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Forced into Fantasy 2

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After using powerful magic to disguise himself as his enemy Overlord, Prince Ronaar plans to steal away everything that Adomis cares about, including the beautiful maiden Ivy. By disguising himself as Adomis and playing the part of Overlord, Ronaar seeks to get his hands on the remaining amulets, with hopes of achieving ultimate power to rule over all. Meanwhile, Adomis has just woken from a state of unconsciousness to find that he has no memory whatsoever of who he is or of how he even got there. Mere flashes of broken memories are all he can manage at this point. Dazed and confused, Adomis wanders hopelessly throughout the vast lands he once knew quite well, fighting to survive against perilous dangers and insidious creatures along the way. Will Ivy realise who she has returned home with, or will Ronaar’s act continue to deceive her just long enough for him to find what it is that he’s searching for? And even if she does learn the truth, what could she possibly do to convince the others of this misleading plot against their leader? Would they even believe something so ridiculous? And finally, will Ivy ever see Adomis again or are they destined to remain apart? *** WARNING – This story contains detailed sex scenes, abuse, course language and violence. It is intended for those over the age of 18. You have been warned! ***

Fantasy / Erotica
Bec Middleton
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Chapter 1 - Survival


It’s been three weeks since I was kidnapped by Ronaar, and my memories of our return trip to the castle that night are now nothing but a confusing blur of mixed images and sounds.

However, I do remember being told by Adomis himself that Ronaar had been killed, and that I was finally safe.

He always made me feel safe.

I must have slept the entire trip back and then on into the next day from sheer exhaustion and malnourishment alone. It felt strange waking up in Adomis’ bed the next afternoon, surrounded by the warmth of his comfortable pillows and the large fluffy blanket.

And yes, we got rid of that monstrous Jharran… thing he called a blanket - Eeew!

I couldn’t even sleep at night knowing that it was anywhere near me. And thankfully, Adomis was sweet enough to have it removed from his chambers on my behalf.

Just one of the many things that proves the kind of man Adomis really is, far beneath the armour and his dark, brooding facial expressions I mean.

In truth, he’s a softie… or at least he is for me.

I’ve rarely seen Adomis since we returned to the castle that night come to think of it, and it confuses me more and more as the days pass by so rapidly, one after the other. He was usually so protective and cautious, always popping in to check on me and make sure I was alright.

But now… nothing.

And to top it all off Adomis surprised us all when he recently departed alone on horseback for some top secret mission almost a week ago today.

I remember both Captain Khalan and Zarkin were both beside themselves with the last-minute decision for the Overlord to leave on his own.

It was clearly far too dangerous.

But it appeared that their advice couldn’t sway Adomis even in the slightest.

I remember asking if I could accompany him on his journey and his immediate refusal.

Instead he promised that when he eventually returned he would make me his number one priority. Something about an apology for my more recent neglect, whatever that meant.

Obviously, being Overlord means certain obligations and I fully understand that. He’s practically a King in this strange made-up world. But I do however find myself missing his company… his touch.

Zarkin has been a big help though, keeping my mind busy with my most recent studies into the Magical Arts. Yes, I’ve decided to delve into the more magical side of combat and learn to become a Mage’s Apprentice.

I’m not sure of how Adomis will handle the news of this decision. I’ll handle that whenever he chooses to return.

Who knows if this whole Apprentice thing will pan out or not, I guess only time will tell. The truth is, I just want a way to fight back if and when something happens to me in the future.

I despise being so helpless and vulnerable.

I know that Ronaar is gone now, but if someone else should rise up and attempt to come for Adomis I need to be able to protect myself and the others around me somehow. I need to help fight back.

Yesterday I tried an assortment of different weapons, just to see what it felt like holding and wielding them. I’ve always been interested in what weapons feel like, after having watched so many different adventure movies back in my old life…

‘Sigh… those were the days.’

The daggers were ridiculously sharp and seemed easy enough to handle, but I soon learned that my aim sucked.

‘That reminds me, I’ll have to remember to send that soldier a gift of some sort in apology. I hear his leg is doing well.’

Next was the bow and arrow combination. Again, not much with the aim, but luckily no one else was harmed in that particular instance.

I didn’t even bother attempting to learn how to fight with the long sword. Just picking it up was enough for me.

Have you ever tried to lift one of those things? They’re incredibly heavy and feel like they weigh a tonne. Only god knows how Adomis is able to swing it around so effortlessly, let alone hold it with one hand!

So yes, weapons were a no-go.

But luckily Zarkin had a different suggestion to put forward.

I still remember how I’d reacted to his proposal when I first heard it. I’d practically laughed in the man’s face, it just seemed so ridiculous at the time. I kinda feel bad about how I reacted now of course, looking back over it.

I mean, me?

Learning how to harness magic?

Actual magic?

It sounded completely crazy!

But I’ve been at it for almost a week now and come a long way in such a short amount of time. I was accepted into the League of Magical Arts as an Apprentice and even had a small naming ceremony which was pretty exciting.

Of course, Adomis couldn’t make an appearance, having been on his secret mission at the time. I can’t stop wondering where he’s gone and what he’s up to.

Anyway, my lessons continue and with each passing day I learn more and more about magic and how it can be harnessed. It’s really quite interesting. And of course, Zarkin’s always around to check in on my progress.

I mean, he’s cool and all but he’s something else when he chooses to put on his ‘Master of the Arts’ badge, so to speak. He takes his job very seriously and there’s no room for playfulness.

It never stops. I read book after book, after book, each filled with incredible knowledge and enchantments used in both offensive and defensive combat. And the strange thing is that I’m actually beginning to enjoy it!

I’m also beginning to understand an ancient language known as ‘Mataar’, along with the countless spells written in its tongue. I can even cast small spells and enchantments now, of which I’m proud to announce. I can control some of the known elements in this world and bend them to my will, but it doesn’t always work.

Zarkin says its something to do with my level of focus, whatever that means.

‘I really miss Adomis…’

Letting out a large built-up sigh, I close the large hard cover book currently sitting on the desk in front of me before rising from my seat to stand. I walk across the room to the singular window looking over the pristine scenery of the incredibly distant Crest Mountain Ranges and the surrounding forest where I was rescued several weeks ago.

I know it sounds strange, but for some unknown reason I feel as though I left a piece of me back there that night when we escaped. A piece that I could not even begin to describe or explain, but a missing one, nonetheless.

My crystal blue eyes peer out longingly for a while longer before I hear it.

The blast of a horn sounds loudly, echoing across the courtyard below.

I glance down and see the soldiers now running around in preparation for his arrival.

“Adomis…” I whisper to myself with delight.

A smile grows, spreading across my face as the realisation of his return finally hits. I can feel my heart thudding as it suddenly springs to life with excitement.

I need to find something a little more eye-catching than I would normally wear around the castle. Perhaps something a little more revealing?

The unquenchable warmth I feel now burning within my core proves just how naughty I’m feeling and in the moment I quickly make the decision to try and seduce the Overlord upon his arrival.

That’s right. If he won’t come to me, I’ll make him come to me…

One way or another, tonight I’m getting laid!


The large fire blazes brightly before me as I sit before its welcoming warmth, seated upon a large, thick log.

My teeth tear ferociously into a freshly cooked Buran’s leg, still sizzling from the fire. I chew and slowly begin to swallow the nourishing meat, my eyes closing as I take the moment to fully enjoy the taste and sensation of food as it slides down my throat and into my stomach. I take another desperate bite and repeat the process as the fire ‘crackles’ loudly.

‘Fuck, this tastes incredible!’

I feel like I haven’t eaten in days… and that’s probably because I haven’t.

I’ve spent the entirety of the day and late afternoon tracking, hunting and cooking the Buran and after all the hard work, it finally paid off. There is enough meat here for me to eat for at least the next two days or so, which should get me further across the accursed Mountain Ranges.

It’s strange that I don’t know where the hell I am, that I can’t seem to recoignise a single formation around me.

Come to think of it, I don’t even know who the hell I am, and I can’t seem to decide which is more terrifying.

‘Why can’t I remember?’

‘Did something happen to me, something that caused me to forget?’

I let out a large sigh and lower the meat for a moment, instead reaching for the sewn flask filled with fresh spring water.

Unscrewing the lid and lifting it up, I take a big swig of the refreshing liquid and swallow it down greedily.

The flask is one of the many objects I recently acquired when I came across a pile of discarded items someone no doubt left behind while trekking throughout the Ranges. I have no idea if the flask’s owner plans to come back to retrieve it, or if they are even still alive. Honestly, I couldn’t care less.

I need it to survive.

And survive I will. Somehow, I’ll get to the bottom of this strange situation and find out who I really am, of how I came to be here, stranded like this.

I will find answers, no matter what it takes.

And I’ll make whoever is responsible for my current predicament pay dearly for my suffering...

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