Northern Lights

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Enucel's Final Vision

Creature listened attentively, watching the juniper smoke turn red as the morning sun crept through the cracks in the Eride ruins.

“In my last vision,” said Enucel, “you consumed my blood. You were poisoned and slowly dying. I took you to Salun’s palace and he saw how you glowed gold with the love of Sitome. Salun saw that it was you who carried Sitome’s heart.”

Creature meowed.

“He killed you, consumed you, became immortal, and died an agonising death from your poisoned body.”

Creature’s fur stood on end and she hissed.

“Because he can never truly die, Salun died over and over. He will suffer eternal agony and Sitome will be free. But I can’t let you do it, Creature. I realise now that I can’t let you sacrifice yourself.”

Creature paced, letting out small trembling meows.

“We must find another way.”

Creature continued to pace the room, then she jumped up on Enucel’s table and pawed at the knife.

“No, Creature.”

She placed her paw on the knife and looked up at Enucel, moewing loudly over and over. Enucel looked down at her, shaking his head. Creature gave a long strangled wail, then there was silence as they considered each other.

“You must love him very much,” said Enucel, a resigned sadness in his voice. “You have made such a difficult decision. I admire your courage.”

Creature removed her paw from the knife and Enucel lifted it. He turned away from her and smiled. Turning back to her, his smile gone, he sat on the floor and took the knife to his arm. Enucel’s blood dripped to the floor.

Creature paced across the table, watching the blood fall. She stopped, meowed, and jumped down. She walked over to Enucel and licked the blood from the floor.

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