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Michael Marcus , the step son of a rich CEO gets abducted into an academy for the gifted amidst mass blood tests going on in the country. Full of doubts and questions, Michael unwillingly decides to join the academy being the only choice he has. He becomes a notorious troublemaker in Greywood Neville academy regardless of how special he gets treated by the academy's officials. He thinks his only gift is creating chaos and disrupting peace. His ignorance makes him give deaf ears to teachings and warnings about a powerful enemy who will bring about doomsday to the world. During one of his mischievous endeavors with his new made mind-reading friend, Michael learns that the death of his parents wasn't natural as he always knew. He is utterly shocked when he finds out that they were murdered. His character receives a complete turn over as he starts focusing on uncovering the mystery of his parents' deaths. In a journey that is riddled with romance, anger, bitter betrayals and self discovery , Michael Marcus uncovers more than one mystery...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Blood tests

“Michael? Michael? Michael? Still sleeping this late in the morning?” I heard my dad shout from the living room. I grumbled as I covered my head with my pillow. Cant I even sleep past seven o’clock even on a weekend? And he still calls it late.

“Michael?” came his loud shout again. I resisted the urge to tear the pillow apart but I then threw away my covers in annoyance.

“coming” I lazily shouted as I literally dragged my legs out of my bedroom then to the grand sitting room. My shoulders hunched visibly

“not again” I sighed. Dante Marcus was standing beside the door fumbling with his red tie, he just never knew how to tie them.

“don’t just stand there, come help me” he frowned giving up.

Why don’t you call your wife to come do it? I said inwardly as I tied it for him.

I got adopted when I was still a six-month old baby, as I was told any time I asked about my parents. Dante Marcus was the only father I knew. His wife who was also my step mom owned a large pharmaceutical company and would most of the time stay at work. Dante Marcus was the owner of an executive watch company; they were so filthy rich but they still worked as if there would be no tomorrow.

“you have heard about the blood tests that have been recently going round” he said as a matter of fact

“what about them?′ I asked

Recently there has been talks about blood tests going round in the country. Kids at the age of sixteen were required to undergo the blood test and it was mandatory. That thing was all over the news, advertisements, blogs just to encourage people to get the test. I always wondered why not the old geezers or the new born babies, why sixteen? It could be any teenager but they only test the ones in their sixteenth age.

“The doctors would come by to collect your blood sample and test it...I spoke with one of them earlier this morning” he said adjusting the tie I had made for him on his neck. He picked his briefcase from the floor then prepared to leave

“Dad?” I stopped him

“I already sent your weekly allowance to your card” he quickly replied after stopping to look at me.

“not that” I sighed “don’t you think the tests are a bit doubtful? ...I mean the government is giving hazy details about it ... shouldn’t I postpone this until I’m sure?”

“you don’t fear syringes, do you?” he frowned

“no” I shook my head

“and you don’t believe in rumors” he asked again

“no, and what rumors?”

“Good, then you shouldn’t have any problems in the afternoon. I’ll be back to talk you through it if you perhaps fear being poked with needles” he left with that not waiting for me to speak. I don’t fear syringes, I scoffed and what rumors was he talking about.

I remained standing there until I had the sound of his car leave the parking lots and our automatic gates get shut.

Are the tests some kind of blood control method the government is using to limit the population of citizens? Because there was clearly more than just the blood test involved, something the government was hiding from us. I never ever loved to be in the dark about something and I was surprised that most of the people in the country were very cool with it. They didn’t even raise questions.

Our country, Crest country was a diplomatic one ruled by the government under one president. We lived in the state’s capital, in the richest estate in the city. I studied in Van private academy , the most expensive private academy in the city and I was currently on my tenth grade. Due to our high status, there was absolutely no way I would simply miss the blood test. This was just jumping into a crocodile’s mouth and testing if it would bite you

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