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RedWood Academy of Military Witches

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THIS STORY TAKES ELEMENTS FROM SHOWS AND MOVIES INCLUDING MOTHERLAND FORT SALEM AND SHADOW AND BONE Located in Omaha Nebraska, the middle of the U.S. lies a military base. Used for the training of witches to serve in the Military. Staring out in Basic training, the cadets learn how to harness their goddess given powers to fight for their country. If the witches do good in their training and show much potential, they advance to train farther. If they fail, they are sent into battle, often leading to certain death. Getting caught up with relationships and drama, will Luca Romano make it through Basic, or will he be sent to his death on the battle field?

Fantasy / Action
Gay best friend
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The smell of sulfur flooded my nose. I could taste it. Bitter and salty. I wanted to throw up. The assault on my senses continued as I connected the dots. It was conscription day. The day all witches dreaded. The day we were stripped of our old lives and had to submit ourselves to the army.

And if we didn’t.

Death, or imprisonment. Not only on us though, but our family too.

My stomach quickly nots and I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I close my eyes and the feelings stops. When I open them I’m in a pitch black room with a light in the middle.

I was to the light and look around, no walls or ceiling. Two more people come into view and my instincts take over, the red aura of magic emits from my hands little balls of magic resting a couple inches from my hands.

The other two hold their hands up in surrender as I let the balls dissipate, the euphoric feeling I get from letting my magic loose gone.

The first one I actually look at was tall, at least a head taller than me. He had dirty blonde hair that was short at the sides and longer on the top, reaching just above his sea foam green eyes. To say he was attractive was an understatement.

I was never described as ugly, quite the contrary. I had soft blond almost white curls that fell gingerly over my eyes, the sides sand back of my head cut short and my eyes a light grey.

The other individual in the circle about a foot smaller than me. She has dark brown eyes matching her ebony skin.
I was transfixed by the two, the utter beauty and looks of the two making me forget where we were for a second.

It wasn’t until the Symbol appeared over a bonfire in the middle of us, signifying what war goddess our coven was named after.

“coven of Athena” the brown haired boy said looking at the symbol transfixed just like the other two.

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