Merry Friskmas (Completed)

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Bear Shifter and town police captain Ryder Fellows finds a wolf shifter. Wolf and bear shifters are enemies so when the town finds out that Ryder is hiding him they want him to choose, them or the wolf. Will the town win or will Ryder do the right thing? This book is dedicated to @theayushijain

Nicole Davis
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“Hey, Ryder,” Sammy yells into the break room.

“What’s up?”

“Do you want to take the call out to Mr. Specks’ house or do ya want me to do it?”

“I’ll go. You can take the next one if I’m not back yet. Unless it’s on the south side, I’ll check it on my way back.” I sigh, grab my hat and make my way to the SUV.

Mr. Specks calls at least two times a week. Some weeks he calls more. He’s getting up there in age and it is suspected that he is starting to develop dementia. He really shouldn’t be living alone anymore but his kids left years ago and his mate died in a hunter attack about a century ago, maybe longer.

I make the lengthy drive and Mr. Specks is sitting on the swing on his porch.

“It’s about damn time you got here Ryder Fellows.” He scolds me.

“Sorry, Sir. I got here as soon as I could.” I tipped my hat to him.

“There were some troublemakers on my land.” He points out towards the river. Fuck. A weeknight stroll through the woods in the cold is not my idea of a good time, not tonight anyway.

I start heading out towards the river and smell the disgusting smell of synthetic scent blocker. There is a lot of blood here and it reeks of wolf shifters. The wolves aren’t supposed to come down this way. After a battle some seventy years ago that they lost they agreed this side of the river was our territory.

The shifter cats only come around to stock up on supplies. And they slink back into the woods like they were never here. I like that. This town was built to keep us safe. And it’s done its job until tonight.

I follow the river for half a mile but I don’t smell or see anything so I head back towards Specks’ place.

Harold stands from his swinging bench and hobbles to the railing, “did ya find anything out there, Ryder?”

“Yeah, a lot of blood and synthetic scent masker. The scent may get carried this way but I’ve taken samples and the perpetrators seem to have left. If you see or hear anything else don’t hesitate to call me, alright Mr. Specks?”

“I’ll call ya, I’ll call ya. I always do.” He heads back to his door before I leave.

The drive back is uneventful and nothing seems to have happened while I was gone. I drop the samples by the lab and head up to chat with Sammy. I’m off for the next two days and I plan on sleeping them away.


It’s been a solid twenty hours since I left the station and I can’t sleep. All that blood out there is bothering me. Why risk coming here and starting a war that’s long been put to rest?

What or who needed to be dealt with so badly they would risk coming here? This is going to drive me absolutely fucking crazy.

I’m hungry but I don’t feel like cooking so I get dressed and drive to town when a call comes in. I’m near the pharmacy so I took the call. I’m hit with the strong scent of blood and wolf shifter. I throw on one of the extra shirts I leave hanging in the back and grab my vest and head inside.

My bear starts acting crazy trying to break free but I manage to get him under control before I approach.

“Is there a problem here, Judy?”

She looks between the wolf and me. He’s just trying to buy supplies to clean himself up. She rings up the first aid kit and pain meds he set on the counter and I pay.

“What’s your name, kid?”

He looks at me with confusion on his face, “I don’t know”.

“You taking him in, ain’t ya?” We do not like wolves here.

I get him loaded into my SUV and drive him to Doc’s. He’s lost a lot of blood and he smells awful. I don’t understand why he isn’t healing. There is something wrong with him.

The doctor examines him and he’s still bleeding pretty heavily, for a shifter anyway. Seems he’s healing just enough to keep him from dying. Eventually, he does pass out and then he gets stitched up and given something to help him clot.

He’s got some major trauma and the doc isn’t sure how long he’s going to be out. Being in a holding cell isn’t the ideal place for him to be while he recovers which kind of puts me in an uncomfortable situation. A situation that has my bear feeling very pleased.

I go pick up my food, now an hour late so it’s cold, and head home. I carry the wolf into my cottage and lay him on my dining table. Fuck, now I stink like blood and wolf. I run some water and grab an old cloth I don’t care about before I grab my bigfoot brand soap bar. One of the bears in town makes it and it has made my skin feel fantastic. It may also help with keeping the wolf’s scent hidden.

I gently remove his shirt from him, cleaning his upper body thoroughly before moving on. I feel weird about cleaning his genitalia but he needs to be completely clean. It takes about twenty-five minutes total to get him cleaned up and another ten to get him dressed.

The townspeople are going to lose it when they find out he’s staying with me instead of being locked up but whatever his species has done in the past they left this wolf to die. Until I can prove without a doubt that he’s a monster like them, I can’t hold him.

For now, he’s the victim here.

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