before shaking he shook his.
“What’s wrong? Will he be alright?” the woman asked in a concerned way which slightly surprised me. Who was she?
“His body seems perfectly fine but his head…not so much” the man said
“What is that supposed to mean? Are you insulting me?” I fumed throwing him a temper
“The bullet that knocked him maybe made him…crazy, I’m so sorry. “The man ignored me and said
“I’m right here and I’m not crazy. “ I shouted “hey witch with bald head… ” I called when he refused to even look at me. The man shook his head at the woman then left the room. Before he stepped out of the room
“Doctor Raphael” I called
He turned to look at me
“I only have one question” I said seriously
He nodded his head then came back into the room
“Were you hatched?” I cocked my head to the side
The man glared at me then literally stomped outside after throwing the thingy he held on the floor. I just asked him an honest question which he could just answer with a yes or no because, the way his head was bald and shiny like an egg… I was a bit confused.
“Hey woman, why is that witch rude? Did he knock his head on the door or something? Tell me you are not his wife….”
The woman looked at me as if he was trying to understand me. She came and sat on the edge of the bed on which I lay on. She looked at me tears welling in her eyes as if I ought to have recognized her.
“Who are you?” I asked seriously. I entertained the thought of withdrawing my arm which she made to hold but I relaxed and decided to let things play out. She was beautiful but slightly older so she couldn’t be my girlfriend, wife or something like that. But from the way she looked at me, she reminded me of the look a certain mother once had when she saw her son go to battle.
“You really don’t remember me? “The woman asked lightly wiping her eyes
“No,” I shook my head “Should I?”
“I’m your mother” she said “I am your mother, you can’t even recall that Shane dear? We have lived together for seventeen years ….”
As she continued to talk, I got lost in my own thoughts. My mother? I have never had a mother before…the one I had died while conceiving me and me never got a chance to see her let alone live with her for seventeen years. My expression became solemn. She claimed she was my mom…
Suddenly, the realization hit me. I wasn’t in my own body, I was in someone else’s. She was the mother of the body I currently had that’s why I didn’t recognize her. And obviously, no one would ever be reborn in a live body.
“A bullet killed him” I said subconsciously “What’s my name…I mean his name, what’s the name they call me” I asked
“Shane Nostra, I named you after my father” the woman answered
Should I tell her that I’m not the Shane Nostra son she knew and that I was from the past? Should I tell her that her son was dead and I was not him, we only shared the same name. At least I owed her that since I was in her dead son’s body right now…
“I…I am…” I hesitated looking at her pitiful expression. Her son was the apple of her eye and the reason she was even alive, I got that from the way she talked about the childhood memories we shared. It was very hard to tell her the truth but I had to.
What the hell? I asked myself. I was even more surprised at myself. When did I get this emotional? I had a big heart? Bloody hell. That was unheard of especially for a demon lord
“I’m dead, your son’s dead” I blurted out at once
Immediately I said that, a huge wave of migraine hit me such that I blanked out. Lots of memories filled my mind, lots of information about the Shane Nostra from the present.

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