The Forty-Fourth

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Pieces were slowly revealed, however, the puzzle was yet to be solved. As the war ended violently, a long waited conspiracy has just begun. Mactilda and Isoda, once soldiers in the army, now...

Fantasy / Adventure
Levian Cartier
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11.23 67J.E.

“This isn’t an order, or more like favor I’m asking you.” He asked as he handed me the envelope. My nails scraped the paper, and I could feel the wooden table’s grain underneath. The sound seemed to be relatively loud compared to our surroundings. He clenched his hand and sighed as if he was running out of patience.

I pressed my lips together tightly and looked up.

“Is that your way of saying yes?” He spat anxiously, he seemed in a hurry to hear my answer, but his face showed no expressions.

“You could have just made this, an order. Why bother asking, Captain?” I answered, sarcasm evident in my tone. Team members were obliged to obey their captain’s order. No excuse, no delay, no second thought. It was one of the central idea of how a soldier should behave, so why asking? I wondered.

The edge of his lips curved up a little bit, but soon he had on his emotionless look again. “I should have pulled you into this mission much earlier, but the others refused. Anyways, once you find the others, they’ll explain everything to you. ”

“No, I won’t… If you’re asking. I see no point of going into this vague mission.” I said.

“This mission was heavily related to the person you had try to assassin, will this turn the table around?” He said, revealing his final card.

Impossible… it was before I met you.

“I have already given up that attempt.” I murmured with fear rushing in my veins.

Sounds of rapid footsteps started coming from not far away.

“Take it or leave it, the fate in your hands.” He pulled me to the doorway. The envelope was still in his hands.

He was desperate. His eyes, for a long time, I finally saw the burning soul within. It was so pathetic that such man’s fate was on a single message.

“Is the situation under control?” I asked even though the answer was obvious.

“As always.” Lier.

The envelope was in my pocket.

“This will be my last order for you, leave, and don’t you dare ever return!” He opened the door and pushed me out of the room.

“Open the door, Captain!” I screamed whilst pounding the door, but the door was locked.

“Captain!” I begged, and knocked on the door again. I shouldn’t regret, but the moment I decided, I did.

Footsteps were approaching this way, closer and closes, and with each passing second I was running out of time.

“Mactilda, you heard me, that’s an order. Leave. Now.” He whispered behind the door. The sound was calm, yet a hint of sadness was present in the words he spoke.

Regret or not, it wouldn’t make a difference.

I got up and left the room, my breaths were coming in gasps as I ran toward the opposite direction. I was angry at him for making the decision, and I was angry at myself for abiding by his orders, but time was short and I had no other choice.

I stopped at the end of the aisle and turned around. Looking back for the last time. Everything was going to change, for better or for worse. And my opinion didn’t matter at all. The war we had once thought was endless finally ended, but it’s ending has opened for us a new series of obstacles.

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