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Forced into Fantasy 2

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Chapter 2 - Seduced


The trip took a lot longer than I had expected, but at long last I have arrived back at the castle and to my welcoming soldiers… and of course, to her.

The sweet temptress, Ivy.

‘My Moon Princess.’

I long to smell her intoxicating scent once more. To hear her voice and feel her soft skin at my fingertips. I have knowingly neglected her for the past three weeks and I did so for a reason.

Not only will the wait have driven her as wild as it has me, but now she will be unable to see clearly enough to notice the little things about me that differ from him… from the man I am pretending to be.

‘Adomis, my old friend.’

We once were friends; I must never forget that. Once, in a time where things were so much simpler. But those days are long gone.

Adomis is my sword enemy now. And I will make sure that he suffers more than he could ever imagine possible. He will experience what it feels like to have everything and then to lose it all.

Everything he holds dear will become mine... Including her.

“You’ve returned!”

A sudden voice calls out and I lift my head up to meet eyes with the Captain… though I’ve clearly forgotten his name and I struggle to form a reply quickly enough.


“How was your journey, Overlord?” he quickly asks, pretending not to have noticed my hesitance.

“Too long, I’m afraid.” I announce confidently, rolling my eyes.

My voice is not my own, something I am still struggling to get used to. Every time I open my mouth to speak I hesitate, knowing that his voice will sound now instead of mine. It’s like he never leaves me. I see him when I look in the mirror and in the reflection of my sword’s blade. I hear him every time that I speak.

I know I need to keep up this charade, for now at least. It is imperative that they all believe I am the Overlord in order for my plan to locate the remaining amulets to succeed.

Reaching into my right cloak pocket I grin devilishly as my fingers grasp at the solid object sitting inside. My newest prize.

Now with two of the four amulets in my possession and knowledge of the location for the third, I finally feel as if everything is working out as planned.

Only one thing could make tonight any better than it is now.

I skilfully dismount Adomis’ massive black stallion and begin marching towards the entrance to the castle. The men follow along behind me as the General steps up to walk by my side and the Mage, Zarkin by his.

“Overlord, we have eagerly awaited your return. Do you have any news?” Tabius enquires.

“Were you successful in your latest mission?” Zarkin probes, “We’ve all been dying to hear about this important mission of yours, sire.”

Both the General and Mage manage to keep up with my quick stride as we make our way through the castle entrance and along one of many inner courtyards towards the main staircase.

Grinning from ear to ear, I reach into my cloak pocket once more and retrieve my treasure between my fingers as I voice my reply proudly.

“Successful? Oh, you could say that.”

I lift the amulet up into view and come to a halt for a moment, allowing them to take a quick glance at it; for the first and last time I might add.

General Tabius mirrors my grin of pride, but Zarkin’s expression baffles me. He appears shocked, concerned even, not that I care why he feels this way.

He seems to have trouble meeting my eyes for a moment as Tabius speaks once more.

“This is indeed excellent news my lord…” he starts to hesitate, as if unsure of why I would be so happy about a mere trinket. “Uh… forgive me for being so daft, but… what is it?”

It is in this very moment that I realise General Tabius knows nothing about the four amulets and their prophecy of power. Perhaps this is a good thing; the fewer people that know about it, the better for me.

I look to Zarkin, immediately sensing his knowledge as he holds himself back from answering the General’s question.

“Just one of the items I have been collecting, General. Nothing special.” I lie bluntly, smiling and pocketing the amulet once more.

I side glance at the Mage who appears to be gritting his teeth together. Is he… frustrated? Why? Before I get the chance to enquire I hear the soft voice of an angel speaking from across the courtyard.

“Adomis… you’ve returned at last.” Ivy coos.

All three of us turn our heads in her direction and my eyes widen at the sight of her.

She is wearing one of Adomis’ large thick black fur robes. The thing looks massive on her, draped over her tiny shoulders and reaching the tiled floor beneath her feet as she stands silently. A smile plastered across her face begins to grow larger with each passing second.

“Ivy.” I mutter in a daze.

The General proceeds to clear his throat as he rubs the back of his neck in awkwardness before nudging Zarkin as he speaks.

“Well, if you’ll excuse us my lord. We’ll allow the two of you to get... er, reacquainted.”

Tabius wraps an arm around Zarkin and begins pulling him along in the opposite direction, back in the direction we had come from.

I am now standing alone with the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon… and at long last, she is all mine.

“You kept me waiting.” she announces.

Her left eyebrow lifts ever so slightly in challenge and my eyes narrow in response.

“Did I now?”

I begin to slowly move in on her, one step at a time until I am standing right in front of her, my head tilted downward so that our eyes remain fixated on one another.

“And the wait… was it unbearable?” I taunt playfully.

Now her eyes narrow.

“Completely.” she replies softly with a smile.

This causes me to chuckle deeply.

She has a fiery spirit; I’ll give her that. I can see that I’m going to have so much fun with her.

Ivy asks one final question before doing the unthinkable and causing my jaw to practically fall and hit the floor.

“Will you put an end to my suffering?”

I watch as she opens the robe and drops her hold on it, allowing the large piece of clothing to cascade down the length of her perfectly moulded... naked body, one delicious curve at a time until it pools around her bear ankles.

She stands there, in the middle of the inner courtyard completely naked, staring back at me with a sinister smirk on those succulent pink lips of hers.

Her sparkling crystal blue eyes are fixated, almost daring me to make the next move.

‘Oh, I will make her pay for catching me off guard like this!’

As I shake my head to gain composure of myself, I can feel just how hard she has made me as my pants have now tented with desire.

And I know she can see it too.

Without realising I had, I turn my head around from one side of the courtyard towards the next, my eyes scanning for any signs of movement. I will not allow anyone else to view her like this.

She is mine!

Only my eyes alone shall view her in such a state of vulnerable beauty.

I quickly move forward and crouch down, grasping the robe and lifting it back up over both of her bear shoulders. Within seconds I have her covered once again and I suddenly realise that I am noticeably panting rather loudly.

I can feel my heart thudding powerfully in my head as I lick my dry lips; no doubt caused by a mixture of nerves and built up anticipation.

‘She’s done this to me. ’

She’s reduced me to nothing but a quivering mess with but one simple movement. Until now I thought of her as less of a threat to me, but now I can see just how dangerous she truly is.

And what’s worse is that she knows it too.

As soon as I have her covered her expression changes instantaneously. Now she appears worried, or upset as her brows furrow in together in the centre of her forehead.

“Adomis, what is it? H...have I done something wrong?” she asks me, causing me to frown. “Do you not… find me attractive anymore?”

I am unable to prevent the animalistic growl that suddenly rumbles out of my throat, from deep down in my chest as I fight against my instincts to lunge at her and take her right then and there on the courtyard tiles.

‘Fuck, I need to be of inside her, right now!’

I focus all my efforts into voicing my feelings, to at least show her just how much I want her. I must remember who I am posing as. Adomis is the type to take what he wants whenever he wants it.

“You have no idea how much I want you, Ivy.” I admit honestly, my entire body tensed up as I continue to hold myself back.

“Then what’s stopping you?” she asks, her sinister smirk returning.

In that moment I suddenly realise… there is absolutely nothing stopping me. What am I doing? She’s clearly interested, even if she has no idea of my true identity. We’re both consenting adults...

So why are we still standing here in this courtyard?

Without giving it another thought, I quickly lean in and scoop her up into my strong arms, lifting her up with ease. She lets out a squeal before giggling with delight.

“Adomis, what in the world are you doing?” she asks me, apparently baffled by my actions.

“Taking what’s mine.”

My response is short and to the point as I begin to march the two of us up towards Adomis’ chambers, with the beautiful Ivy held securely in my arms.

It is in this moment that I once again realise that I am in disguise and must remember to act the part of the Overlord.

I am Adomis right now, not Ronaar.

His name will be the one she cries out when I bring her unbelievable pleasure tonight, not mine...


Somewhere in the future she will have but no option to cry my name instead. But not tonight.

It angers me, but I continue to hold it all inside... for now anyway.

I must.

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