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Bloody Desires

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This is book two of Why Would U Want Me? If you haven't already read book one I highly suggest you do. It will help you understand the history of the characters. "It's been eight years. Eight long years. I want to see my children! It's not fair to keep me locked up while you live my life, just because your woman couldn't bare a child!" The sting of his words sinks in. I vow to destroy him. Take away everything he cherishes most. He will be so hurt he will eventually kill himself. But first, I have some people to kill. Starting with her. "I assure you will see her when the timing is right. Until then, enjoy your cell." It has been eight years. Eight years since Venessa's pregnancy. The years before were rocky, but now everything seems to be smoothing out. However that is all about to change when her children start hearing things, a sudden urge for raw meat, and constantly are biting people. What happens when the twenty-three year old finds out her baby daddy is cloaked in a mess of lies. With more hidden secrets, blood chilling past, and even scarier future, what's a mother of two to do? Find out in bloody Desires.

Fantasy / Romance
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Flying Time

Venessa’s POV

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to the twins! Happy birthday to you!”

It never really occurred to me how fast time flew, but as I watch my children blow out their candles, I realize just how much time has passed.

The sound of laughter and cheers erupts throughout the room, while tears of happiness spill from my eyes.

“I can’t believe how much you have grown in the last eight years! Such beautiful grandchildren I have.”

I look to my mother and smile, thanking her silently. While my relationship with many of my family members has withered; I stayed rather close with my mom. If anything, after having the twins, our bond became stronger. Almost understanding in a way. Words didn’t have to be exchanged in order for us to communicate. She just knew. It is a strange connection. Nonetheless, it is soothing to be able to understand one another in such a way.

Smiling towards my not-so-little babies-anymore, I chirp, “What did you wish for?”

Taylin just smirks. I knew that girl was going to be trouble, from the day she was born. I shake my head releasing a sigh. Turning to her brother, I repeat the question.

“What did you wish for?”

“I wish we could all stay together forever.”

I beam, “Aw well that is very sweet Valen.” However Valin doesn’t return my smile. He appears serious.

I then hear a very faint child-like voice, “Be careful mom.”

It shocks the hell out of me. I swear Valen just spoke, but his mouth never parted. I look around to see if anyone else had heard the warning, but apparently not. Only normal conversation among the group.

“Man I am really losing my shit,” I mumble to myself.

Ding. Dong.

The front door opens revealing the person I hate and love the most.

“Dad!” Valen and Taylin both say in unison.

Ever since we split we kind of had a love hate relationship. I obviously love him because he is a great father. However, he is a terrible partner. For the most part we worked things out. The both of us went to therapy, and after sometime we got back together.

Though, it was only for a month or so. Eventually, we decided it was best to stay separated. Well kind of separated. We did sleep together a few times, but that was only to satisfy our needs. Besides, I rather it be him then some stranger.

“Dad! Look at all the gifts we got! I like this one, it’s my favorite.” Valen holds up a black velvet box, in which a golden ring is kept.

“It’s from mommy,” he says.

“Ya, it is my favorite too. They’re a little big, but mom said we can grow into it.”

Taylin holds out a similar gold band with a slightly more feminine style. She places it on, watching it glisten. Tristen picks up her hand in his, looking at the markings engraved on the ring.

“To my greatest treasures. -love mom,” it read.

After examining the jewelry, Tristen strides toward me. Uh oh! Here comes the part I despise the most. The small talk. These stupid, pointless, exchange of words make me want to sink into a black hole. It only makes our not-so romantic relationship more uncomfortable.

“Uh, hey Nessa.” He waves awkwardly.

“You didn’t tell me you were stopping by.” I speak in a joking manner, but he takes my words quite literally.

“Well it is my children’s birthday. Of course I would be here.” His lips form a then line.

Well sheesh! I try to lighten the mood, yet I am hit with major backlash.

“No need to get your panties in a bunch. It was a joke.” I ease out. Once he realizes my words were meant to be taken as a rib-tickler, he rubs the back of his neck embarrassed.

Finally, after minutes of awkward silence I hear a little feminine giggle.

“He, he! Mom said panties in a bunch!” My eyes go wide in dismay. The little gremlin! How the heck did she hear me when she is all the way on the other side of the kitchen? Plus I was whispering!

“Panties in a bunch! Panties in a bunch! Panties in a bunch!” She says in a sing-songy voice.

“Taylin. Honey, please do not say that.”
“Say what,” she says like she is a perfect angel. This girl is really testing me.

“Do not say, sing, rap, write, spell or type panties in a bunch.” I had to be specific because knowing her, she will try to twist my words and find another way to do as she pleases. Ugh, if she behaves like this already at the age of eight, just imagine when she is in her teen years.

I move my focus to the birthday party that is in full engage. My two families divided. I smirk as they casually gossip, exchange jokes, and stories. It looks like a perfect family gathering being watched in a movie. Hmm, if only this was the real deal. Unfortunately, the whole scene is bogus. The Goodwins and Singletons hate each other. Wait no, hate it to light of a word, more like loathe, or execrate fits better.

Before I invited anyone I sent out death threats. Maybe I was a tad bit over the top, but my youngins do not need any hostility at their party. Besides me. I am their mother so I don’t count.

“Time for my presents! I think you’ll like mine more than mommy’s.”

I roll my eyes. I am so going to hurt him. He showed up last just to make a dramatic entrance and brag about the gifts he brought. He hands them two strips of paper. Then each a stack of money. I scoff. Tell me you have a rich baby daddy without telling me you have a rich baby daddy.

“A two month trip to Romania? Is that a theme park,” Valen asks after reading the paper.

“No it’s a country dum dum.” Taylin sticks her tongue out. How did she even know that anyways? Once again they are only eight. I snap out of my daze while the rest of the family stares gobsmacked.

“Romania! Are you kidding you can’t take my kids there! Especially not for two months!”

“I know. That is why we’re taking them.” He flicks he finger back and forwards, pointing at himself and I.

I stare at the man who is about to be kicked in the nuts very soon, in horror. “Well what about, school and I have a job you know. You can not just plan a trip out of nowhere!”

“The experience to Romania will be educational. Think of it like a- ”

“Extended field trip,” Devin fills in smirking.

My older sister chimes in, “I think it would be a good way for you to get out the kids out the house. Plus You could use a vacation.”

I sneer at her reply. I was trying to get the trip canceled. Now suddenly people are agreeing with the plans to go out of town. I get a terrible feeling, yet I feel bad denying the twins their father’s gift.

“This better be worth it,” I fold.

“Great! we leave in the morning. I already called your job and the school about the trip it will be fine.” I scowl. He had no right to go behind my back and do that. I didn’t even give him the okay until just now. I eternally curse him out.

Ugh ,who knew I would really be flying in this chapter.

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