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Abducted by the Alpha King

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Sarah is a normal human girl (or so she thought) that has a very boring life. Until she was taken by him. He was a king and she was grown to believing that she is human. What could possible go wrong when he take her into his world? Go on a journey with Sarah and Kade as the discover secrets that was though to be myths....

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


It was a day like any other day of my life.

The usual get up ready then go to work.

My life is pretty boring, work then come home eat sleep then start all over again.

You might be wondering who i am, my name is Sarah and I am a teacher.

This morning i keep having this feeling like something is going to happen and i am waiting for the ball to drop.

As i leave work and head for my car I saw a black car coming toward me, i did not think much of it as i focus on opening my car before i could open the door... i felt something over my nose then i started seeing black dots and the there was nothing.


So tell me what you guys think!! Lol need some input here leave a comment!!!
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