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Greek Zombie Story

By batman420 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery

My short story part one

It was a dark and scary place all I knew was that I had a gun and so I guessed that it was around midnight because of how dark it was. I tried to figure out where I was and I couldn’t because it was so dark eventually I found a window and I realized I was in a house. I found a window and I saw things I didn’t want to see. I would tell you about them but I will get to them later. I ran to the front door and then I heard a noise a weird noise. The front door had a window and so I looked through it and I almost vomited.

I think I was asleep a little too long because what I saw was not pleasant. They had blood dripping from their faces and arms or legs ripped off. Whatever was happening was not something I was ready for because I had saw a small group through the window I looked through and they had weapons of mass destruction and all I had was a 9mm pistol. The group had rushed to the door of the house and rammed through it like nothing.

“Oh My God it’s him I can’t believe we found him.” said a girl that looked about 16-17 years old.

“Sir we came to help you,” said a man who looked 30-35 “We believe you have a gun that can cure those things.”

“What things?” I asked.

“The infected there monsters that can’t be cured.” said the man.

I was confused and they saw it in my face.

“Don’t you remember us?” asked another girl that looked my age.

“N-no I don’t” I said.

The man tossed me a gun “We have to get back to camp.”

As we were running to the camp they told me how we all met. The girl my age was my Girlfriend, the man was her dad, and the 16 year old girl was her sister.

“Thanks again for not just leaving me there.” I told the man.

“No problem you’re her boyfriend and she loves you” he said.

Oh wait I forgot to tell you their names. The dad’s name was Puko, my girlfriend’s name is Nanako, and her sister’s name was Keoko.

When we got back to the camp weird things started to happen to everyone there except me and my friends. When I found out that the camp was starting to turn I started to give shoots to everyone but me because we need one shot to figure out what the formula to the cure is. When we found out the cure we made enough cures to last us a little while when we’re out getting supplies. When we were getting some supplies an explosion went off and all I could remember was a big flash of light. What I saw I would never be able to forget. When I was able to see what was going on I realized that the main wall was breached and there were a mixture of walkers and people fighting. The people that were fight were my friends, one of them was using a sword and the other two were using glock 18s. When I saw that our other members of our group had tried to do their best but were overwhelmed and got turned the only people alive were us four. I got so pissed that I did something that I thought was just a myth.

I started running and out of nowhere I was encased in a blue aura and I was smacking zombies with my blue hand and at that point I realized that I wasn’t the only one who looked like this, across the field we were in there was a red avatar (I decided to call it avatar) that looked like a hawk. The person that was in it was wearing a linen cloth robe. He was charging at me with lightning speed and all I could do was stand my ground because I didn’t know how to use my avatar quite yet because I just learned about it. When the guy arrived he didn’t seem to notice me at first until he was hit by a fireball that I just randomly happened to fire at him.

“What the hell was that for,” The man said, “I’m trying to help you.”

“I’m sorry I don’t quite know what’s going on yet!” I yelled back

“Oh you’re one of the kids I have to help with teaching their powers to,” he said “I thought you would be a girl.”

“Well I’m not but there’s two girls, and their dad with me” I replied “So what’s your name?”

“My names Horus” He said “What’s yours?”

“My names Dako,” I told him “Now let’s help my friends.”

He agreed and we went off to battle in our two avatars when my friends say us coming they moved out of the way real quick. We were fighting for what seemed like hours but when we cleared out the wall and made a new one with the help of the avatars, my friends said that it only took 10 minutes. While we were making dinner to feed us and our guest we started talking about mine and my friend’s powers. Horus was telling us that our powers came from the Egyptian gods. While he was explaining this to us he mentioned that there weren’t much people who could make an avatar like mine. When I asked him what it looked like he said that it was well me………….

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1. My short story part one
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