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Bloody Desires

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Loveless Relationship

Venessa’s POV

I am at a lost for words as I angrily pack for this stupid trip to Romania. He thinks he can just come waltzing in and make plans without my consent first! That dickhead!


“Why do you cry out in dismay hun? I think maybe this trip could mend your relationship with him.”

I don’t even have to turn around to know who’s speaking. Ever since we split, people have been coming up to me left and right trying to convince me to get back with Tristen. I don’t see why Valeria can’t just get married to their oldest son. They already have a child together, their dating for fucks sake! Why try to force two people together who don’t even get along?

I turn to the brunette woman whose hair is dyed half neon green stating, “I see no use of getting back with your brother. As much as I adore you and your concern for my well being, it just will not be happening. I and perfectly capable of raising these children on my own.”

She smiles gently. “I know. I just don’t think it’s fair for the children. It almost seems like if you could, you would erase their father from their lives.”

I smirk. She really knows me all too well. Too bad murder is illegal.


Two hours later I managed to pack everything I will need for my extended trip including clothes for the twins. I gather the suitcases and set them in the living room by the door. Pulling out my phone I search through the only fifteen contacts I have until I find his number. After two rings he picks up.

“Hey sweetheart. What’s up?”

Ignoring his nickname I say, “I’m done packing. Where is the airport?”

“I told you already, you didn’t need to pack. Clothes are already supplied there.”

“Whatever I feel my comfortable in my own clothes. Airport location?”

“Someone is on their way to pick you up now so don’t fret sweetheart. See you soon.”

Sometimes I just don’t have the motivation to argue anymore. So I let him have his way, even though I could have just called a lift or Uber.

“Hey kids, you ready to leave?”

“Coming mom!” Taylin and Valen rush down the steps obviously racing. They are so competitive. Just like their mother. They make it down the steps plopping on the couch sitting across from me. I laugh.

“You know it is best to stand and get all the jitters out now. Since we will be on a fourteen hour flight.” Maybe I should do the same. I stand up and start doing my yoga stretches. After doing my usual routine I end in cobra. And at that very moment the door unlocks.


I sneer. He didn’t even knock.


“This is not the way to the airport.” I grow anxious What the heck is he doing.

“Yes. I know.” Once again he leaves me with a meaningless answer. As the car slows I notice we are approaching an empty lot.

“A jet! Are we riding first class dad!?”

“Not just first class son, but on my private jet.” He waves his hand in the direction on a red and black plane.

“Wicked cool!” Valen blurts out. Tristen lets out a chuckle as we exit the no longer moving SUV. “Leave your bags, my men will pick them up.”

As we step onto the plane I notice how spacious it is. And red. It gives off filthy rich blended with grunge aesthetic. I like it. I settle onto one of the white couches, positioning myself for a nice long rest. That is until I hear, “Why aren’t you and mommy together?”

My heart aches as I ponder on what their father will say.

Tristen sighs. “We have a very long, very complex history.”

“It is because of us isn’t it?” Taylin speaks sadly. A single tear falls down my face because fifty percent of why we split was because of them and the other fifty because of us.

“No. Of course not munchkin. Your mother and I split because,... we... just- are not in love anymore.”

Were we ever in love from the beginning? I ask myself

“Hey, how about you go and explore the rest of the jet, go get some snacks. Sounds good?”

“Ya, okay.” I hear Taylin voice out, along with the soft pitter patter of their receding foot steps. As my back still faces away from Tristen, I feel a dip in the couch.

“I know you are wide eyed awake Nessa.” I still.

“Are you going to talk to me, or just pretend you are sleep?”

“Romania huh? Where did you get and idea to take a trip like this,” I ask.

He chuckles, “I wanted our children to see my homeland.”

“Your homeland? You never told me you are from Romania.”

“You will learn more about my home in due time Nessa. Patience darling. Patience.”


She finally turns her head to allow me the gift of seeing her beauty. I wish our relationship wasn’t so strained. I see sadness in her deep brown eyes. Almost like a apology.

“I am sorry we didn’t work.” She manages to squeak out.

“I do not exactly hate you, but I do not feel towards you. Think of it like... like two acquaintances raising children. Nothing more nothing less.”

The words sting leaving a lingering pain in me. I want to kiss those feelings away from her. She wants to move on, but I won’t let her do so.

“If you are thinking about being with someone else, just know, I will not let you, darling.” Her brows furrow, like she is deep in thought.

“I guess some things never change. You are still that same possessive, needy, kid you were before.”

“You know Venessa, we are stuck together for the next thirteen or so hours. So, let us take advantage of this time. What do you say, because I have a massive boner and my hand just doesn’t create the same amount of pleasure as your mouth.”

I rest a hand on her thigh. A weak attempt to sway her decision.

“Go deal with that yourself Tris. Besides, I don’t suck dick for your pleasure. I do it for mine.”

I see a smirk form on her pink lips as she returns to hiding her face in a pillow. I guess I will just have to take a cold shower or something.

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