Northern Lights

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The Devourer

“Bring it to me.”

Kier reached into Sitome’s chest and lifted out his heart. Sitome’s body fell to the floor as Kier placed the heart on a silver platter. He delivered it to the King and Salun began to eat. He held it with both hands, his nails sinking into it like skewers. He tore at it with his teeth, blood spattering across his face, smearing across his mouth, dribbling from his chin. Kier turned away.

Sitome opened his eyes, rose, and sat at the table, opposite the King. He watched Salun eat his heart. The King, immersed in his grotesque feasting, didn’t see Sitome.

“Soon I will be immortal,” said Salun, spitting blood.

“My heart is well-protected,” said Sitome as the hole in his chest glowed with a golden light.

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