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the story of my parents

“ I’m pretty sure that I should be the one consoling you, not the other way round” dad frowned “but just know that no one will get their hands on you while I’m here” he assured me with a slight smile

“ That’s sweet of you dad” I simpered “ but get your hands off me” I added mock angrily

Dad only smiled at me nonetheless. His eyes got lost in his own state of oblivion that I wasn’t sure if he was looking at me anymore. He seemed like he was being hypnotized or he was thinking something really deeply.

“ You never liked it when someone held you, you hated it in fact” dad chuckled “ you once bit my finger for singing you a lullaby”

“ I hate lullabies” I smiled a bit ashamed

“ You had this quick temper. Whenever you needed something you would get tantric and cry so loud… you were so annoying”

“ I have a slow temper” I rectified

“ No you don’t, remember when you shouted at your mum until she moved out”

Correction, step-mom. She was super frustrating.

“ Your wife was a very sneaky, sneaky woman. She always invaded my privacy” I objected

“ She just wanted to do your laundry”

“ We have a washing machine for that job” I rolled my eyes

Dad studied me for a while before he sighed

“ You still hate her” he said “ why?”

“ I don’t hate her…she just tried to”

“ Act like your real mom ?” dad completed

I sighed looking away from him. It always bugged me that I had no memory of my biological parents, I couldn’t even remember their faces. Not that less than a year olds are supposed to remember things but I hated it that I never got a chance to spend more time with them. I only saw them in pictures that were littered everywhere in our house, mostly in my dad’s bedroom, the cars and even my dad’s phone. It almost seemed like he was obsessed with them.

“ were you like my biological dad’s brother or mom’s…what were they to you?” I couldn’t help but ask

Dad hesitated before he spoke

“ We, we were in love” he smiled dreamily.

It took me a minute to process and ponder what he just said. The more I thought about him being in love with my real parents, the more I got confused. Was it even possible?

“ Was it with my mom or dad? Who was cheating on who? Or was it mom and I’m like your real, real son… or was it with my dad and none of you have no idea who my real father is”

I shot whatever question that came to my mind.

He laughed heartily

“ We didn’t have an affair with anyone, you have quite an imagination though”

“ I’m still confused “ I said

“ we met your dad at the hospital and we…you know, clicked…”

“ You don’t have to go into details” I snapped interjecting him

Dad smirked then continued

“ Your father was the one who suggested we have a kid. We searched for your suitable host for a very long time. That was until we met your mum, she was a club stripper….”

My mom was a club stripper, no wonder I loved music

“ She was enticingly beautiful and she filled the characters we sought. Wild, crazy, passionate…you have her eyes. You actually took a lot after her. Every day you just remind me of them, mostly her. “ he studied my features for a while

“ anyway, one night we decided…”

“ I don’t want to hear you explain how you had sex” I interposed making him pause midway

“ Wasn’t going to but anyhow, we grew fond of her though she had a husband at that moment and a boy”

“ I have a brother?” I shrieked “ Why have I never seen him?”

“ You keep interrupting me” dad sighed “ you have to stop doing that or…”

I pretended to zip my mouth with an invisible zip. Even yet, I was still very excited that I had a brother whom I never knew I had, though he was a half brother.

“ your mom separated with her husband and he got custody of the kid since your mom had history with the, club stripping and stuff. They live in another country though. For ten years, we had fun but at the same while we also invested our savings into building a company, the watch company. The company grew rapidly , profits and fame alike and with time, we became well known.” He paused to take a breath

“ When you were born, our joy multiplied. You were like the product of the three of us, you connected all of us”


“ You were six months old when they died” he said somberly

“ How?”

“ Mysteriously” he said “ they just collapsed during a meeting and were pronounced dead upon arrival in the hospital. It’s been sixteen years and I can’t forget them, I long for them instead”

I could almost feel what he was going through at the moment, the pain. Actually the main reason that drove my foster dad’s wife away was that he wasn’t over the loss. He declined every attempt to discard even some of the pictures when his wife suggested.

“ it’s getting late” he stood up abruptly. I looked at the time and sure enough, it was almost ten o’clock. We had chatted for over two hours, the longest ever in our life’s history.

“ I’ll have ten guards stand watch around the house tonight and two outside your room. I can sleep with you if you want”

“ No, it’s okay but thanks” I smiled “ the place is already like a fortress”

“ The guards will still stay” dad said sternly

“ Sure” I sighed

He lingered in my room for a while whilst checking every thing, under the bed, windows and the ceiling board. He slowly walked out of the room

“ Dad?” I called before he left

He literally sprung back into the room

“ Is there anything else you need?”

“ I love you” I said through gritted teeth. I had never, ever said those three words to anyone in my life, he was the first. I thought that he kind of deserved it after all he has done for me and all he has been through.

Dad’s eyes teared up for the first time before he smiled brightly. I bet he was also shocked because I had never said that to him before.

“ It’s good” he nodded his head

“ It’s good?” I yelled angrily. I shove my ego deep into the darkness just to say those three words and all I get is a ‘it’s good’?

“ Yeah” he had a smug face on

“ I think I just changed my mind, I actually hate you” I said “ get out of my room”

“ I hate you too” dad smiled

I threw a pillow at him. He evaded it by running out of my room.

“ Goodnight” I heard him say amidst his fading laughs

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