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The king of Lunar mountain

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Legend is all fine and dandy, but what happens when your appart of it? Will Chrystal moon pack rise to meet the Legend, or fall into darkness forever.

Fantasy / Romance
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Authors Notes

Hi, this is the rewrite of "The Mountain King". Its been re tittled so that that I can keep both story versions up at the time being, and because well. I think The King of Lunar Mountain is a bit more catchy.

This is probably also a ruff draft, dyslexia doesn't go away because you really want it to, unfortunatly. If you find a spelling mistake, or I used the wrong word, let me know so I can fix it.

Dear authors of werewolves and dark things.

I've noticed your stories are full of toxic, of hate, of revenge plots against god only knows who. I think I've read a book that was litterly a revenge book against a genre's main trope. Ya, over a concept, and one I'think the author hated their readers. When your books hit home on a dark level, its bad, you can not come back from that, when you rip your readers scars open and make them bleed. Then you never fix your problems you either put a bandaid or escalate it, and then you get an ending that is like pure salt in your mouth.

I was taught, if your going to write something, its to relay a message to someone. Inform them, of something, give forth a feeling, to make your readers understand, and or provide an excape. I was taught if your going to write fiction your writting to take your reader with you. Some of you if you go by that, apsolutly hate your reader. Just food for thought.

So I hope my book is kinda an olive branch, a soothing blam, for all the readers, who have been laid waist too and ruined. Who's spirits where crushed and torn, who want to have a good ending. Not a happy ending, a good ending, a saftisifing end .

Sincerly, a very concerned Author.

My book is very much, has a lot of evil things in it, Villians, talk of rape, attempted rape, despression, anxiety, of hardships of torment, of evil and other things.

So with out further rambling

I give you The King of Lunar Mountain.

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