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Paranormal Agency BOOK 3 The Bargain

By Sophia Catlett All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery

Chapter 1

Alison sat at home, smoking from her cigarette and stuffing the remains into an ashtray. She hadn't had a job in two weeks. No business, after the booming business she had experienced ever since she started McCarthy's Paranormal agency way back when when she had finished college.

How old had she been back then. My how the time managed to fly. She had just finished college so she had been about 23 or 24 which meant she had owned the business for about five years.

Her reflection stared back at her from the blank screen of her television and she noted long dark hair, an olive complexion and a height of 5"8 to go with a killer figure.

She needed work.

She was bored and she was getting fat. She took a bite of a sandwich and set it down, wiping off her hands. "I'm so sick of just sitting here and eating," she told Greg, her best friend who also just happened to be a dead man.

"Why don't you go get a real job. The bank down the street is hiring," he said. "Seriously. After the last one, I thought you were going to die."

"I'm not going to die, Greg," she replied. "Stop being so paranoid."

"And you almost got Josh and Elizabeth killed," he continued. "What were you thinking that was really dangerous."

He had a point. Alison had been a family friend of Josh's family and Elizabeth was his girlfriend.

They had been investigating a funeral home, something that appeared like a normal every day exorcism when all hell had broken loose. Served her right for underestimating the Soulless, a creature from hell that had been stalking her lately.

Alison also had something of a crush on Josh so hearing his name in the context of it all being her fault he almost died only served to irritate her. "Greg. Shut up or get out. I'm getting tired. I'm going to bed."


The phone rang and both Alison and Greg jumped. "Damn, that scared me," she breathed.

Alison went and picked it up, not bothering to let it go to voicemail. "Hello?" she asked.

"McCarthy Agency?" the woman's voice inquired gently.

"Yes, and may I ask who I'm speaking with?"

"It's the church on Earl Road. I'm Sister Judith. We've been experiencing some very strange activity lately. The congregation has been witnessing a mess of ghost sightings and we're all very frightened. I'd like you to come in and investigate the church."

"Of course of course. I'm familiar with the church. Earl Road?"


"I believe I can help you," Alison began, jotting a note on her notebook. Yes!!! A job. And here she thought she would have to work at the bank. At least things were looking up for her business wise. "What time would you like me to come?"

"Are you free tonight?"

"I am."

"Today then, Sister Judith," replied. "If you can. Any time would be great."

"I can leave right now," Alison answered quickly. "My fee is $300 for calls after 2am," I finished. "Is that okay?"

"Of course it is dear. Please hurry. Its been really frightening."

Alison thanked the woman on the other end and hung up. She ran to her closet and pulled on her coat, adrenaline running through her veins. She grabbed her keys and headed out to the church.

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