Northern Lights

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Salun stopped eating and stared at Sitome.

“How can you live? I should be immortal – I have devoured the very heart of you.”

“Let me test your immortality,” said Sitome.

“Don’t dare mock me.”

Salun licked the blood from his fingers.

“Why didn’t it work?”

“My heart is well protected.”

“Who protects it? What spell is this?”

“No spell.”

Salun stood and slammed his fist on the table.

“Don’t play games.”

Salun’s eyes narrowed as he contemplated Sitome.

“The cavity in your chest is glowing,” said Salun.


“Then there is a spell.”

“There’s no spell.”

“Don’t lie to me, Sitome. I always get what I want.”

“Not this time.”

The gold glow faded to reveal Sitome’s healed chest.

“Kier?” said Salun. “Do you see this? He has healed.”

“I see it.”

Salun stood and circled the table. He grabbed Sitome, pulling him to his feet and placing his hand on Sitome’s chest.

“Your heart is beating. How is this possible?”

“My heart is well protected.”

“So you keep saying.”

“My King,” said Kier, “It could be we need a ritual as the heart is cut out.”

“Yes, you’re right. Send word to the Oracle.”

“Yes, my King.”

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