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Eva Henderson is your average 13 year old girl who loves reading. While she has a group of friends, she'd rather read. Her favourite place? The library of course! Eva Henderson has had such a love for reading since the age of 4, when she started to delve into all of these different worlds. Her favourite? Adventure and Fantasy stories! Coming from a not-so-happy home life, these stories let her get whisked of to new places which she can be in the shoes of many other characters. Mr. Linden, who runs the local library near her house, is more of a father figure than her own and she finds herself there everyday after school and for many hours on there weekends. However, she soon finds a beautiful looking book that may let her actually escape her real life for a new one. The question will be; Does she really want a whole new life opposed to her current one?

Fantasy / Other
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The Infinitude Chronicles


Saying goodbye to my friends Christopher Holcomb and Ruby Norris, I headed down the path towards Mr. Linden's library. He was a nice man who basically took me in as his own. Though, at the end of the day, I still have to go back home to the cold and unloving arms of my real parents. Everyone just calls me ungrateful, however. Why can't I have Mr. Linden as my parent? Better, I could just leave this world and go to one like those in my books.
Sighing, I reach for the doors of the library and enter.
"Hello Eva." Mr. Linden greets.
"Hello Mr. Linden." I reply as I go towards my favourite section, the Adventure section. Pulling out my favourite book, Vulture of Light, another book somehow falls out with it.
"The Infinitude Chronicles?" I read the beautiful cursive aloud. Turning it to the back to see what the book is about. All it reads is; 'Beware. Once this book has been opened, you'll get sucked in. Literally. Your own adventure awaits.' Taking them and a few other adventure books over to a table, I delve into my favourite places with my favourite characters, nearly forgetting about the ominous book. As soon as Mr. Linden announces that the library will be closing, I put back the books I've finished and take up the ones I haven't to be rung up. He goes through all the books without batting an eye, as getting this many books was usual for me, however he was hesitant upon the last book.
"Eva, where'd you find this?" He asked, his voice a bit shaky.
"Over there." I pointed towards the adventure section. "It fell out with Vulture of Light. Why, am I not allowed to read it?" I asked.
"I would prefer you be careful with it, at least. The back of the book isn't lying when it says you'll get sucked in." He hesitantly handed me the book after ringing it up for me. "Goodbye Eva, have a nice night."
"You too, Mr. Linden!" I shouted back as I left the library. Despite it having got much colder since school ended, I took my time getting home. Upon entering the house, my mother set me around the house doing all the chores she and father were too lazy to complete on their own. Their breathes smelt as bad as usual, but I'd never ask them why less I get yelled at. Finishing the chores, I headed to my room and sat on my bed. I took out the books I had borrowed and set to reading them. Finishing all of them once, and Vulture of Light twice, I got curious and picked up The Infinitude Chronicles. I had re-read the warning on the back and thought to Mr. Linden's as well. It can't be that bad, could it? But, in the back of my head something told me that it could be. Deciding it was too late to be checking it out anyways, I put it off for some much needed sleep.

School seemed to drag on forever before we were finally let out. I barely got out a 'goodbye' to my friends before I rushed out the doors towards the library once more. Entering the best building in the whole town, I put the books I had finished the night before in the return bin and headed towards a quiet area to read The Infinitude Chronicles. However, once I opened the book, I was literally sucked in. The last thing I heard were Mr. Linden's shouts of "Eva!"
Looking around, I seemed to be in a forest of some sort. Though, I soon found out, it wasn't a friendly forest by any means. A centaur nearly knocked me over running past me and an arrow went flying by me in the first few moments of me being here. It was exciting yet nerve racking all at once. I turned around to see a ghost version of Mr. Linden. "Eva, walk towards me and I'll help you find a way out."
"What if I don't want to leave?"
"Don't be silly, Eva. You need to come home."
"But, I don't like home! My parents are constantly pushing me around while all they seem to ever do is party." I could feel salty tears starting to stream down my face.
"Oh, Eva. My wife and I have been talking with a case worker for months to get you out of their care and into ours instead. It was just approved today. I would have told you before but I was helping someone. I'm sorry."
Wiping the tears off my face, I couldn't help but smile. "Don't be sorry, you just made my day." After that, I listened to his directions on how to get out. Once I finally found the exit, I ran for it. There was a nice bear hug at the end and I was glad I hadn't stayed. This is my new adventure now.
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