The Story Of My Life

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I just take her heart and score, then I love her ’til she sore I just break her heart in fours, then I don’t want her anymore If I eat it, could I treat it? Could I beat it with my sword?-Kodak Black


As I lay here in this rotten cell thinking about how I used to be the greatest among my kind I used to be worshipped by the humans until I suddenly disappeared from their lives I can no longer answer their prayers when in Greece because its the domain of Zeus the Greek god of the sky now you may wonder why did I say the greek god well that's because the roman god "cough" "cough" my father the great Jupiter who alongside my mother made me into what I am so I am forever grateful to them for always supporting my growth even when I rebelled that one time along with Neptune and pluto my uncles the god of the sea and the god of death. I wonder how it is i ended up here but to figure that out you have to know about how i became a god in the first place and so i shall tell you the tale of Mars The God Of War.

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