Eaten Alive

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Halloween Special 2021 In a world overthrown by zombies who keep evolving, Elliot is sucked into a trap that he can never escape and the last thing on his mind was falling in love when survival was all he needed right now.

Fantasy / Horror
Vanessa Nicole
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‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Elliot mumbled to himself as he hid inside an overturned bus. He gripped the gun in his hand tighter and held his breath.

Zombies ran past him in hoards following their alpha leader.

The stampeding stopped after about five minutes, he waited for another five minutes to pass and took in a deep breath. Sticking his head out of the door, he looked around then darted out and down the street.

With each breath he took, he turned his head making sure the coast was cleared.

Looking ahead of him, he saw a corner and narrowed his eyes. He slowed his steps and rushed up against the wall. He turned his head looking at the abandoned and broken buildings and corpses lying on the ground. There was no one around that would catch up to him.

Raising his right foot he stepped forward and slowly turned the corner. When he had a full view of the street he sighed relieved and started up in a slow jog heading down the street.

He saw an abandoned convenience store and rushed towards it.

Elliot arrived at the store cautiously and looked inside it briefly. He pushed the door open with his foot and it hit the bell hanging at the top.

‘Fuck,’ he cursed inside his head and closed his eyes tightly waiting for something to attack him but nothing came.

Opening, his eyes he saw nothing around him and slowly walked in. The store was a mess but at least it was empty. He turned to the door that just closed and barricaded it with a fridge and sighed relieved leaning against it.

He looked around at everything and wished that there was at least a light to see things but there wasn’t. He got up and walked around the store, “Fuck, I need food in my stomach, what is there to eat?” He wondered out loud.

A man walked through one of the side doors barefoot and shirtless. He heard a whistle and stopped in his steps, narrowing his eyes he looked around him then went to the front door. The fridge blocking his way wasn’t there before then the whistle came again. His head snapped in the direction of the whistle and he quickly followed it.

He heard cans dropping along with words, “Fuck, why am I making so much noise?”

The man turned on the corner hiding and looking at Elliot.

Elliot was bent over with his butt cheeks hanging out while he tried to open a can of spaghetti-o’s with a knife.

The man tilted his head to the side as he watched him and finally, Elliot sat down after successfully opening the can.

He put the knife down and tilted his head back emptying some of the can into his mouth. He reached over and took off the combat boots he had on then took off his thigh high socks, “I wonder if there are socks in this store, these are getting old.”

The man stepped back and sat down where he couldn’t be seen.

“Err, I shouldn’t be eating raw hotdogs but what can I do?” He asked himself.

The man heard some rustly and, “Oh shit this stuff is cooked already!” Another five minutes later he heard a burp and a fart. He looked around the corner and Elliot was lying on his back doing nothing.

He stood up and walked over to Elliot who quickly tried to grab his gun. The man sat down on him grabbing Elliot’s hands and neck. He opened his mouth and growled at Elliot.

“I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, please, please, please,” he begged.

The man looked at him carefully and was confused. Elliot opened his eyes after nothing happened to him and looked at the man in front of him. He shuddered looking into his red and yellow eyes.

When their eyes connected, the man climbed off of him and swiftly put Elliot over his shoulder and walked to the back of the store with him. “Oh no, no, no, no please don’t kill me. I’m still so young and you don’t understand me!”

The man arrived at his destination which was a room under the store. He swung Elliot over his shoulder onto a bed but he bounced on it and fell back hitting his head against the steel frame and knocking him unconscious.

When he saw that Elliot wasn’t breathing he started to panic and shook him multiple times but there was no response until he let out a fart.

The man stared at Elliot then shook his head and left him lying there.

Elliot woke up an hour later with a massive headache. He looked around and found himself suspended in the air by ropes.

He looked down at himself and saw that he was naked and started freaking out. “AAAAH WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU ZOMBIE FREAK WHAT IS ALL OF THIS?” He yelled.

Elliot struggled as hard as he could but still, he couldn’t get free.

“Haaaa,” he sighed out loud and just hung there. He looked around and couldn’t fathom what the fuck that zombie wanted with him. Seeing that there was nothing he could do, he decided to go back to sleep until he was needed.

The zombie returned to the room after locking the store up and saw that Elliot was asleep. He walked up to him and took a good look at his face and thought he was good looking, in fact, he thought he was perfect.

Cupping Elliot’s face in his rough hands, he ran his thumb over his lips and almost smiled. Letting go of him he walked around Elliot’s hanging body, gripped the crop top he had on and ripped it. The ripping sound shook Elliot out of his consciousness just in time to feel his shorts being ripped off.

“What? What? What are you doing?” He asked in a shaky voice. He tried to look back at what the zombie was doing but he couldn’t.

He was ignored because the zombie had other things in mind. He knelt down behind Elliot and spread his cheeks making Elliot’s eyes widen.

Immediately he had a premonition of what would happen and started kicking his legs yelling, “NO NO NO!!”

His cry was louder than before and it frightened the zombie. He quickly stood up and shut Elliot’s mouth with his hand and spoke with a strained struggle in his voice, “Keep quiet now.”

Elliot’s heart shuddered in disbelief. He did not know they could speak but then recalled the rumours of advanced zombies and their supernatural like abilities. The zombie let go of his mouth and said, “If you scream, the others will come.”

His hands trailed down to his nipples and he started massaging them while he kissed down Elliot’s neck. Elliot started trembling at his touch and kiss but not in a good way. He started tearing up as he begged, “Please don’t do this.”

“I need to,” he answered back and from behind, Elliot could feel that he was growing in size.

His eyes widened as he felt the head poking between his cheeks. He took in a deep shuddering breath and asked, “Why do you need to do this? Why me?”

He pulled at his nipples while he kissed down Elliot’s spine without answering him. There was nothing special about Elliot and the only reason why he was chosen is that he was here when he shouldn’t be. He could have killed Elliot but he could just be the reason to fix his curious thoughts and the humans were already hard to find while in hiding.

His right hand slid to Elliot’s front and took Elliot’s manhood in it. Giving it a few strokes he smirked behind Elliot thinking that even though he was scared, his body was still reacting the way it should.

As he stroked him, he rubbed his thumb over the head and slowly got to his knees finishing off where he left it.

He spread Elliot’s left cheek with his free hand and rubbed his nose past Elliot’s entrance taking in a deep whiff of his scent.

Elliot smelled sweet and it sent a shudder down his spine. Opening his mouth, he extended his tongue and shoved it into the opening.

Elliot’s eyes widened while his body trembled. Only once before did he experience his asshole being eaten out but that was way before all of this shit just happened overnight.

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