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Sebastian’s home was located in the neighboring estate; it was a ten-minute drive. Sebastian waved at me when he saw him, he was so anxious that he had waited for me in front of his house. He was a tall guy about as tall as me with beautiful hair. His hair was thick and wavy blonde, sometimes I felt envious of his hair. Mine was just ebony brown and straight and long, like a rock type of person.

“You are late; I can’t believe you actually made me wait for you for half an hour. What were you doing? Painting your toenails or something?” he fired when I pulled the car beside him. I opened the passenger seat for him while adjusting my dark shades, to cover my weird eyes.

“I was sleeping like normal teenagers do, it’s your fault that you have to visit your girlfriend so early in the morning” I shrugged starting the car again

As I drove, I couldn’t help but study Sebastian through the corner of my eyes. He was fidgety and would straighten the collar of his suit every once in a while. He never liked suits as far as I could recall, today him wearing one came as an utter surprise to me. I had never seen him behave like this when going to a girl’s, he was always so cool and carefree that he even forgot to brush his hair sometimes. She really was into this girl.

“so you are planning on getting serious?” I asked with an amused smile

“I think I’ve found true love Michael” he said seriously his expression stern. The person who has always been fickle in relationships just said that. He might as well fall in love more than three times a week with different girls each time. It only took a couple of seconds staring at his serious dignified face before I broke into a small chuckle.

Sebastian glared at me then went as far as straightening his red tie and brushing his hair behind his ear with a small pout. I officially couldn’t hold it in anymore, I slowed the car to a stop beside the road then broke into fits of hearty laughter. Anytime I looked at his serious face, I couldn’t help but laugh even more loudly until tears streaked out of my eyes.

“sorry” I mumbled after laughing to my fill. I started the car again not even daring to look at him, I wouldn’t want to risk laughing my intestines out the second time. We drove in silence for the next minutes me smiling all the while.

“Do I look awkward?” he asked

“Just a bit different” I replied training my eyes straight on the road

“Well you were practicing being a dying hyena just some minutes ago, spit it out” he retorted immediately

“Really, I just have never seen you in a suit before” I admitted with a chuckle.

“Claire is…. different” he hesitated before saying

“that’s pretty clear” I said with an amused smile “Heard about the tests?”

“I just got tested yesterday” Sebastian said.

“No way… you didn’t even tell me about it” I complained raising my brows.

“it wasn’t even a big deal, just a couple of needles and a color test then it’s done” Sebastian replied “you have not been tested, have you?”

“No” I frowned “what color tests?”

“Just know blue is a good color” He answered ambiguously

“Really?” I scoffed a bit frustrated, Sebastian and his mind games

“What’s the fun if I tell you everything “Sebastian chuckled “Turn left over there”

I shook my head as I followed his instructions. We entered a tarmac road and drove for a couple of minutes before I reached a certain whitewashed house.

When we were almost reaching, Sebastian was like an ant with its tail on hot embers

“How is my hair?” he asked turning the rearview mirror to his face

“Blonde” I replied flatly

“I know…is it decent?”

“Relax “I patted his back “no matter how decent or blonde your hair is, whatever that is inside your heart is what counts the most” I added recalling some saying I saw on our television from a certain monk.

I almost congratulated myself when Sebastian gave me a bear bro hug, the saying just worked perfectly.

“Thank you buddy” He said “if I didn’t love Claire I would have made a baby out of you”

“GET OUT OF MY CAR” I glared pushing the laughing Sebastian out of my car.

“You should find a girlfriend someday or some guys would start to have some thoughts about you” he chuckled

“I’ll find a girlfriend soon to help steer your thoughts on the right path” I said

Right at this moment, a beautiful girl opened the door to the house. I had to admit that she was quite something. She waved at us with a smile.

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