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What the alien?

Before I slept, I made sure my window and door were locked firmly. I even placed my table squarely against the door in case someone tried to enter forcefully.

Sleep which usually came the moment I closed my lights, declined to come. In fact, I was wide awake like a night owl. I was just staring blankly at the ceiling with numerous thoughts running wildly in my mind.

I remained still for the remaining hours till midnight. I kept assuring myself that after midnight, all would be fine. Gladly, a few minutes past midnight, I fell into a short forced sleep.

The night proved to be longer than any other night. I had only snoozed for like an hour before a nightmare, I think woke me up. The clock was just ticking towards 1 am slowly and loudly, it gave me the urge to bash it against the wall. It was like it was on a personal mission to make me stay awake while taunting me.

Out of spite, my gaze travelled to my window then at my door. Nothing seemed out of place but my mind kept coming up with horrific ideas of how I would get murdered in my sleep. For instance, the angel of death with his terrific scythe, or an invisible hand suffocating me with my pillow, get possessed and stab myself continuously till I die.

I took in deep breaths then closed my eyes again, I had to gather a lot of courage just to shut them up. It was mainly because every time I tried to close my eyes I would imagine something dark and horrifying then…

Suddenly, my bed lamp fell down. I jerked from the bed my heart almost skipping a beat. Like a dear frozen in front of headlights, I stared beside me.

My window’s shutter clicked open out of the blue. My gaze got attracted to it immediately, this was starting to feel like a horror movie.

I did a quick scan of my room with my eyes but I saw nothing. Was it the wind? Maybe that was my mind playing tricks on me, or I was just fatigued, I thought to myself

I was just starting to calm myself down when my eyes caught the sight of a hooded figure squatting or sitting at the corner beside my closet. The reason that made me astonished was that I never saw anyone in my room just a second ago. It kind of just appeared there.

I took a minute just staring at it before I decided to speak.

“ Who are you?” I backed up against my bed’s headrest.

The figure didn’t respond, no voice , no movement.

I quickly made for my baseball bat that was located just beside my bed

As if the baseball bat infused me with additional guts, I pointed it towards the figure threateningly.

“ Who the heck are you?” I asked louder

The figure slowly lifted its head revealing a terrifying grimace mask. The mask was so frightening to look at since it almost bordered being real. I would have believed it was real if it didn’t look like the offspring of a zombie, a wolf and a laughing hyena. It looked so horrible like it was just straight out of Z- nation.

“ I am everyone and no one” a deep guttural voice that was extremely uncomfortable to listen to sounded from within the mask. Was it even human? Or was it an alien sent by the government to kill me?

When the thing stood up, it was really thin and somehow so tall that its head knocked the ceiling. He would have candidly fit on the angel of death’s characteristics if he did away with the mask and replaced it with a tall bleeding scythe.

“ What do you want?” I asked

Like a normal teenager, I was supposed to be really frightened to the point I pissed in my pants. Instead, I was curious. Curios about how he magically appeared into my room, how he was so tall and thin, how he sounded like a coughing dog.

It grunted as it moved towards my bed, more of floated. Now I was curious about another thing, how he floated across my room. I placed the bat defensively in front of me. Don’t get the wrong impression, I was really frightened but I kept reminding myself that we had guards all around the house and even outside my room, the thing wouldn’t dare do anything to me.

“ I have trained guards outside my door” I jumped from my bed to the opposite side. If you were wondering, I was slightly shorter than half his height.

“ I will scream if you do anything to me. I want to give you a chance to leave in one piece if you teach me some of your magic tricks” I threatened then tried to smile in a friendly way

The thing snorted then with a snap of his unusually long fingers, the room went completely dark, pitch black. It was either I went blind or the thing made lights all around malfunction, even the security lights outside. The advancement made me panic as a certain tingling sensation overwhelmed my arms, the same kind of feeling I had when I was bashing that guy’s face earlier.

I decided it was the best time to scream.

Alarmingly, not a sound came out of my mouth. I shouted numerous times but it just felt the same as yawning.

I swung my bat but it was like I was moving in slow motion, a hundredth times the speed I was hoping for. Was I even swinging anything at all?

My feet and arms got immobilized gradually, I couldn’t even feel them after some seconds. My mind was the only thing I could control in the wholeness of my body. Disappointingly, even that small control was short-lived. In a matter of seconds, my conscience was dimming rapidly.

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