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pissing me off

Claire was a bubbly cheerful girl. Since her parents weren’t around at the moment, the house was filled with constant laughers. I excused myself when Sebastian and Claire started staring at each other like they wanted to eat each other’s face and I wasn’t in for something X-rated.

“I’ll just be out here…if you need me, which you obviously wont” I picked a glass of water and stepped outside. It was like they were just waiting for me to leave, I quickened my pace towards my car when smooching sounds grew louder. They were really going to swallow each other’s faces at that rate.

Claire’s home was surrounded with different colorful flowers of different natures. It gave a certain cooling effect and feeling that made the area surrounding the flowers seem peaceful. Sebastian had earlier informed me that Claire’s family were florists and her mother sold them for a living. I made a note to buy some of the flowers on my way out. It was in the period of the year when the flowers were just blooming attracting numerous variegated butterflies around them. I realized that I had spent most of the time in my mansion no wonder these flowers and butterflies mesmerized me that much.

“You like what you see?” a voice broke the chain of my thoughts. I turned to look at the unexpected visitor. I scanned him for a second, he was a complete stranger. I slowly turned my eyes back at the flowers

“Very beautiful indeed” I praised with a curt smile

“You don’t seem to come from around here” The guy said

I turned to look at him seriously this time. His hair was gangly but clean. He seemed older than me but we were of the same height. His casual mode of dressing didn’t escape my eyes so I ruled that the guy was from around here.

“I came to visit a friend” I shrugged

“Claire, is it?” he pondered

I nodded my head.

The guy leaned comfortably on my car beside me with a smirk. He purposefully flexed his tattooed muscles to threaten me?

“Nice tats” I commented

“Claire’s my ex-girlfriend” the guy stated proudly. He appeared to be very happy about that fact which really made me feel like slapping him across his face. He was just her ex-boyfriend, surely. He shouldn’t even boast about that.

“That’s good” I said bluntly.

Apparently, the guy was annoyed at the plain words I just said because he came and stood just right in front of me. Did he expect me to praise him?

“You know what, shades guy” he pointed at my chest with his fingers

“Are you on something dude?” I frowned. The guy thought I was being timid, he grabbed my shirt and pulled me from my leaning position. I was rather grateful that I wore shades because the way I felt red haze cover my eyes, the guy would run out of fright.

“Am I on something? Are you asking me if I’m on something? Are you serious?” the guy chuckled then sniffed releasing me from his hold

“I’m not on something, I’m mad that you filthy rich piece of shit just bounces in this area to my ex-girlfriend’s home. You want to show off you have money? Huh?” he pushed me. My heart started to beat as an unusual feeling of tingling sensation on my arms started. I felt my arms sweat. No one has actually ever provoked me the way this guy was doing at the moment, not at home, not at school. No one has ever pushed me.

“You think your money will protect you? Get the fuck out of here” he pushed me again. Well that pretty much did it…

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